a journey to love ep 8

Hi guys so sorry actually no one in my house likes thing I write a ff so I have to hide it and do it and I belong to a huge family and this vaction time all are at home so sorry and my laptop s back after 3 months so I am writing on it

So lets start
Arjun (a)to ishu(I) raman(r) radhika(ra) amaya(am)arnav(ar)
Arjun and ishu are taking
A di I have to say her the truth if she knws it by some other mean she will feel bad
I aru she is good and I don’t think I treat you different you are the same as ammu and chote then why do you think so
A di you think like that but jiju and then you have to think about radhu also she is the daughter of the one of the best bussiens man in the world she is the sister of one of the best company owner she is a ceo of company and me
Before he could say anything raman came there
R what do you mean aru
I nothing raman we will talk about it later
A no di jiju come down he goes down with ishra and calls everybody down
Everyone are there down
I aru pls aru ls no you can’t do this to us ishu is crying
Ar don’t do this bhai pls
Am haan bhai pls bhai I beg you
Ishu is crying by kneeling down
Raman radhika khushi mantu with confused look
Aru 20 years back

Fb starts
My mom and dad work under raj papa and toshi maa toshi maa and raj papa never treated them as servents ishu di was just 2 years baby when my mom and dad had married with the help of raj papa and toshi maa after three months of my parents marrie my mom concived and toshi maa took cre of her well my mom died while giving birth to me and my dad died he could live without mom toshi ma and raj papa treated me as their own son but one day some one said this bitter past to me when I asked toshi maa and raja papa about it they said everything and they said you are equall to us like our other three kids on the next day toshi maa and raj papa died ishu di knew everything still she brought me the same way she did with other two she made me complete my she made me ceo she did everything as she did to Amaya and arnav and Amaya knew this but still they gave me the same respect which they gave ishu di
Fb ends

I raman I did not want to say this to you because from the day aru is born til dad and mom death he was bought up the same manner and after dad and mom deatha laso I bought him as chote and ammu so pls understand me
A and if you don’t want to give radhu hand to me I do not have a problem you mat think me as servent son before competing a tight slap on his left cheek
I have said you are not aservent son you are by own brother stop this nonsences and raman you may think radhika futher is not safe but in my company there is 12.5 share for arjun and 12.5 share for radhika and also 2.5 share of mine and 2.5 share yours and 12.5share arnav and Amaya each and 12.5 share for arnav and Amaya life partener if you still have any doubt on us then I Amaya arnav will give our 2.5 percent share of each to him now arjun will have 17.5 share of our company so are you happy now

R I never have problem with this when did you let me speak and no need of giving you are share to any one and yes you both also amya arnav
A r u okay with marriage
R double okay with marriage all had group hug
R I wanted khu and chote to marry on the same day
I even I want to see aru and chota marriage on the same day
Arshi what
R ishu come here I want to say something to you he say something in ishu is too happy after listening it and say okay
I raman and me have found a bride for chota and a groom for khu
Arshi where sad listeing this
Arshi together who
Ishra together you both look perfect couple so you both
Arshi where happy all were enjoying suddenly ishu fainted doctr was called and said that ki ishu is pregnant

Precap romance and welcome of the new geust

Guys I think I should stop writing I will complete my ff in some 3 to 4 episode what do you say

Pls comment if I have any reader and if there are any silent reader also pls comment

  1. interesting episode.pls cont………..tc

  2. Nice story bt plz sbka name dia karo ye short form like r n aru it is difficult to understand bt anyway love this story

    1. Thanks annual but will not be able to help with pet name as I have to do it fast before all my family members could come in I just had hardly 20 min for writing

  3. Thanks sudha your comment made me smile so thank you but still I can’t hurt my family more if today I get more than 5 comments I will try to continue

  4. Thanks sudha your comment made me smile so thank you but still if today I get more than 5 comments I will try to continue

  5. Really nice don’t end it now pls love it so much

  6. I can understand u yaar…If possible u continue ur Ff…It was superb…I really missed ur ff in these days

    1. Thanks kV for the comment and all others all

  7. Pls continue its good…

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