Junoon 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Junoon 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 12th August 2013 Written Update

Meera is tied to da chair,nd da kidnappers r drinking..! of da kidnappers say dt da alcohol is finished,nd both turn to Meera..Dn da kidnapper says dt Where will she run to,she will only press her fingers,lets go nd get more wine…Both da kidnappers leave for getn wine,as Meera looks on…

Dadi asks Lakhan,what dey r sayn..Dt her son is ill in da hospital,nd dis is wat she is hearing?Where is her Meera,dt ha has to find out her Meera from anywhere! Lakhan,nd all is relieved..Lakhan smiles nd reassures her dt he Lakhan will find her out from wherever she is,nd Prithvi has also went to find out Meera…
Meera trying to set her free,nd dragging her chair towards da table wid empty wine bottle…

Hudda nd Mishraji tokn outside..Mji teln Hudda dt dey cant really trust Lakhan,as he might

trap da 2 of dm by letting Shalu nd IP know everything,nd leave unscathed..Hudda says dt its nt dt easy..Dt Mji shud tk care of Shalu,nd he knows how to fool Ishwar..Dn Hudda nd Mji both leave in deir separate vehicles…

Meera manages to reach da table,nd mk it fall,nd da wine bottle breaks..She smhow painfully gets hold of a piece of glass with her feet..
Ishwar goes near a railcrossing,nd on hearn train sound,matches it wid da sound of train he had heard thru phone,and decides Meera must be hidden smwhere nearby…Ishwar asks a nearby shopkeeper,if he had seen an ambulance pass by..Da shopkeeper replies he did see an ambulance pass sm hours ago,nd it did not return..Ishwar goes to dt direction…
Meera dn holding onto da broken glass wid her hand,she manages to set herself free..

Ishwar finds da ambulance nd wid his gun out,he tries to see if sm1 is in da car,nd fids it empty..He is about to search further wn sm1 hits him heard with a thick bamboo..Lakhan,is seen hitting him,nd a smirking Hudda standing beside him…Ishwar is bleeding heavily,as he falls on da bonnet of da ambulance,nd it gets smudged wid blood,nd bleeding heavily Ishwar falls to da ground,nd before fainting wid a blurred vision he sees Hudda…

Meera is free nd standing wn da kidnappers come in..Dey see dt she is free,nd chases her..
Lakhan nd Hudda sees Ishwar moving slightly nd decides to bury him alive…Sayn dt if he ws alive he wud hv killed dm..
Meera manages to escape from da building she had been kapt captive in,nd runs into da jungle wid da 2 goons,along wid 2 more goons who were waiting outside chasing after her..
Hudda and Lakhan carries Ishwar’s unconscious body,nd buries him alive..Nd bids him farewell..Dey also say dt now dey cn easily ill Meera too,as Ishwar,her saviour is out of da way…
Meera runs nd reaches,a cottage sort of plce,nd is banging on da door for help,as da 4 goons warily looks on..Meera screams at da door,bt no1 opens da door,so da goons come nearer,nd Meera is scared..Suddenly out of nowhere sm bangles r thrown at da goons!Evry1 including Meera is shockd!

One of da goons,scream,WHo is it?!If u hv courage,dn come in front!!!
Dn a husky voice replies!U’ll now cry over ur luck,not over my courage!
Da four goons turn round,scream together,nd runs to attack sm1,nd is instantly thrown to four sides,by sm1,nd Meera is shocked to see Prithvi!!!Nd Shurveer aya tejaswi,balshali balwan hai Prithvi!Music starts,nd da whole music is played!!!

Awesome fight sequence occurs,nd after Prithvi in marron kurta nd black dhoti,nd wid a big muchchi,beats da goons black nd blue,nd da goons run away,Meera weeping comes running,nd hugs Prithvi from behind!Junoon music playing!!!

Prithvi loos shocked,nd uncomfortable,as Meera still hugging tells U hv come?!My every breath called for u..Where did I not look for u?
Prithvi removes her hand forcefully,nd Says,Aye ladki!Kip distance and tok!Meera is shocked!!!
Prithvi rudely says,Cant u say thank u thru ur mouth only?!!Meera says Wat r u saying?Nd tries to hold his hand,nd Prithvi removes it again!Nd says,Stop dis drama of urs,or else I’ll call dose goons back!Meera is amazed!

Meera again grabs his soulder nd says Wat happened to u?!Y r u acting dt u dnt know me?Prithvi removes her hand nd says,Its u who is acting!I saved u from humiliation,nd now u r falling onto me?!!

Meera asks,R u angry wid me about sth?Where were u for so many days?Where did I not look for u?!Nd do u know how ill pitaji is?Nd over dt Ishwar is mkn my life hell!
Prithvi interrupts saying Who pitaji?Who is Ishwar?Wat rubbish r u tokn continuously?!
Prithvi grabs Meera’s hand,nd tks her towards da road wn Meera says,do u really not remember any1,or r u actn dt u dnt remember?Prithvi givs her a look,nd instead of replying kips forcefully dragging her,nd instantly hails a truck to stop..Opening da truck door,Prithvi says,Drop her off at her home,nd dnt drop her in the middle of the road..Meera closes da door nd says she wnt leave..She asks wat is his helplessness,dt he is refusing to recognise her?Prithvi asks,Helplessness?!It was nt my helplessness,it was urs..U were da 1 trapped between goons in da jungle..It seems,in fear nd nervousness,ur brain has stopped functioning..Dn he again opens da truck door,nd says,if she dusnt remember her home address,dn drop her off at da police station..Dn Prithvi forcefully mks her sit in da truck..Nd helplessly Meera does so…Meera says I’ll come back Prithvi!Dis tym I wnt let u go lyk dis!!!
Meera looks on from da window,wid her head hung out..Nd Prithvi looks on wid curiosity..Nd dn smoothes his moustache…

Precap:RK sayn to Meera,if dis is Ishwar,dn where is our Prithvi?Meera says our Prithvi is alive nd well,nd living smwhere in da jungle..Maybe he lost his memory..RK shocked..
Meera praying to Bhagwanji,nd sayn,Dis is da time to decide Bhagwanji!Nd now u hv to show me da way,nd also da strength to walk on it..I want to re open da doors,of all da past happenings,behind which mine nd Prithvi’s memories r holding hands together…

Update Credit to: TehsinaJFJ

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