Jodhaa Akbar 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Jodhaa Akbar 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Jodhaa Akbar 17th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
voiceover- jalal and jodha both are poles apart. Their limits are different, their way of raising is different,their love is different but now their way is colliding with each other ,once again they were about to meet each other but both were unaware that even far they’ve gotten very close to each other. Akbar and rukiya(she is changed) were on hunting in madhrum and jodha for her brothers’ long life were there to celebrate yamdudh festival. Both are seen with their respective caravan. Jodha stops her caravan all ask what happened and she says she want to shop from this market they all laugh. They allow her . She is in market. Rukiya with hoshiyar is also there and they crosses each other. Jodha sees one dupatta and ask for rate. She tell them high rate so they leave it but

shop keeper says if mughals queens were in your place she would’ve bought it without asking rate and it only suits them. Jodha comes back gives double rate and Jodha make moti wear dupatta and says it suit you more than mughal. Says to shop keeper that rajputani aren’t less.Rukiya ask who was she to make fun of mughals somebody(shopkeeper) says rajputani.

Scene 2
moti falls on ground and jodha laugh seeing her dirty and that dupatta and says she will be back in a minute. She goes toward jungle where she sees queen(rukiya) ready to hunt a dear she is shocked jalal is behind her and their bg plays as they are close. Rukiya says she will hunt him today and jalal says to concentrate . She ask jalal why he was reluctant when she was ready to kill the dear do he have a heart and jalal denies and says he had fought many wars killed many. Jodha burns the fire and dear runs there before getting killed by rukiya. Both jalal and rukiya are stunned. Jodha is walking jungle and jalal is behind her . She feels someone’s presence so see here & there ,jalal is also looking here and there but both couldn’t see other.. Jalal and jodha are taking rounds around tree but couldn’t see each other. Jalal turns back to leave and jodha sees his back. She start running from there jalal looks back sensing someone and sees jodha running but couldn’t see her face he smiles to himself seeing someone saved that dear.


Scene 3
jalal comes to rukiya(I simply dont like this new rukiya) and says someone burned the fire and dear ran away . Rukiya ask who was she and jalal says couldn’t see her face .rukiya says how dare she but jalal says she wanted to save him and succeeded .rukiya burns in anger. But jalal smiles as if he also wanted to save that dear.

Scene 4
all rajputs are doing puja at river bank .jodha is looking back but brother says sujamaal will not come don’t wait for him he is deceitful. jodha and rajputs are in river and some jungle people with weapons blocks them and says they amer people killed our companions and throws a arrow to one brother he gets hurt and slips they all panic. One man throws arrow toward jodha but get killed by someone before he can target jodha. He is none other than sujamaal jodha smiles seeing him and he targets every man one by one.

Scene 5
jodha runs toward sujamaal. All brothers fume. Jodha take his blessing and both are emotional. Jodha thanks him for coming he says she did puja for brother he had to come. He ask about her proposal and jodha say you promised you will select my groom but he says it is now difficult to come to her marriage. But he will come anyway. Brothers start bickering and sujamaal says he is sparing them only for jodha but he will definitely get amer and both sides announces war. He ask jodha to promise she will not come in between this war. Jodha reluctantly gives the promise. They all do the puja together in river. After puja he blesses jodha and says to his brothers that will meet in war now. He leaves and jodha prays to godess to stop all this and to make sujamaal returns home.

precap-haseena bano talks in favor of bairam khan and says he made you the king. She ask for answer from maham anga and she says he did so only to get the throne. Jalal in warrior’s outfit is in rage and fuming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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