Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rajguru dies

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The Episode starts with Veer and Archie seeing Jayaram dead. They see a number written with blood. He says maybe its some number. He checks the phone and types the number. He says its fed on Ajay Shastri’s name, this is our next clue. Neeraj says I m scared. Kunika says there is no one, Maharani has died but chanted mantra on my son. She tells him that they have come to rule on people. He says Kaal Bhairav is here, he is saying that I have one way to save my life, I have to take your life, wait I will find something to kill you. He asks her where did she hide. She hides and runs away. He asks her where is she. She reaches secret passage and finds someone there. Neeraj comes there and asks where are you, come out.

Sumer and Bindal are attacked by some witch type woman. Neeraj gets attacked by same woman. Neeraj attacks her. The woman runs away. Kunika hides. Sumer and Bindal get conscious. Neeraj runs after the woman. Archie and Veer tell the details to Titu and Dolly. Veer asks Titu to find about Ajay Shastri. Titu says Ajay is nowhere on the internet. Veer says I will come in some time. Kunika gives water to Sumer. She asks who are you. Sumer says I m inspector Sumer, someone named Bhagwan trapped us here. She says Bhagwan was a woman, Maharani was Bhagwan. Sumer and Bindal get shocked. Sumer asks was Maharani Bhagwan. Bindal thanks her for coming. Kunika says my son has gone mad, he wants to kill me to save his life, I have come here to save myself. Sumer asks where are we. She says there are many secret ways in this Rajmahal. Sumer says we will go out by some way, come with us. They leave.

Archie prays that she catches the culprit. Sia says we have to punish him, that man has made my life hell. Archie asks her not to have revenge intentions in heart like Rajguru. She says trust Lord, he will give you a sign to reach that devil, else it will mean Lord doesn’t want to punish him now. Sia says no, Lord has to do justice with me that I take revenge on him. They see the door opening. Archie goes to see there. She sees the flowers burning. She sees some marks made on the floor. Sia asks can this make us reach Rajguru. Archie gets thinking. Sumer says so Maharani and Rajguru are behind these deaths. Kunika says yes, who was that old woman. Bindal says don’t know, she was here since many years, she attacked us also. Sumer tries to find a way to leave. He knocks on the door. Bindal says it seems like we are trapped. Kunika sees some light. They see some light and says I have come here by this secret way only. Sumer and Kunika push the wall. They get inside the temple. Sumer says it means a way from Rajmahal opens in temple also, maybe Yash was killed this way. Bindal says I still feel that Kaal Bhairav has done this.

Sumer says stop nonsense, you can see everything, come with me. Sia runs on road. Archie asks Sia to listen to her. She says I know Rajguru wears such ring, we can’t take any step, come with me. Sia says no, and runs away. Archie stops her. Sia says when we had run away, I had seen similar hut in the jungle. They see a truck coming with same number. Archie says this same truck had hit Veer, run. They run away and see the house seen in the symbol. Sia says Lord wants us to reach Rajguru. Sia gets trapped Archie comes there. Sia says run away, Rajguru has laid this trap. Rajguru tells him that he had written the message when Maharani died. Archie asks him to leave Sia. He says no, she will be killed by my hands, my revenge will go on this way, even Gayatri will come back to me, when you came here, I knew you will die by my hands. He throws trishul at her. Archie gets saved. Gayatri comes there and hits him. Sia stabs Rajguru with trishul, Archie gets shocked. She says I know you are helping someone, who else is involved with you. He says I had just enmity with daughters of Royal family, I didn’t kill anyone else. Archie asks who killed others. He says your husband Veer… She gets shocked.

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