Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 6th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Brahmanand kills Neeraj

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The Episode starts with Brahmanand shouting I m the Lord, I m Brahmanand, you all are my slaves, obey me, else you will get death punishment, Veer kill all of them, none of them should be alive. He goes to Veer. Archie goes to help Vandana. Brahmanand asks Veer to kill all of them. Veer gets angered and goes to attack Archie. He pushes Vandana. Archie asks Veer to leave her, she is his wife. Kashinaht goes to stop Veer. Veer pushes him. Revati goes and hits on Veer’s head. Veer pushes them. Archie tries to help Vandana. Brahmanand looks on. He asks the goon to kill the child, no heir of Lali should be alive. Neeraj comes there and prays to idol. He takes the idol with him. He says you will also die, sinner, you can never get this idol. Brahmanand says I will kill you today. He asks goons to catch Neeraj. Neeraj runs with the idol.

The goon throws the baby in the lake. Akshay comes out of the lake and catches the baby. The goon gets shocked. Akshay slaps and beats the goon. Goon apologizes to him. Akshay says you were going to kill an innocent baby. Goon says I will do as you say, forgive me. Akshay takes him. Vandana says Archie, leave me, Brahmanand won’t leave anyone of us, he wants to be the only heir of Lali, so that no one challenges his powers, just go. Archie says you are my Bhabhi, I can’t leave you, come with me. Vandana says we can’t go, we have to control Veer. Archie asks what can we do. Vandana says take everyone inside Ganga waters, Veer is controlled by Brahmanand, if Veer gets in the waters, he will get free from those powers. Archie says I won’t leave you here, come with me. Archie shouts to everyone and asks them to come to Ganga waters fast. Veer runs after Archie. Veer sees Archie and Vandana. Thakur says I will try to stop Veer, you step the Ganga waters. He shouts to Veer and distracts him. Veer pushes Thakur. Archie asks what are you doing Veer, stop.

Veer beats up Thakur. Rajmata, Kashinath and Revati step in Ganga. They ask Veer to stop. Veer shouts you all are sinners, you will get punishment today, you all will die. Archie asks will Veer’s bad powers get ruined when he steps in Ganga. Vandana says yes, that’s why his powers aren’t letting him step in water. Archie says then we have to get him inside this water. Vandana says its not easy, he will beat the person who tries to get him in waters. The goons run after Neeraj. Neeraj says I won’t let you take this idol. Brahmanand throws a knife at Neeraj and stabs him. Brahmand gets the idol from Neeraj and stabs him. He goes with his goons. Rajmata says now Veer isn’t like before. Revati asks Archie to stop, Veer will kill her. Archie says yes, but our Veer is alive in him, I will save him. She takes the risk and goes to Veer.

Veer catches her neck. She beats him with a stick. Kashinath asks her to step in water. She tries to take Veer close to the waters. He catches her again. They fall inside the water. Veer gets freed from the evil powers. He sees his family, and asks what are you doing here. Rajmata asks where is Archana. Veer gets Archie out. Everyone smiles. Veer hugs Archie. Akshay gets Vandana’s child. Vandana takes her baby. Vandana says Veer got fine now, he has become old Veer. Goon calls Brahmanand and says all those people died, Lali has no heir now. Brahmanand says great, is Veer alive. Goon says he killed them, he is with me. Brahmanand says take Veer to me, Yashpal can come after us, we will kill Yashpal, Veer will get arrested. Goon asks Akshay to let him go, he did as he said. Akshay asks him to do as he tells, he has to take Veer to Brahmanand. He asks Veer to act to be in Brahmanand’s control, they will try and save the idol. Veer asks everyone to go and get medical help, he will get the idol and purify it to take it to Kanakgadh. Brahmanand praises his goon. Goon lies to him that everyone died. Veer acts in front of Brahmanand.

Brahmanand laughs and says it means this idol and all the powers are mine. Veer signs the man. Akshay follows them. Brahmanand gets angered when someone signs him to clear the way for village Sarpanch. He says foolish man, you will step back. Sarpanch asks are you mad, get your car back, else my men knows to clear the way. Brahmanand asks him not to invite his anger, maybe he forgives him for this insult. Brahmanand uses his powers and makes the goons fight with each other. Sarpanch gets shocked. He says beat him, why are you both fighting. He asks what did you do, and how, I request you to stop this. Veer looks on. Brahmanand says pray to me, then maybe I listen to you. Sarpanch agrees and falls in his feet. He apologizes. The people chant to Brahmanand. Archie, Kashinath and Akshay look on shocked. Archie says he got much powerful, its impossible to take the idol from him.

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