hi friends you know despite such a low response i am still posting this ff as this is my only ff without painful portray of emotions or mean games of power .i actually live my own memories in it being a teenager i can best write about teenage but the your ignorange towards this ff is making me really sad .guyz do comment na i you like else i would be forced to stop posting this ff .rest is your choice

episode 8

let’s start

maya asked sahil about 30 questions and he answered all correct which left all the other awestruck as they never knew sahil was so god in botany
maya : sahil you like botany na

sahil :mam..m woh [he glanced at aryman and ron who watched him with strange looks ]

maya[in high pitch] : yes or no

sahil: yes mam it’s my favourite [his all friends stared him as if he was a alien]

maya :then why you act as if you get bored in this

sahil ; actually my friends find it uncool so i don’t wanted to be tagged as chomu

maya ;oh so in peer pressure leaving your interest is tagged as uncool .sahil real guts are in accepting your own uniqueness .you should be proud of your interest not ashamed of it and you are effected by these stupids [eyeing randhir and aryman] who can’t even draw simple diagrams and label then

ron;what mam

maya ;yeah what even i wanna ask which cartoon you have painted .[ron turned to see his dig at was damn funny ]

all laughed even ary also

maya ; and you aryman not even a single labelling is right .from now you too dare to be inattentive in my class i will finish you

ary and ron gulped in fear but all others laughed at their plight

maya ; sahil don’t get influenced by them be yourself ok

sahil ; yes mam

all clapped for sahil

maya : and you aryan and randhir you are really hopeless

soon the class got over

in the break

ary ;sahil yaar tou toh genius nikla

sahil : thanks yaar

ron : chal abb zada hava me maat urdh

vidz : sahil isi baat pe party toh banti hai [literally singing]

sanyu ;hah yaar pehli baar kisi teacher ne boy’s me se kisi ki praise ki hai .party toh banti hi hai

boy’s; what party bina baat ke bass tumpe pocket money hi waste karte rahe na hum

vids; you are impossible ,let it be today i’ll be giving you all the treat

ron ; thanks but why

vidz ;because today i got hitched with someone

sahil and ary were drinking coke and spitted it out and burst in pearls of laughter

sanyu : who’s the lucky guy

ron ; who’s the baali ka bakkra

vidz eyed all the boy’s

vidz ;sanyu don’t get excited he is just a casual boyfriend for fun .he proposed me so i accepted for time pass only but he is better than you [eyeing boyz]
[guyz vidz isn’t in love it’s just casual bf gf game which we all play in our teenage her bf will be just a humour element so enjoy ]

ary : but what’s name of mr bakra

vidz : sanyu you know naman na our boy’s monitor [ignoring aryman ]

sanyu ; yes he is cute

vidz ; he proposed me online and i liked his sweet gesture

ron ; that chomu

sahil ; chomu loves chudail

ary ; rally pair made in heaven

all laughed out loud

vidz was out to say something that suddenly bell rang as break got over and vardhan sir entered all students got settled

vd ; evening ,farzi geniuses

all stared him

vd ; what you all are nothing more than that if you think you are something better and prove it

ron and sanyu ; how

vd : how ,interesting ,very interesting

he wrote a 10 questions on board and said who all are interested come on go and solve them on board

sanyu and rd came and they started solving one questions together ,rd finished in 2 mins while sanyu took good 3 minutes

vd ; good

then sahil and aryman come for another one and they solved that in 4 minutes together

vd; nice

then vidz and ridhima[new character ] came and solved in 3 mins together

vd : good

all other tried but failed except jiggi and kaustuki

vd : those who solved this gonna be part of my special batch the spark batch

the gang rejoiced and whole class clapped for them

vd ; don;t think you are brilliant you are just better than these losers .you are my spark of shine

the sparkians replied ; ok sir

the class continued but the sparkians were given new timing of their classes at different centre and they all were hell excited

precap ; ada mams class

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  1. first of all i am a silent reader of ur ffs i had read many of ur ffs so don,t u dare to stop okkk

    second- its nt possible for me to comment….. bt i always waited fr ur post
    i have to comment today because i want to say something KUSHAGRA u r an awsome write yarr i knw responce is imp. bt nt imp. than ur passion of writing comments nahi honge to aap likhna band kar dooge no never bcoz agar ek comment hai toh iska matlab koi ek toh apke ff ka intezar kar raha hai okk so don’t sto

  2. Even l am a silent reader but don’t stop writing you write really well

  3. No problem even. Your right on your part

  4. SidMin

    Kushagra please don’t stop your ff I love your ff its the only one where we see teenage fun and Masti other ff’s have an adult tinge to it it is a very unique concept please do continue I know some people want you to write their Love part the couple part but I want you to write this college vala part only coz I love it (and do read my ff I miss your comment ) 🙂

  5. nice one

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