You Just Want Attention Part 3

Heyyy Guysss!!! I am back…. Yesterday, I was busy… so my friend posted the last part for me… but today I am back!!! Yayyy!!! Ok…. Enough! Let’s start….

Shivaay POV….

As I stepped out of the airport, the hot breeze of India greeted me. I took a deep breath… it feels so good to be back. I looked at Anika, who had tears brimming in her eyes. Is she crying? But why?

I shook her and asked, “Are you ok?”

She nodded. “It feels so nice to be back in my country…” She said.

I smiled. She felt the same as me.

I was outside the Oberoi Mansion now. I sighed… it’s time to enter now… I held Anika’s hand, which assured me that everything is going to be ok. As I walked to the door, all the guards saw me shockingly. I guess they never thought that I would return. And then I saw Khanna, my most trustworthy guard.

“Hello, sir!” He happily greeted me.

“Hello, Khanna! I hope you always protected my family while I was gone.” I said as I patted as his back.

He proudly nodded.

Ok. Time to go inside now. I closed my eyes and opened the door. After few seconds, I opened my eyes slowly to see everyone looking at me frozen. There was only silence. And then came out, “OH MY MATA!” from my mom’s mouth. Tears brimmed in my eyes. How much did my ears longed to hear that! Then, I saw Rudra running over to me to hug me, but then he stopped. He took a step back. I sighed.

“I realized my mistake…” I said softly. Everyone looked at me with hope.

I went to my mom and held her hands and said, “Mom. I realized my mistake.” I was expecting her something to say, but instead she started to cry.

I went to my dad. “Dad, I realized my mistake,” I said. He also started to cry.

I went to dadi and kneeled in front of her. “Dadi, please forgive me. Two years ago… you said that I can only return after I realize my mistake. I realized my mistake, dadi…. I realized it…”

I started to cry hard. Dadi made me stand and then hugged me tightly. How much I longed for this hug! She broke the hug and started to caress my face.

“I knew that one day, you will surely realize your mistake.” She said happily. I smiled, tears still coming out from my eyes. It felt so good to see my family after such a long time.

Suddenly, Om and Rudra came and hugged me tightly.

“Do you know how much I missed you?!”Rudra said still weeping.

I smiled. Probably not more than me!

After few minutes….

We were still hugging.

“Rudra…” Me and Om said at the same time, “Pehle emotional tha… but ab AWKWARD hai!”

Then, we finally broke the hug.

“Btw, Shivaay,” Om said, “how did you realize your mistake?”

OH, right! I almost forgot about Anika. I turned around to see her crying. She probably got emotional seeing our family love.

“Because of her…” I said pointing towards Anika, “She made me realize my mistake!”

The next second, everyone was surrounding her, telling her how great she is! Gosh! These people.

“Are you guys done?” I asked them after few minutes.

“Hmmmm….. Are you getting jealous?” Rudra asked teasingly.

“Swat the whuck?! Why would I get jealous?” I lied.

“Jhoot mat bolo. Aapke chehre pe saaf saaf dikh raha hai!” Rudra said.

“It’s nothing like that. Btw, where is Riya?” I asked, as soon as I noticed that my wife was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone’s expression changed from happy to worried. But why?

“Bhayia, she is…” Rudra was about to say something, but Om cut him off.

“She is in her room.” Om said and looked at Rudra.

“Yesss! She is in her room!” Rudra said.

“Ok, then. I will go and see her. Anyways, I need to apologize for all the deeds I have committed.” I said and started walking towards the room.

“No bade bhayia! You can’t go.” Soumya shouted. “Wo… I mean she is sleeping… so don’t disturb her right now.”

“Yeah, bhayia. Meet her later…” Rudra said, “Until then you get freshen up…”

Hmmm…. Something is weird….. Or maybe not… Maybe I am just thinking too much….

“Ok…” I said and then went from there.

Anika POV:

Shivaay left to freshen up leaving me alone with bunch of people that I don’t even know. Wow, Shivaay! Thank you so much for doing this! Anyways, I need to see who this Riya is….. After all, she is my biggest hurdle for my challenge right now……

All the elders left to their rooms… Now it was me and four other people….

“Hey!” A body-builder came to me and said. I think he is the brother of Shivaay.

“Hi…” I said.

“I am Rudra! I am the hottest guy in the world and all the girls die on me!” He introduced himself in a flirty way.
Then, he came near me and whispered in my ear, “Btw, you are beautiful too…”

I smiled.

“Rudra!” A chubby girl, standing next to me, shouted, “I heard that, ok?! Unless you don’t want your protein shake to be gone, call her didi, alright?!”

Rudra gasped and then started pleading to her, “No Sumo, don’t do anything to my precious protein shake! I promise I won’t flirt with her anymore…. Not only her, I won’t flirt with any girl! But please don’t trouble my protein shake!”

I giggled. They don’t seem to be married, but there is definitely something going on between them!

“Ok guys. Can we stop all this?” The guy with long hair interrupted.

“Remember that we here to discuss something important,” He continued, looking towards me.

What?! Do they want to discuss with me? But what?

Now, everyone was looking at me seriously. I got nervous.

“Didi, we need a help from you…” The chubby girl started speaking.

Help? Ok… now I am so confused. Why are these Oberois so perplexed?

“Yeah…. actually, first, we need to talk about Riya…” The guy with long hair said.

Now where did this Riya come from? Oh God, please save me from these confusing Oberois!

Soo… how was it guys??? Hope you liked it…. Please comment!!! Even a word is fine! Yayyy!!! Bye!!! Have a nice day!!!!

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  1. It’s very nice loved it plz post next part ASAP

    1. Anamika2003

      Thankss… I will update soon

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Simply wonderful!!

  3. Lauren

    Fantastic dr…. plz post nxt soooooooon.. can’t wait for the nxt one…

    1. Anamika2003

      Thank you Lauren. I will post soon…

  4. Amazing Update….Loved it ❤
    Rumya scene was cute ?
    So much of suspense.Can’t wait to read more!

  5. Lovely Update ?
    Intriguing too,waiting to see the mystery behind Riya ?
    Update Soonish dear 🙂

    1. Anamika2003

      Thanks…:) 🙂 🙂

  6. Sairish

    hey di ..
    well earlier it was interesting but now it’s super hell mysterious
    I’m into this story
    and to be very honest more than the story i admire the way the writer write and my godd…writing in POV is not much easy but you do it with sooo much of ease and that’s really amaazing …
    I’m eagerly awaiting for the next and the mystery of RIYA to unfold…it’s quite a new concept so as to take annika’s role in the way you defined…indeed different!!!
    and yepp…(I’m calling you di from the very beginning i hope you won’t mind me calling you so )
    luv you loads

    1. Anamika2003

      Awwww… You made me so emotional. And I would love to have a younger sister. Thank you sooo much, dear!!!

  7. Ankita27

    Amazing update… loved it… cute rumya scene… Eagerly waiting for the next part…

    1. Anamika2003

      Thanks for reading… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. SatyendraSharma

    Amazingly nice

  9. Niriha

    Awesome….interesting loved it waiting for next part update soon

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    Fabulous update

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    It is nice one dear

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      Thank you, dear 🙂

  13. Banita

    Sooooooooo good yr…… Luv it….. Post next one soon…

    Dear Anamika
    Shivay Pov And Shivay Meet Her Family???Anika Pov And Convo With OmRu And Soumya?RuMya Talk?All Is Awesome And Very Nice??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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