Junoon 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 25th February 2013 Written Update

Ok episode starts with Prithvi near the pool n thinking of taking off the vest but doens’t n just lifts water with bucket n pours on himself . Meera just enters n thinks what is he doing here n if anyone sees him they may again humiliate him so she goes n asks what is he doing here . He replies he is playing kabbadi

Meera says she can’t let him take bath there n drags the bucket n both engulf in fi8 but finally end up Meera hugging him as she slips. (Prithvi toh gaya kam se ) Both feel the closeness n their heartbeat rises n they feel that . They tries to separate but Meera steps on soap n again falls on him n this time both on ground Bg song (sorry didn’t remember what was that)

Meera tries to move away but again falls on him. But this time our Prithvi babu finally succeeds in

pushing Meera n standing up . Prithiv asks her not to do the same thing as she did in the morning. Meera warns him not to order her anything as he is not her hubby. He may be the son of the family but she can do anything she want n she is the would be DIL of the family. Prithvi’s expressions changes suddenly . Meera leaves.

Meera, Akash n RK waiting in the lounge for Prithvi n Meera says she searched for him too but didn’t find him. We see Prithvi entering n asks them to wait n calls in Pandit. He says he got him for sake of Akash n Meera’s wedding. RK asks what’s the hurry but P says not for him but for M n remembers what M said him near the pool. M n A are taken aback but P asks Pandit to check for good day. RK’s sister enters n asks why aren’t they informed. A says nothing like that.

P says he is real pandit n not any servant n signals Pandit who starts mantra . RK’s sister (uff what’s her name??? ok i will call her bua instead ) asks RK what’s this new drama n P asks what is she talking. Bua says nothing what can she talk as RK’s is bolti band n no one can speak infront of P though P asks her not to bak bak in english n Bua’s bolti band .

Pandit says 21st May is good but P dhamkaofies him to see nearest date n Pandit understands n informs that its after 15days. M & A are shocked. (Uff i can’t just write it down its must watch scene actually P’s expressions are just lovely Adi has done fabulous performance) RK pays off to Pandit n leaves while Pandit warns Pandit to come when ever he calls him. P congratulates M & A n watches their expressions n keep silent.

Awww this paticular scene is so hilarious but trying to put it my best . Prithvi sitting in lounge in sofa n having some nuts while servant holding the trash bin n prithvi dropping the nut shell from his seat . RK n bua comes out n was shocked to see him. P answers that he is just passing the time as his dad is so rich n he has to do nothing but enjoy so having nuts. Bua makes faces n P asks if she is alright? She replies yes. P says she is making faces so he doubted. Bua answers its his dad’s house, he can do anything he want. P warns the kid to hide n scares him.

RK says rest of the members are at home so he must not feel lonely. Soon the family members will accept him. He caresses P’s head n was abt to leave, P says accepted members must not leave. first his dad left then mom… RK again feels bad but leaves.

M & A convo reg. P’s feelings for her. Akash assures her that P is madly in love but he doens’t want to accept it n reminds her of the fi8 near dhaba. M says if he doens’t wanna accept she will make him confront it n they have just 15 days n she need his help. A assures her. M goes on with her plan while A longing into her eyes. (I felt bad for A today)

Precap: A gifts M a dress for the romantic night n he asks P not to mistake them as they are going on dinner date. P’s expressions are worth watching, he replies they are getting married n why do he feel bad. M says she is excited n P was like i will eat u away

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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