journey to love episode-2

Hi guys so before starting let me say you something don’t care about others opnion on you care about your friends family and you i have gone tough a thing like this no more than this

So let’s start

Raman k guys actually we called you tell something about amaya’s and mantu’s birthday

Ishita actually we thought we can share the party hall but now as we are going to be a family there should be no problem

Arjun i think we should ask the engagment date of di and jiju

Radhika correct

Ishra now

Others yes

Ishra okay

Ishita how will you guys manage hotel and house without me after marrgie

Raman you don’t worry i have an idea why don’t they shift with us

Khushi our house is quite big to have these may people

Arnav as you wish di and jiju

Ishu raman it is like giving you strain

Raman i am their father so i think they have their right n my house

Ishu as you wish

All went to ishita house their outside their were like 7 guards

Ishita raman arjun radhika in a black jagaur

Arnav khushi mantu amaya were in other
White odey

As this was Raman and radhika car the gaurd stopped them and said their is no one in the house who do you want to meet

Ishita opened her window and said from now onwards when ever their is mrk symbol on the car he should allow it in as it is my husband cars guards were shocked because ishita always would say she does not want to marry as she will get separated from her brother and sister

Gaurd said okay di and the door opened

All came in and ishita called all her servents to introduce her husband and her kids mantu radhika khushi they are also like arnav amaya arjun for me and this is raman who she is going to marry

Arjun show rooms to all of them and all of you want to say to the cook he will cook and fresh up and come and neelu today is saturday you now na so do this saturday like every sataurday

Ishita ramam what do you want i will take what you take then she said to neelu make butter chicken and chappati for raman k

Neelu said yes

Raman said you are going to eat butter chicken

Ishita nodded no

Arjun arnav amaya said jiju woo

Ishita shouted at them and asked them to their work

All were shocked seeing ishu expression

Ishu ran from their and raman followed her

Ishu went inside room ishu was going to close the door when raman forcefully opned the door and closed it

Ishu said raman leave me alone

Raman i am not marrying you for leaving you alone and when he look around he was shooked

Raman said what is this

The room was full of writing with blood

Ishu said because of me my parntes died


Ishu father was speaking in phone with somebody and said we are coming right now
Actually ishu mom and dad came out city for some work that time ishu fell from the staris by eating so ishu mom dad came by flight as they were scared for ishu

The plane got crash

And that day is Saturday so ishu on every Saturday take some blood of her and write sorry on the wall no one is allowed in the room and ishu do not want to eat

Raman said then okay do arnav amaya arjun no about this

Ishu says no

Raman says wait I will call them now here

Ishu says no they may hate me if they no the reason

Raman does not listen to ishita and calls everbody up

Raman says everthing to all arjun amaya arnav go out angrily they go to ishu room ishu comes running and raman also comes all three were crying

Ishu say sorry and say i did not do it wantedly

R said it is not your mistake

All three said that you were not able to say this for past 15 years to us but jiju who you meet hours go are able to share

Ar di actually we are not angry that because you we lost our parents because of you but because u were not able to share your pain with us

Ishu i am sorry i taught u will hate after you nwe this

R ok enough and ishu from today onwards you will eat food will not write soory in blood

All three ye’s di

Anthoer three voice came and said yes bhabhi

Raman Ishu actually i want to say you something I was married and my wife left me and went I have a girl daughter her name is ruhi she is 3 years old I hate her because she some what resemble her mother if you don’t want her i will her in orphan

Ishu no raman i will accept her it is not her mistake it is her mother mistake why should we punish the baby where is she i want to meet her

Raman i will ask the caretaker to bring her here

Neelu come and says everything is ready and the pandita has also come

Pandita for engagment 21 st is correct and for marrige 31 st is correct

All say okay

Everyone eats including ishita after eating ishita went to her room and closed the door and hugged ishita from behind and said that i love you u i love you to and they romance

The caretaker bought ruhi and left from their ishu takes ruhi in her arms and ruhi say ma

Ruhi sees raman say papa

Ishra are happy

Precap prepartions for raman and ishita marrige

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