A Journey of Love(Episode 53)

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After completion of holi all return back to their respective places.
In Ramans house:
Thoshiji enter into the hall and ask neelu to go and fresh and then start lunch preparations.
Thoshi:pinky you also go and freshup..
Then i give juice to you..
Pinky nod her head and left from hall.
Thoshiji go towards Ramans room and saw the door is slightly opened.she open the door and saw Raman and Ishitha in the room.She feel happy by looking them.
Raman slept on sofa beside the bed and Ishitha slept on the bed.
Thoshiji(herself):I know my sons didnt cross or break their limits.
She slowly walk towards Raman and ask him to wake up.Raman saw his mother infront of him and look at Ishitha.He observe that Ishitha is in deep sleep.He followed Thoshiji and come out from that room.
Thoshiji:Raman,How is she now?
Raman:Ok ma…But why she is so sensitive.?
Thoshi:Not only Ishitha..All my four daughter-in-laws are sensitive.Dont dare to hurt them.Bcoz i love them very much.They are my daughters.
Raman:I know it ma.God gave pain to us few years back.But now he give more happiness to our lives.
Thoshiji:Ok beta..Wat abt tomarrows arrangements.
Raman:I can arrange all the things for engagement function.

Actually shiva told to me that they have confrence in Italy.So ,I planned their honeymoon also in Italy.All arrangements are over.
Thoshi:Yah it is good idea.
Raman:We four plan like this..
Day4:Marriage in Register office and reception in our five star hotel.
Engagement in our resort and remaining in our house.I ask them to shift here and stay here upto reception.
Thoshi:Gud idea.But how many days we stay in different places.
Raman:Dont worry ma.Radhika design a nice plan to our new house.We stay togeather in place after three months.After marriage Anjali dhi, pinky and Ruhi can do bhoomi pooja.
Thoshi:No Raman..We can go with my 8daughters.But Uma is not available here.So,I prefer my 7 daughters can do pooja on that day…
Raman:According to Dadhi and your wish…
Thoshi:Raman,give information about these naughty girls to their parents.
Raman:Ok maa.You go and take rest.
Thoshi:Inform my sons to came here by Afternoon for lunch.
By telling this she enter into her bed room.

In Arnavs house:
Arnav sit in hall infront of laptop and do his work.Dadhi and Ruhi entered into house.Ruhi saw Arnav there and she run towards him and hug him.
Arnav also hug her and feel happy for that hug.He looked at her and asked her ..I think you enjoyed a lot…Ruhi nod her head and ask him Arnav bayya i want to share one thing with you.
Arnav:Come on princesses.what is the issue?
Ruhi told everythung to Arnav that hiw Amaya defend them and how Mantu scold Amaya…Arnav listen the Ruhi version and decide to talk with Mantu.
Arnav:Ok Ruhi,I sort out that and you dont worry abt it.
Dadhi:These girls are too sensitive and you four are hard.It is very tuff to them to bear you pupil anger..
Arnav:Dadhi…We are not hard.We four also love them…Dadhi i want to share onething with you.
Dadhi:Tell me beta..Is anything serious..
Arnav told everything to dadhi what happened today and how he got angry on kushi and he bring kushi to house, and how madly she loves him,including tatoo.He said what happened in his room and ask her belive me dadhi i didnt cross any limits.She saw tears in his eyes and feel happy that he has kushi for his life.
Dadhi:Dont feel bad Arnav.You hear her past and console her.Then automatically she relief from her pain.
Arnav nod his head and hug her.She pat on his shoulder and ask him to fresh then we togeather move to Ramans place.

In Arjuns house:
Arjun stand in blacony seeing the birds on the tree in his garden.He realise some one put hand on his shoulder.He turn back and see Shiva,Anjali with Ananya.Ananya put her hand on his shoulder and called him Mamu mamu..I want icecream.
Arjun took Ananya from Anjali and round his neck with her hands and kiss him on his cheecks.Arjun smoothly hug her and kiss her on her forehead.
Ananya:I need Icecream mamu.
Arjun called Ramesh and ask him to bring Ananya.

