A Journey of Love (Episode 68)

Actually Dilip didnt listen the conversation between Aman and Mala.. He came there when the conversation is going between Aman,Teji and Ankush..After that it was continued by Mala and Ankush..
Dilip also feel restless and now his heartbeats for Radhika..Now he want listen things from her mouth..Till now all listen Saral words and concludes Radhika is wrong..
The scene shift to Aman and Teji..
Teji:Aman..Why you expose your feelings like that?
Aman:I am not able to control my self..sorry..

Teji:I hope Ankush bhai is ready to meet them..
Aman:Today evng we want to go for temple..i promise to Mala aunty..That i bring Radhi to Temple..
Teji:Whaat?you tell to Aunty that chashini is with us..
Aman nod his head..Aman:Dont be serious..Teji:I am not at all serious..I think Arjun’s reaction about this..
Aman:Dont worry..we can manage..
Both Aman and Teji come to govt building..All four eagerly waiting for these two people..when Raman look at Aman and Teji..he asks..
Raman:what happened Teji?Did Ankush agree for this meeting or not?Teji:S..he agree to meet you people..I ask him to come here only..
Arnav:Its good sign..that he agree to meet us.
Mantu:What is our next step?
Lavanya:Come for Lunch..it is our next step..

Aman look at her and ask her not to disturb them..
Lavanya:Raman bhai..see he look seriously at me..Ishu dhi ask me to call you people for lunch..
Raman:Why you stare angry looks tk her..
Arnav:Arey..Aman..Dont stare like that..it is not good for your health..
Mantu:Aman..you want to learn so many things yaar..
Arjun laugh for that and said..
Arjun:Dont try to hurt her..we are her side..
Aman:This is not fair..I live this life.. by thinking that you people are with me..But all take her side and leave me alone..
Lavanya:Who said you are alone?I am with you only..
Raman laugh for her concern towards Aman.
Radhika come there and ask them come for lunch..
Arjun look at her..He sense that she is in tense and worried..He want to try to cheer up her mood..
All move towards dining table..Arnav went towards balcony and look outside around the building..He identify the security persons in uniform and private security persons who is around the building in different getups..He identify one vechicle..but nobody are there around that vechicle..He just msg about it to security chief..who helped him from govt side and personally..
Arnav take care of this..bcoz he dont want to see anybody hurt in this mission.He want all his family members to be secured..
Kushi:I am feeling hungry..come fast..
Arnav:Really..You are feeling hungry.. then lets go to my room..
Kushi blushed for that statement..and try to move from there..Arnav hod her hand and ask her..Why you are so beautiful today..and it seems that you are do happy also..
Kushi turn towards him and said nothing..I am in normal attire and with normal mood..come lets go for lunch..all are waiting for us..
Arnav:Before lunch..you give something special as complementary.. Then only i come for lunch..
Kushi look at him and ask him..
Kushi:Complementary..yah..i only made Aloo tikka for lunch..is it ok for you..
Arnav pull her towards him and touch her lips with his thumb finger..and said i want something special..
Kushi:Arnavji..all are waiting for us..

Arnav:They can guess what we can do.. no probs.. by saying this he cuped her face and kiss her on lips..First she widen her eyes and next she also respond for his act slowly by place her hands around his neck..They both seperate fo their breath.. Arnav look into her eyes and ask.. Arnav:Why your cheeks convert into pink color?I kiss you on your lips na..
Kushi feel shy and ran from that place by pushing him..he also ran towards her and try to catch her..But kushi escape from him and enter into kitchen..
Ishu look at her and ask her why are you breathing fast?what happened to you yaar..
Amaya:Some had something special before lunch..
Radhika:Haa na kushi..

Kushi:Stop it yaar.
Arnav:What specials today?
Raman:How can we know? You tell your experience..
Arnav stare at Raman..
Mantu:Dont look like that.

Arjun:Stop it..Dont pull his legs..
Aman:Who pull him?
Radhika:Why you are all teasing my bhai..
Ishu:First had the lunch..
Pinky:Plz feed me naa.
Ishu:Ok my baby..
Ruhi:Then who can feed me..
Kushi:I am there for you darling..
Chotu:Amaya bhabhi..you feed for me..
Amaya:Obviously beta..
Baunty look at them..Arjun observe Bunty and read his face feelings..
Arjun:Bunty..all took their Bhabhis side..You took your brother side or bhabhi side..
Bunty:Obviously bhabhi side..
But from day one onwards i call you jiju na..Is it ok for you na bhai..
Arjun:No probs bunty..you are family.. you call as your wish..
Raman:Ha..bunty..you are our family..
You stay where you like and call what you like..
Baunty:Thanks bhai..but i take babhi’s side only..
Lavanya:Who is my side…
Teji:I am your side..I am younger than Raman and Co..
Lavanya and Teji give Hi-Fi to each other..
Aman:Arjun..search one girl for Teji also..
Teji:It is cheating..You search girls according to your choice..and for me you didnt give any option..
Lavanya:Cheating…give some time to Teji to search his love..
Arjun:No chance..Teji..love..Haha..joke.
He didnt give chance to any girl to talk with him..Almost all staff discuss that..Teji is angry bird..
Anjali:Stop it Arjunn.Radhika also called you khadoos na..Then how can fall for her..May be Teji also search a girl who understands him..Dont tease him..
Shiva:He is younger than you five na..
How can you tease him like that..
Neil:Ha Teji..Follow in Arjun footsteps..
Sam:You want any tips to impress a girl..then approach Neil..He give better ideas..
Kushi:Teji..Lord Governer fall in love..
You are so sweet..Def a good girl enter into your life..
At same time a girl enter into hall with flowers in her hand..
Amaya:You learn some tips from Budhu also..
Teji:Budhu..Mantu your name is nice.. Budhu..Haha..Khadoos,Lord governer..
What abt you Raman?
Ishitha:Ravan Kumar…

