journey to love episode-7

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So let’s start

Amaya and mantu are the anchors for the sangeet
Amaya a mantu m

A so welcome to the sangeet of

M Mr Raman Kumar bhalla and miss ishita

A so before starting I welcome arjyn bhai and arnav bhai in the stage

M and radhika did and khushi di on the stage

Mrk bahi you were just 18 when mom and dad left us you had to go to collage you had to work in the office you have to take care us you are our bhai our life out world our everything so thanks bhai you are more than god to us

AAA di mom left us when she gave birth to amaya you had taken if her and us and your studies and what not di dad left us when we were just kids you were studying in collage you had to do mom and dad work thank you di you are our world our life thanks di

So mrk and aaa to start with we will start with
Amaya with arjun bhau and

Mantu radhika di

Ardhika dance on gheru from dilwale Tamil end Jeevan Jeevan kolu de

Than arshi dance in ladhiki beautiful kar gai chulu Tamil Google

Than manya dance on gheru Tamil chulla kutty

And then mrk dance on waha ram ji jodhi banyi bhaiyabaur bhabhi ko badhiya and in the back there is screen which show mrrk and ishra pic ruhi raman ishita adi pic and in the last mrk bring ishra on the floor

Aaa dance on ek hazorian meri bhehna hai and Ia pic and all pic are shown they also dance beautifully and they GI near ishu and arjun stands behind ishu in front amaya and in side arnav and on this side raman on back of him radhika and in front mantu and in side khushi and in raman lap adi and on ishu lap ruhi

Next ishra dance on galyian tamiil kadhal criket

After that next day ishu is reciption happen and then marriage ishu cried a lot during bidai because she had to leave her sister brother for a day because she had to do pakka fere

At bhalla mansion radhika had did arathi and asked ishitha to make her hand marks on the wall and then enter the house by right leg pushing the pot and walk one the red prints made by her foot prints at raman room ishu went in first but he was not allowed to go in had to give neka he gave them and went in ishu was in the middle if the bed tr full room was decorated as raman came in ishu was getting fear slowly raman went and said ishu

I han ravan Kumar

Raman turns ishu to face him and hugs her than they consummate their marrige morning all was going well and good raman had won the best business enterpriser award and ishu had won best hotel group of company award all of them had award after three months of marriage arjun and radhika had know they live each other

On dinning table arjun asked jiju can I say something

Raman yes be free

Arjyn jiju actually I love radhika I will take good care of her I will always keep her happy I will not let her cry

Raman I am happy but you have to ask ishu for that

Ishu yes but radhika is dicession is final

All looked at radhika said yes and she ran to her room with a smile all were happy raman said I think we should fix their marriage everything quickly
So okay at night ishu and raman had small fight and ishu went and slept with the kids all night she was crying

Ishra did not talk next day also so all were quite apset nor ishu or raman did talk to each other for a week raman had bought a new company and he wanted to ask sorry also to her so he had an idea he called and said ishu he wants to buy ishu company and the ishu company hadti face some loss so ishu taught something and went to the office were raman called her ishu came and said that I have to meet your boss reception mam hr is in meeting ishu he called and he is in meeting go and say
Him ki ishita is come after some time reception came and said mam actually sir said ishu what did he say

Tr girl name is smithy

Smithy mam Sir said you have to stay with him for night

Ishu what you know I am married where is his room

Smithy in the left he is having meeting mam

Ishu walks fast smithy is running back of her

Ishu push the door

Ishu do you know I am ma

He turns and says married it is raman

Raman all leave

Ishu you

All leave by the time

Ishu raman

Raman I am sorry you had loss you should have once asked me

Ishu raman you are also having company there will be some expncesive so I thought not to disturb you

Raman don’t worry all your problem are sorted out

Ishu thanks raman

Raman go home I will meet you ishu goes home while pushing the door ishu and raman were together

One of the employe sir has no mistake see how s**y she is everyone will do the same thing even me

Raman was hell angry he walked toward the employee all others gave way for him

Ishu who had tears said raman pls leave it

Raman went to the employe all the others who were listening to him laughed were scared seeing raman anger raman went to the employe and gave him tight slap on his face and said do you now who she she not item she is ishita bhalla ishitha raman Kumar bhalla my wife

Ishu raman pls

Raman you are fired

Ishu Raman pls

Raman ishu let’s go

Ishra went all employe were shocked

Precap some good time

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