Ramesh bring icecream and Arjun feed to Ananya.
Ananya:Arjun mamu…I love you..
Radhika is in sleep on his bed..and immediately she response for Ananyas statement and said no no…I am his first love.Plz dont leave me Arjun sir… Without you i am not survive and i am not able to live.I Love you Arjun sir…
Arju promise…I didnt eat icecreams and i didnt blabber or chit chat continously.Finally i didnt ask or cry for my parents or for my family.Give me one chance for me plzz…
Anjali,Shiva and Arjun walk towards the bed and stand beside it.They listen it and both Anjali ad Shiva look at Arjun.Arjun eyes were filled with tears and he called Ramesh and give Ananya to him and ask him to take her into garden.
Shiva:What happened Arjun?
Arjun tell everything abouth her problem and how he got angry on her in ground and how she react..and she express her love towardds him..
Arjun:Dhi..I didnt cross my limits…sware me.
Anjali:Arjun..Dont be rude with her. She is so sensitive…and i know my brothers didnt cross their limits.They know that pain….and they bear that psin from years onwards.Shiva hold Anjali hand and Anjali control her tears and both look towards Anjali.
Shiva:Arjun..I think she is so week..I think she didnt have proper diet and proper sleep.And frequent nightmares are not good for health.
Anjali:Take care of her Arju.Actually shiva ask me for out for lunch…Now i think i stay here…m
Arjun:No dhi..You go with jiju.I can handle.Leave Ananya with me.
Ramesh and me can handle these kids.
Anjali:No Arjun…How can i leave Ananya…I want to be with her always na.
Arjun:I know dhi…but shiva offer and expect a romantic date with you… you try to understand his feelings also.
Anjali look at Shiva…..
Ok Arjun we take Ananta with us and leave her in Ramans house.Arjun said ok for this and hug Anjali.
Anjali:Take care of Radhika…

In Mantus house:
Mantu sit in hall and reading news paper.Rani and Chotu enter into hall and saw Mantu in hall.
Rani(maid):Bhayya…Why you return back in between function?
Mantu:Some impirtant work…Hey chotu come and hug me.
Chotu didnt listen it and try to move into his room.
Mantu:What happened to you chotu?
Chotu:You na bhayya unnecessaryly scold my bhabhi.There is no bhabhis mistake.
Chotu narrates what happened there before Mantu reached there.Mantu listen it and look at chotu and observe that chotu is Really angry and chotu’s eyes are filled with tears.Mantu hug chotu and said sorry to him.
Chotu:No need to tell sorry to me.Tell it to meri bhabhi.
Mantu:Arey bhabhi ki bacha i already told sorry to your bhabhi.
Chotu:Really bhai…Then you are my best brother in the world.
Mantu:You like your bhabhi more than me…
Chotu:Yes bhayya..I love my bhabhi.. god send bhabhi to replace mom’s place.I love my mom(bhabhi).
Mantu:Who told this to you?
Chotu:On uma dhis marriage Amaya bhabhi tod to me.She tell that she is my mom and chachi for pinky and ruhi.Ishitha bhabhi is mom for pinky and Badi maa for Ruhi and me. Kushi bhabhi is chachi for pinky and badi maa for me.
Mantu:Then what abt Radhika bhabhi?
Chotu:Actually That day they told to us that Radhika bhabhi is only bhabhi.. bcoz she is still small na.So,She is also like us.
Mantu control his laugh and ask him to fresh then goto ur bhabhi who slept in my room.Chotu run from there and follow mantus instructions.
Raman call remaining three and infrom them come fast for dinner.
Mantu cut the phone after Ramans call he saw that Amaya and chotu hold each other hands and get down from stairs.Really they are lime Mom and Son.Mantu hear a calling bell sound and open the door and saw a corrier boy.
Boy:Sir,You select and order a dress na.So,this is your order.And this is your another order.
Mantu collect them and told thanks to that boy and close the door.
Mantu walk towards Rani and give her one pack and ask her where these clothes in Anjali dhis function.
Rani(maid):Thank you so much bhayya.
Mantu pat her on her head and ask her get ready with your and chotu belongings bcoz we stay in Ramans house only for these three days.