Teji:Nice names yaar..and this Aman is Akadoo for Lavas..
All five get up from their places and try to catch Teji..
But Teji run from there to center hall..All five chase him in different directions..Teji run and dashed the girl who stands there..But he is unable to control himself and fell on that girl..He share an eye lock with her..The flowers fell on them.The girl is pretty cute..Unexpectedly Teji said your are cute..
All came there and look at them.
Arjun clear his throat and bring back Teji to his sense..Teji getup and give his hand to her..She hold Teji hand for help..
Girl:My papa ask give these flowers to Radhikaji..Sorry..i pick them..
Radhika:For me…
Ishu:No need to pick..Come with us..
Radhika:Yah come with us..
Anjali:Teji..pick the flowers..

Teji look at the girl and nod his head..
Lavanya:Somebody find his dreagirl right..
Teji by picking flowers..he said..really she is cute..
Mantu:Dont think too much..First know her background and her past..
Arnav:Ha..otherwise..Again a new story start to console them to express our feelings..
Aman:Ha..it is right..
Lavanya:Wait..i tell this about Ishu dhi and remaining people..
Kushi:No need to tell..i hear it..
By saying this he left from there..
Raman:Ha..Ham bachgaya yaar..If jhansi ki Rani or Radhika hear this statement means..
Mantu:Once look that side yaar.. Atleast i am safe..I didnt spell any thing..bcoz i know it is very difficult to handle…
He didnt complete it..bcoz,Amaya stand there by putting her hands on her waist..
Aman:All your chapters closed yaar..
Lavanya:You are not excluded..
All slowly reached towards dining table and sit in their chairs..
Kids are feeded by their bhabhis..
Bunty and Ananya are with Radhika..

Anjali:What is your name?
Girl:Manya..I am MaanSingh daughter..My papa ask me to give the flowers..So..
Kushi:Nice name..What are you doing now..
Manya:I am a lawyer..I have my own practice..
Amaya:You are so cute.
Manya:Thanks dhi.
Ishu:Have lunch with us.
Manya:No..dhi..my papa.
Arjun:Dont worry..Told him that Radhika dhi ask you to have the dinner with us.Your father didnt scold you.
Manya:No no..I can move..
Teji:Ok..leaver her yaar..I think she is nervous
All in chorous…really..How can you know?
Teji:Stop it yaar..I feel hungry..
At last Manya also join for lunch with them.Teji looks at her only..But Manya didnt look at him..But she feel that Teji observe him..
After lunch Manya leave that place..
Aman:Ok..Plz listen to me..Actually today we want to go for ShivMandir..
Bcoz,I promise to Mala aunty..that i bring Radhika there..
All look at him..
Amaya:Aman bhai..How can we go there..It is not safe for Radhu na..
Aman:I know it..But i promise her..
Raman:Mala aunty know that Radhu is with us..
Aman tell all discussion happened between Mala and him..
Radhika slowly walk towards Arjun and hug him from back..He feel how she tense she is..
Mantu:No need to worry Radhu..If it is not today means..tomarrow or another day you want to face them na..First you prepare for it yaar.
Raman:Come here Radhi..
Radhika look at Raman and walk towards him..

Raman:Dont feel tense..We all with you only..First you go and take rest..
Arnav:Ha na..I already promise to you na..Be brave my dear..By saying this he kiss her on forehead..
Teji:Arjun..took her to room..Be sometime with her..
Arjun hold Radhika hand and took her along with him to her room.
Ishitha try to move from that place.. Raman hold her hand and ask her.. come with me..I need to talk with you..
By saying this he took Ishitha with him..
Mantu:My lovely kids..you go and play in garden with Teji..
Teji:Common kids..
All run towards Teji..Teji run into garden..
Amaya went into kitchen and Lavanya went towwards her room.
Shiva:Anju..It is time to leave them..I think we also goto our room.
Neil and Sam look at each other faces..
Anjali:Neil..Sam and you take rest for sometime..
They both nod their heads and went into their room.Shiva hold Anjali hand and went into their room.Immediately Shiva bolt the door and hug her from back and said..Anju..I need you very badly..Anjali:This day time..and you are shameless shiva.Shiva:No probs yaar..I am shameless infront of you only..And now no more discussions.. by saying this he lift her and place her on bed..and close the window doors.
In Nesams room:

Sam:We are near to our first anniversary..But still..
Neil:Sammy..you are a doctor..And we both know that we have no problems.. so dont worry for kids..In any case i am your first kid and you are my first kid..
Sam place her head on his chest and hug him..Slowly both laid on bed with each other arms..
Aman went into Lavanyas room..and ask her..Lavs..you are really angry on me..By asking this he pulled Lavanya and hug her tight..Lavanya try to free her from his hug..But he tight the grip and kiss her on neck..and said dont be angry..Lavanya also hug him back and ask..who said i am angry on you..I act like that..I know that you follow me..Just i want to spend sometime in your hug..thats it..Dont leave me Aman..I am lifeless doll when you are not with me..Aman close her lips with his lips..
In ramans room:
Ishitha:Tell me Raman..what is that imp issue you want to discuss with me..
Raman hug Ishitha and said..Sorry Ishu..
Ishitha:Sorry for what..Raman.

Raman:You are angry on me na..
Ishitha:Who said i am angery on you?I just act..I know that..when i am moody or serious..you try to calm down..I want to spend this time with you..
Raman..Can i be in your arms for sometime..Plz..dont release your hug.. This is the most comfortable place for me..By saying this she kiss on his chest and he cup her face and kiss her on forehead,eyes,neck and lips…

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