Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sumer finds another clue against Bhairavi

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akshay getting Pavitra’s baby. He shows the CCTV footage and says Pavitra has left the baby in storeroom and came back to room, she is doing drama to find the baby. Pavitra says no, I don’t even remember this, this baby has done this, he has done black magic on me. Vandana slaps her and scolds. Rajmata says you have a problem with this child, better stay in another room with this child. They go. Akshay consoles Vandana. Archie calls up Veer and gets his phone ringing in room. Bhairavi comes and says its Veer’s phone, we should give him the good news. She says how did this happen that Pavitra took the baby and forgot, you will be losing Veer now his life is in risk. Archie gets shocked. Bhairavi says you have one way left now, Lord can save Veer. Archie calls Dolly and says Bhairavi is after Veer’s life. Servant says I have seen Veer leaving in a hurry.

Sumer and Bindal come to some village and try to find about Gauri. Sumer says how can Gauri stay in such a place, if she had entire property named to her. The man eats much food and says I will tell you, but I want money to give info. He says Gauri had a daughter, who passed away, her granddaughter is there, I have her pic. Sumer asks him to show pic. Bindal bribes the man. They get shocked seeing the pic. Archie says we will play the same game with Archie and out her. Rajguru comes and asks Rajmata is Veer missing. Bhairavi calls her aide and says I think Archie is behind this. Police comes and says we are here to help Veer. They arrest Bhairavi. Rajguru asks what kind of behavior is this. Inspector says I know about her, we are arresting her for kidnapping Veer. Archie says Bhairavi can’t do this, she has come here to marry Veer. Inspector says I got a call and got informed about her, she couldn’t marry Veer, she has a reason to kill Veer. Archie asks Rajguru to say something, else Lord will be upset. Archie thinks now Bhairavi has to bring Veer back. Bhairavi thinks Veer will be dying now. Rajmata gets a call from Veer. Bhairavi says Veer isn’t kidnapped, he is fine. Rajmata talks to Veer. She asks where are you, everyone is worried for you.

Veer says I m fine, I have come here and pandit told me about Lord’s command to talk at home. He speaks to inspector as well. He says 24 hours didn’t happen, you can’t search for me, I will be coming home safely. Archie takes the call and says Pavitra’s baby is fine, he was at home. He says Bhairavi was right, if I come here to pray, the baby will be found. Bhairavi says inspector, you don’t know the rules, you wasted our time. Rajguru praises Bhairavi. He says I m glad to know that Veer is fine. Archie asks Titu to find out Veer, track him by the call recording. Titu says I m trying to find him. Archie says Veer is in some temple. Dolly says there are many temples in kanakgadh, where will we find him. Titu says I feel Veer’s voice is echoing, I heard another sound, maybe there is some mosque near that temple. Archie says maybe that temple is inside that cave. Dolly says it will take time to find such place, Bhairavi can take Veer’s life.

Rajmata apologizes to Bhairavi and says talk to Lord, tell him not to show wrath on my family. Bhairavi says if we anger him, wrath will get high. She says try to find the person who informed police against me. Sumer and Bindal come. Sumer drops a pic and asks Bhairavi to pass it. She checks the pic and asks whose pic is it. He asks do you know this woman and this girl. She says no. Rajguru asks how did you come. Sumer says I have come to give a message to Rajmata. Rajmata reads the letter. Sumer signs her. Rajmata says Sumer will be staying in Rajmahal for some days. Sumer asks did you see these people anywhere. Rajguru says I don’t know. Sumer says its fine, we will know. He sees Bhairavi and smiles.

Bhairavi does tandav and threatens Archie about Veer. She asks Archie to develop hatred for herself in Veer’s heart.

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