Mantu walk towards Amaya and tell sorry infront of chotu and give one packet to Amaya and ask her fresh up and change.Amaya:Again sorry…
Mantu:Your little son is angry on me.. So anither sorry for you….
Amaya and Chotu go with Hi-Fi…Rani ask chotu come with me for your packing.Chotu run with Rani.
Mantu:How are you now?Feeling better or not.
Amaya:I am ok…can i go and change…
Mantu nod his head and look towards her.
In Ramans house:
Thoshi stand infront of god and doing pooja.Already Ishitha was freshup and stand behind her.After completing pooja Thoshiji turn back and saw Ishitha stand behind her with teary eyes.Thoshiji:What happened Ishitha? Is Raman do anything wrong with you.
She didnt hear any answer from Ishitha and call Raman with loud voice.
Raman:What happened to you maa?Why are you shouting?
Thoshi:Why is Ishitha crying?Again you scold her na?
Raman saw Ishitha with teary eyes and ask her what happened to you?Why are you crying?I already told sorry to you na..
Pinky:I have doubt on you bhai.. Something happened from your side only..Ha na bhabhi…
Mr.Bhalla:Nothing doubt puttar…you are right my pinky….
Raman look at Neelu..
Neelu:Dont look like that bhai.I have also same doubt….
Raman:Finally all are blaming me for your tears.Oh…Madrasan atleast cheerup now…
Ishitha:I am sorry Mummyji..I dont know it is bhang…I think it was buttermilk..next time i cant repeat this again..Plz forgive me…
Thoshiji hug her and wipe her tears.. Nothing wrong happened Ishitha.
Mr.Bhalla:Forget it and cheerup my dear daughter..
Thoshiji:U go and take rest..I go and complete lunch preparations.
Ishitha:I am ok mummyji…I do those things you go and take rest.
Raman observe their bonding and feel happy for them.At same time Anjali,Shiva,Shanta came along with Ananya.Ishitha took Ananyaand kiss her.Thoshi ask them to go for lunch and spend spend some quality time.
They both left from there..

Raman:Ishitha you are so beautiful in this red color saree.You look like a fesh strawberry..Plz take one kiss from me…
Ishitha feel shy and close her eyes. Without late he put kiss on her cheeck and move from there.Thoshiji saw this and feel happy.Thoshi call to madhu and ask them to come lunch and infrom them that all four are hear only.Madhu:Yah…just now only Raman inform about them to us.Madhu:You people are bussy in engagement then why again this lunch program in this bussy schedule.Thoshi:Dont worry Madhu…My sons can handle that..You come with my daughters belongings and yours also.You people stay here for these four days.Ask Madhmathi (buaji) also along with you.Finally tey said ok for Thoshi…

In Arnavs house:
Kushi jerked from her sleep and see around tehe room and she realise and
rememer what happened two to three hours before.She feel guilt and come out from that room.She saw Arnav sit in the hall and do work in laptop. She saw dadhi come towards her by talking with Ramu.Kushi hide behind pillar..after dadhi left from there she get down and ask Arnavji to drop her in her house.
Arnav:Why kushi?What happened to you now.
Kushi:Plz Arnavji..Before Dadhi notice me you plz drop me in my house..
Arnav:What happened Kushi.You are afrid for Dadhi.In intial days you gave back answers to Arnav and now you are afraid for dadhi..
Kyshi:Plz Arnavji..In intial days you scold me without any mistake from my side.But today..I drink bhang and.. No no…Plz drop me.
Dadhi stand behind her and listen their conversation.
Dadhi:Kushi…Y are you so tensed.What happened beta?
Kushi eyes are filled with tears and and turn to face dadhi.
Kushi:Dadhi…I am sorry.I dont know that it is bhang.Bcoz of that i create some nonsence..Without your permission i enter into this house and i slept in that room.I know it was a big mistake.Plz excuse me.
Dadhi:Who said you have no permission.When i first saw you in chotus bday party then only my mind fix that you r bhahu of this house. Today what happened it is just fun beta.You forget all the things and go and fresh up.We togeather move to Ramans house.
Kushi hugs dadhi and said thanks to her.

