journey to love episode-5

Before starting I have good news and a bad news so first the good news is my sis got 477/500 she school third and bad news is I and my friend had broke into pieces that means she and few more friend had some place in my heart So her place in my heart is broken when ever i am sad happy I write episode

So lets start

Khushi bhai actually na the rooms are fulled we have only 4 rooms left that is ours all room are occupied so bhabhi arjun arnav and amaya are left

Ishita say k no promlem we will go home

Arnav but di gave all room to guest

Ishita then our hotel is there na

Arjun no di its also full

Raman OK we will do one thing I and ishu will share one room radhika and arjun one room khushi arnav one and amaya and mantu one

All k

Every one left to room

Ishra room

I raman your room is so dirty towel on the bed everything is upside down

R ishu actually I do not keep my room clean

I k I will do it for you she cleans the room

After that raman comes and hugs ishita from back and say i love you

I i love you too

Ruhi starts crying ishita takes her in her arms and makes her sleep

Raman say I will show you some photo of mine

Raman starts showing every photo than suddenly stops seeing a photo a drop of tear comes out

Ishu rama who is this boy

Rama adi my son studying in boarding school

Ishu raman why

Rama because their is no one to take care of him he hates nidhi that why I sent him away so that she is not able to see him

Ishu will you bring him here I will take care of him pls he will be there in the marriage no plz

R OK tommorow we will go and bring him back

Ishu gets happy in mind I am mother of To kids before marriage everyone slept

Next day morning only two days for mehandhi

Raman ishu woke up Early they were in each others arm ishu was blushing

Raman gave a peek on ishu cheek

Ishu raman

Raman ran away to the washroom
After 20 min both came out of the room

Both together said have to wake them up
Both of them laughed and went to radhu

Radhu room when they opened the door the door they were shocked as radhika was
In arjun arms and she was sleeping in his arm peacefully raman and ishu went in

Raman chutki wake up

Radhika bhai pls 2 min

Ishu aru wake up

Arjun di pls di some more time

Raman radhika bhai promise

Radhika k I will come in 5 min with others

Ishu aru di promise

Arjun I will come in 3 min with others

Ishra left with a smile

Ardika looked at their pose and were embraced

They went to arshi room

Ishra were alderdy their

Khushi had put her leg on arnav and she was resting in arnav chest

Radhika khu get up

Khushi two min

Arjun chote get up

Arnav two min

Arjun di promise

Arnav opened his eyes and said okay

Radhika bhai promise

Khushi opened her eyes and said okay

Ardhika and ishra left with a smile

Arshi relsied their pose and got up and went to manya room

All were in manya room mantu and amaya head were together and body saperate all went in
Rk said Prince see its morning its bhai shadhi also you have to get up

Mantu only for you bhai

Ia said princess its morning wake up its morning and di shadhi is also there no

Guys note raman or ishu employees do not now that they are geeting married only a few no who were like family to ishita and Roman

Raman i and ishu are going to bring adi back from boarding school

Arnav arjun amaya in group are called aaa
Arnav arjun amaya ishita in are called Ia

Radhika mantu khushi in group are called rmk
Radhika mantu khushi raman are called rrmk

Aaa who is adi

Mrk raman bhai elder son he studies in boarding school

Arjun than di you are not marrying raman

Arnav yes di he has son he has daughter we didn’t like when you expted ruhi now adi too no not at all

Ishu raises her hand on arnav and arjun and was about to get beaten when raman comes in between and say you can’t beat my kids

Ishu look at him arjun your di is engaged to him and you call him by his name but still he supports you arnva what you said you don’t like ruhi now adi no if do not agree with my decision i will break my ties with for raman and my family

Raman ishu if you want break your ties with my kids then i don’t want to marry you

Arjun if you want to get married to jiju i don’t have any objection

Ishu so i am and raman are going to bring our son adi home so all six of you do your work properly arjun take care of the guesst radhika party hall khushi dress arnav help radhika mantu amaya take care of music for sangeet and mantu take care of pandita all that okay

Aaa haan di you go we will see

Rmk haan bhabi tou we will see

Ishu acha bye

Ishra leave
The school was 7 hours distanace 3 to go and 3 to come so six planed to practice

So it was like aaa and mrk dance one ardihka one arshi one manya dance and ishra of course

Raman for thir time came here it is the last time he went to the principle room
In principle room

Raman r ishitha i principal p

R hello sir

P hello Mr bhalla he can i help you

R she is ishita

I ishita Raman kumar bhalla adi is mother

P hello ishita how should i help you

I actually we want to take adi back forever so

P yes of couse you go and meet him i will do the formalties

Is walk towards adi class and ask him to send adi with them

Teacher adithya raman kumar bhalla

Adi came down and said him go bring your bag your mother and father have come

Adi okay mam adi mind why did nidhi come here that to with papa

Ishu saw adi and was happy

Adi papa hw is she why did say she is my mom

Raman she ishitha i am going to marry her she is yoir mom

Adi rellay papa I am happy he hugs him

Ishu say only huggy for papa no huggy for mumma

Adi can I call you ishi ma

Ishu say it again ishi ma she hug him and cry

After some time they leave for there to home

Here in bhalla mansion all were practicing for dance

When ishra and adi came all became normal

At home

Adi ishi maa who are all these

Pointing towards the six

Ishu shocked don’t you know these three no ishi maa okay

This is radhika chachi khushi chachi mantu chachu

And this is arjun mamma arnav maama and amaya mausi

Pecap mehandi

Sorry for late update

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