Junooniyat Hai Yahi (Sort of short story) Part 1

Hey guys I am back after such a long time guess who am I….will tell later that who am I…now lets start with the story JUNOONIYAT HAI YAHI…

A huge building is shown with a beautiful garden with almost all the flowers and a fountain in between. The weather seems to be quite pleasant. The birds were chirping as if enjoying the pleasant weather. Outside the building there was a board and on that board a name was written with beautiful handwriting Rhythimic Dance Academy . A handsome hunk is shown coming towards this building with few of his friends.
Boy:Come on boys lets move in otherwise those lizards will win today.
They moved inside….it was a big academy and they started dancing while outside few girls came running..
Girl:Shit yaar we again loss now that sanskar won’t leave a chance to tease us. Come on rush in quikly…
Inside(Song playing Desi boys)
As the girls entered they started dancing with an expression of proud staring at the angery faces og girls.
(now guys just look at the characters
Boys team
5 boys
Girls team
Yet one more to cme…)

As they finished their dance they saw girls fuming in anger
Sanskar: Oh what happened beautiful ladies sorry lizards….well you can never defeat us as we will always come first and do warmup first understand you lazy lizards
Ragini: Shut up you dirty pig it was you who punctured our scooty’s tire otherwise we would have reached before you. Actually you know what you don’t know how to win a simple race bl*ody cheaters…..come on girls lets practice sir can come at any time
Laksh: Ya Ya go loosers…..
After a few weeks
It continued,the tom and jerry race continued the boys always used to do something to irritate the girls but they could never prove that…till one day when a new entry arrived.That day changed the lives of the people in the academy completely……..
As usual the boys were practicing but this time the girls were not angry instead they were happy and excited
Anushka: What are you saying ragini your childhood friend is joining the academy wow new friend yeyyyy
Sanyukta :Ya seriously I am also so happy cz I am tired of this race now I am really happy…
The boys were dancing on the song Mirror by Justin timberlock( I guess )it was going to end when the new girl entered she rush towards ragini and took her in a bone crushing hug same with all. Ragini was taking her to another side of the room when the new girl’s leg slipped bcz of towel kept there and as she was near to sanskar so, he catched her in his arms. And that time the song changed to the tittle track of EDKV (Just the starting tune of ek duje ke vaaste).A cute eyelook took place which was broken by ragini: Swara …are you alright
Sanky’s pov
God I caught her at the right time otherwise she would have fallen.But wait why isn’t she scared if there was any other girl she would have closed her eyes but she….well I guess I like this kind of attitude
Pov ends

Swara: Excuse me
Sanskar: yes please
Swara: If you have checked me out then please leave me.
Sanskar came to his senses and he immediately left her and ragini caught her and helped her to stand
They were about to go when
Sanskar: Excuse me miss I guess you should say thankyou to me
Swara: Sorry but I already made our scores equal
Sanskar:What scores?
Swara:You saved me from falling down and I gave you a chance to check me out.So I should have said thankyou for saving me but by giving you a chance to check me, you are also thankful to me so equal equal . Rigjt?
Sanskar stood there dumbstruck.And she left
Sanskar:Oh miss attitude do you know something or just came here to meet these lizards….or I should say making the scores equal…hahah
Swara:What so ever it is I am not answerable to you when sir will come then you can see yourself..huh
And the girls left smirking and laughing
Virat:Shit man what a attitude….huh
Laksh: Leave it bro girls are like this only(in a low voice) except ragini
Randhir: What…
Laksh: Nothing…..look sir came
Sir:Hey guys gud evening…..where is swara
Swara: yes sir…
Sir: Ohk….come on introduce yourself with your dance
Swara: Ok
Bg song: Sun saathiya frm ABCD 2

Sun Saathiya Maahiya
Barsa De Ishqa Di, Syahiyaan
Rang Jaun Rang Rang Jaun Re
Haari Main
Tujh Pe Main Jhar Jhar Jhar Jaon
Hoon Piya Bas Teri, Main
Ho Chhule Toh Khari Mein
Toh Khari Main Khari Main Khari Main
Sun Saathiya Maahiya
Barsa De Ishqa Di Syahiyaan
Main Ret Si Boond Ka Zariya
Tu Paa Ke Tujhe Bheeg Jaun Re..(2x)
Thar Jaun Thar Thar Jaaun Dariya
Yeh Thar Jaun Je
Ishq Ye Paake Main Tera
Nikhar Jaun Ri
Piya Bas Teri Main
Ho Chhule Toh Khari Mein
Toh Khari Main, Khari Main
Sun Saathiya Maahiya..
Barsa De Ishqa Di Syahiyan…..
As the song ends everyone was happy to see such a gracefull dance.She have no expression while talking but while dancing a different swara comes out which is liked by everyone but swara hates that side of her cause its so bright and the real one lives a dark life….
Everyone was busy praising her and then…
Sir: Guys as I told u guys that now I’ll be deciding pairs as I want you guys to learn salsa,tap dance and all other couple dances so…
Anushka:Sir how will u decide the pairs?
Sir:ya wait I’ll tell you guys will choose your partners by doing voting
Sir:Ya its really simple see I will just ask a name and you will raise your hands if you wanna become his/her partner and rest I’ll tell so lets start
Sir:First anushka
Hand raised by virat and randhir
Second Sanyukta
Randhir and sanskar
Third nandini
Manik and virat
Fourth Ragini
Laksh and sanskar
Fifth Swara
Sanskar and only sanskar
Sir: Now buys come its your chance we will start from virat come
Virat-Anushka and Ragini
Sir: As in both anushka’s and virat’s chance they both were common so they are the first pair
They both smiled looking at eachother as both liked eachother
Sir:Second Randhir come
-Sanyukta and swara
Pairs decided-Sandhir(They too liked eeachother but never spoke due to ego and race
Third Manik
-Nandini and ragini
Pairs-Manan(they too)
Now only raglak and swasan are left
Fourth Laksh
-Only ragini so pair decided is raglak and swasan
Sir: So now only you both are left so you are the last couple… ok so lets end it here today we will start the couple dance frm tmr and last thing all of you have decide a name for you and ur partner ok a single name and tell that to me tmr so for now bye and have a nice day
All: Bye sir

Hey guys hope you like it and do comment and anything you think like you are not getting so don’t hesitate you are free to ask and yes first I thought that it will be a one shot but now I think it will be a kind of short story so any sort of questions,comments and wishes so you are free to write but do write will upload soon if you guys like it love u…

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  7. All of you guys thanks for wasting your time on this little story and I will not stop it keep reading luv u all loads????and the previous reply was done by my sis whose name is divya so don’t take that as my name I will disclose my name soon and will try to be regular….??

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