journey to love episode-1

So thanks for support i was scared if you will like this ff or not but reading your comments made me happy so let start

Ishita and raman were collage mate they are not friends

So lets start

Ishu Raman hw r u after long time

Raman fine So let’s start the meeting

Ishu yes

Raman say actually on may 20 the it is my prince mantu birthday so I want to book the party hall and the hotel

Ishu raman actually a their is a promblem actually on the same day it is my princess birthday amaya’s birthday so I have booked the party hall and the half of the hotel

Raman I have an idea you have booked the half the hotel and I will book the other half and the party hall we celebrate their birthday together

Ishu great but let me conform with my brother and sister

Raman yeah I will also

So they call them ask them to meet in the hotel in room 783

Till then both raman ishu talk about their life and get closer

Raman thinks something and says can you wait for 5 min I will be back

Ishu k

Raman came after 5 min and asked ishita to close her eyes

And raman made ishita to stand ishita open your eyes slowly
Ishita opened her eyes and saw raman on his knees
Raman ishita I love you I will take care of you and your brother sister and will you take care of me and sisters and brother will you spend life time with me
Ishita was shocked
Raman got up and came close to ishita he was about to kiss ishita when arjun came in
Arjun was angry he started to beat raman ishu asked arjun to stop and said I love and he loves me by then everybody came in were schoked listening ishita words all jumped and ishita hugged raman

Arjun said sorry jiju I taught you were trying to misbehave with di so

Raman it is okay

All started to tease ishita and raman

Raman said ishita I should ask your hand from your parents

Arjun arnav and amaya had tears in their eyes then ishita was going to cry when raman went and hugged arnav amaya arjun and said don’t cry

Ishita said our parents died in accident

Raman said don’t worry I am your father and ishita is your mother k

All nodded yes

Ishita asked raman about his parents

Raman said they died in a plane crash

Mantu khushi radhika said we have only father raman bhai

Ishita said then your bhabhi is your mother

Precap raman and ishita to get engagged on mantu a may birthday

Thank you

  1. Wow really awesome
    Happy ishra

  2. its very nice but ishita raman’s love confession was too early . I thought u will write this only in 3rd or 4th epi . update ext epi soon

  3. It’s nice… Raman propose ishu…. nice…. love ur episode… waiting for ur next episode…

  4. No actually their are lot of twist and turn in the story

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