Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Archie tricks Bhairavi

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The Episode starts with Archie falling from the terrace. The truck containing flowers and clothes, gets there in time. Archie falls inside the truck and gets saved. Everyone rushes to Archie. Veer takes her inside the room. He cries for her. Archie gets conscious and says I m fine, I got a shock by the thread roll, I lost the balance and fell down. Veer asks Akshay to call the man who has provided that thread roll. Bhairavi thinks we will be exposed. Akshay gets the thread roll and says its ordinary one. Neeraj recalls swapping the thread roll. Archie says I should not come there in this state. Veer says customs aren’t imp than someone’s life. Bhairavi says this had to happen as Archie has lied and took you away, she has also seen Lali in dream. She goes and talks to her boss. She says I have time to kill Archie, I m sure she is blind. Neeraj asks her is she talking by mic. She says we have no time, we have to kill Archie. He asks did you get any deadline. She says deadlines are meant for princes like you.

Veer asks how are you smiling in this tough time. Archie says the way you are taking care of me. He says I regret that I will be leaving you in this state and go. She asks shall I show you some miracle. He says I m seeing miracles since childhood. She says you will know it when I see. Rajguru says I don’t think Veer and Archie can have any children, he loves Archie a lot, he doesn’t have much time, if anything happens to them, the family won’t get any heir. Pavitra says but my son is there. He asks her not to dream big, her son is Yash’s child, but not the heir. Revati says but my son can be the heir.

Rajmata says Archie’s life shouldn’t be in danger. Bhairavi says it can have one solution, you all have to do puja and pray for Archie. Archie comes to Veer and says I can see Archie’s life is in danger. He says I can do anything to save her. She asks him to show devotion for his wife. She asks him to pray for Archie. He agrees. Archie thinks is Bhairavi planning something. She asks Veer not to leave her alone. Bhairavi says don’t worry, I m with you. She thinks it will be easy to kill Archie now. She asks Neeraj to tie the trishul there so that Archie comes out of room and falls down. Neeraj asks how will you keep Veer away. She shows him the video and says videographer has clicked this, Archie will come running hearing Veer’s voice. She plays Veer’s voice. Archie gets up and thinks this is Veer’s voice. She goes out of the room. Bhairavi looks on. Archie asks where are you Veer.

Archie goes towards the staircase. Bhairavi pushes her down. Archie rolls down the stairs. Neeraj sees Bhairavi. She picks the trishul and comes to Archie. She says it means your eyesight didn’t go. Archie asks why, didn’t you know this, Lali has come in my dream, she took me to some room and showed me few things, when I fell down, I fell on those things and got my eyesight back, so I have played this drama to fool you, Lali has helped me. Bhairavi says then call your Lord, who will save you now. Neeraj stops Bhairavi from killing Archie. She says move away, I have to kill her. Archie runs. Bhairavi goes after her. Archie enters the temple. Bhairavi says this is the place where you will be dying, I will tell everyone that Lord has killed you, its time to end this game. Archie thinks yes, its time for your game to end. Bhairavi attacks Archie. Veer comes there and holds the trishul. Bhairavi gets shocked.

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