Jodha Akbar 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laboni is worried all their efforts are wasted and Dammo says someone is coming in between and Laboni says its Jodha who is making all her efforts nullified and they plan to separate JAJO and plan to take SH out of the palace.
Jajo are together and she says Salim said you were ill in the DEK and SH so what now you are with me we are together and she says we are always together and she asks him to stop talking and take rest and he starts gesturing and he romances with gestures she can’t understand and then asks him to talk and they have a small romantic tiff then she asks him to sleep and she stays with him their song in the BG as she softly keeps patting his head and SH is then sleep after he sleeps she leaves him and keeps looking at him goes and goes .
JB and MB are together and she is worried about SH as he is behaving strangely with her MB says he is busy worried about the war and also drinking a lot so behaving strangely . Just then one old women comes and begs the guards ask her to go but then JB calls her in and puts her shawl on her and she asks MB to get her food. The woman says TC of yourself as who is good should have to beware of bad and evilwhich she feels in the palace she says I get a bad vibes about this place and someone has come here to steal something very close and dear of yours. She says there are bad witches who have put an evil and bad spell /power over this place and asks her to keep your family and house safe and protect it from them. She blesses her and again warns she feels the bad power and to protect yourself from it.
SH gets up and looks at his crown and picks it up and wears it he feels strange takes his sword and goes after getting ready like a man possessed.. He looks down and finds JB there.He goes down and asks her why she is there at night and she says she is stifled in the palace and wants to go out of the palace without guards and both go he asks why she has brought her here to this lonely place and she says she wants to be with him always and not be far from him and he says she is in his heart She says and in the palace all disturb them and SH agrees . Just then there is howl of dogs and she acts afraid and SH hugs her and precap scene and she turns Laboni.
Dammo has made the gem magical and has power on SH and Laboni’s face will appear like JB’s face and then shows how she looks like JB once the gem is placed near her picture. And this will have effect for very less time and she should come back before the gem loses its effect and all this is shown in FB how she changes the gem in SH’s crown. SH sees JB instead of Laboni.
Meanwhile in the palace JB goes to SH room and JB is searching for SH she goes and thinks where can SH be at this time and at the lonely place Laboni says in palace all disturb and so I want to be alone with her.JB goes to Leela but she is not there and Dammo says she is bathing and hides the doll .JB says if she has seen SH then tell her to come and immediately meet me and she goes. But as Dammo turns the doll falls down and all beads break and there the crown/pagdi of SH falls and the gems breaks the magic spell breaks and Laboni remembers her mother saying that she should be careful that the pagdi is not removed. SH wears it and looks at Laboni in a odd manner.

PRECAP JB is searching for SH she meets MM who asks what she is doing at this time JB says she cant find SH and MM says he is in his room.

Update Credit to: PutijaChalhov

  1. this episode is total shit please bring this witchcraft thing with laboni and her mother to an end get rid of them once and for all we want nice scenes with jodha and jalal and salim toooooooooooo much black magic in all these serials I can see you writers catching your tale for good scripts to write but pease we had enough of this no more witchcraft

    1. yes I second that the black magic is sheer crap get rid of it and bring some lovely scenes with salim anarkali jodha and jalal and stop the witchcraft nonsense … pls

  2. Lets hope jalal get to see laboni face before she escape n jodha reach in time so that the truth can come out laboni gone totally blind she na see all her so called black magic a back fire on her it failing she still don’t get it that no1 can’t sepearte jodha n jalal
    Buf for once ruks r not in these episode that good cuz she the next one just like laboni evil n ploting against innocent ppls

  3. Come on this is the time to get rid of those bum we are getting very sick of it

  4. Those black magic I mean! The auto spelling changed to bum ?

    1. there is nothing like black magic that is sheer nonsense …

  5. I wonder is this true!i mean blackmagic in a historical luv story.i think writters r simply dragging the story 4 the sake of more epi.nowadays there is no salim nd anarkali scenes.

  6. its better if d one who has writen d update gona stop updating again
    the worst update
    if u cant update properly stay quite but dnt use ua so called shortcuts,cz all r not THAT INTELIGENT like u young lady.
    plz shower mercy on us by not writing an update like dis ever after,

  7. o hello putija ya pudina whatever….
    wt the hell this update is …u stupid… the tym u wasted using capslock or shift key you could use it to write full names so that we could understnd it easily….dnt waste your tym plz….nd let that person update who previously updates all episodes….

    1. yes they don’t have a clue how to update … get more intelligent people to do the updating

  8. Pls stop updating in short cuts……all can’t understand it …….if you don’t know to update, then just don’t …please don’t write like this again

    1. they don’t know what to write and yes you cant understand the short cuts …

  9. Jodha must seriously consider the old woman’s words….

  10. Please don’t use short cut. u r repulsive

  11. Hi:)I want Salanarkali scenes

  12. Where is todays update
    Soes it takes so much time to update

    1. Like

  13. It’s time for Salim & Anarkali let Jodha and Jalal have a little peace without evil people always trying to separate them.

  14. Updates pls or ppl post on the comment box

  15. pls update the episode on the 26th. Why doe sit take sooooooooooo long

  16. Why update for 27 not till now.?

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