Arnav give one cover to her and ask her to change and come fast.Kushi look at him and took that cover and ran from there.Dadhi and Arnav look at her happily.
In Mantus house:Amaya change and get down by holding chotus hand. Mantu look at them and feel happy for their bond.Amaya is in beautiful lavender color light design wear saree and she is very pretty in that saree. Rani:Bhabhi…This side is mine and that side is for chotu.Amaya gave a side hug to both Rani and Chotu. Mantu feel happy that she receive both Rani and chotu in same way.The trio stand infront of Mantu and shout can we move….Mantu look at them and they move to Ramans house.
Kushi get down with a beautiful sea green saree with light touch up.Dadhi look at her and ask Arnav to look at her.But she didnt realise thst he already in shock for her beauty. Pinky run towards her and hug her.
Ruhi: bhabhi you are so beautiful today..
Kushi:Only today..?
Ruhi:Today you are so pretty and beautiful..and kiss her.
Arnav:Can we move?Already we are late..

Both Arnav and Mantu reach to Ramans house at same time.All togeather enter into house and saw Ishitha and Mrs.Bhalla is in kitchen. By looking that Kushi and Amaya went there and ask Mrs.Bhalla to go and sit.At same time Mr&Mrs.Iyer and Sashiji along with buaji reaches Ramans house.
Neelu arranged their lugages in their respective p pinkys room Ruhi and Chotu are accomdated with Ananya and Shanta.Guest room is for Bhalla,Iyer and Sashi.In thoshiji room Dadhi,Madhu,Buaji and Thoshi. Another guest room is for our pretty ladies.Neelu and Rani stay in neelu’s room.Another room which is used as a store room.but it is neat in maintainance.That room us for Ramu and Ramesh.Another guest room is there it is completely for Shiva.
All are sit in center hall and chit chat..Ishitha,Kushi and Amaya are bussy in preparing lunch.Neelu and Rani are hrlping them.Ananya is playing on Ramans lap..Ramu and Ramesh made arrangements on dinning table.Shanta is preparing garlands to god sitting with Dadhi.
Madhu,Buaji and Thoshi are bussy in selecting sarees and Jewellery for Anjali.
Raman:Where is Arjun and Radhika?
Mantu:Can i make a call for Arjun.
Arjun:No need yaar.I am hear only..
All turn their faces towards him and see that he lift Radhika in his arms.

Raman:What happened to her?
Arjun:Still in unconsious bcoz of that bhang.I think already it is late..So,I pick her and come here.
Thoshi ask her place Radhika on bed and show the room allocated to girls.
Arjun place her on bed and look at her. Madhu sit beside her and look at her with teary eyes.Buaji:This girl is so week.She didnt eat properly..and now she drink bhang also..I am scared…
Arjun look at her with teary eyes and ask Thoshiji…Arjun:Badi maa..can i call doctor..Thoshi:No beta..With in 30mins she will be normal.you dont worry.
Radhika(in sleep):Arjun,dont leave me.
Be with me Arjun.
Thoshiji:Arjun beta you stay with her..
And we sit in hall.we wait another 30mins then we call doctor.
Arjun nod his head and sit beside her and remaining all leave the room.He pat on her head and look towards her.
Shiva and Arjun went into a hotel..A person give a keys to Shiva and show the direction to him.Shiva blindfold Anjalis eyes and lift her in his arms.After 5min he put her down and open the door and took her inside the room and place her in a chair.He stand behind her and open the blindfold from her eyes.Anjali is in shock by looking around that room and bedecome panic.Shiva hold her by putting hands around her shoulders.
Shiva:Hai frnds..Anjali and Me are here to celebrate our happiest moment with you.We two are engaged and married in comming couple of days.So we togeather plan to celebrate with our known persons. So bcoz of that reason we are here today. Actually i am from chennai and recently i shift here.I saw Anjali in function and i decide to marry her. With great struggle finallt her brothers agree for this and atlast she give positive signal for me. According to her it is arranged marriage and for me it is love marriage.
Shive sit on knees infront of Anjali and ask her….
Will you marry me and be forever my life until my last breath.What ever you have in your past i need your presence in my present and future.Can you hold my hand Anjali.Anjali hold shiva hand and he getup and give a side hug and kiss her on forehead.All go with claps..Two eyes in that room were filled with tears in the hall ecpect Anjali….

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