Jodha Akbar 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal comes out of his tent, he finds soldiers sitting and having drink. he ask them to give him drink too, one soldier says but this is ordinary wine, you will not like it, Jalal says you fought with me so cant i have drink with you, he drinks it and likes it, he says are you all excited to go back home, one soldier says when i came in war, my wife was expecting , now my baby would have born, i cant wait to go back, Jala congratulate him, Jalal says just go and hug her, you dont know how much difficulties our family bear behind us, he ask them to enjoy the night, he misses Jodha, otherside Jodha prays that Jalal come back soon. Jalal ask soldier to go and sleep, we will have to leave for Agra tomorrow, he thanks them for drink and goes in tent. Jodha in palace, says Jalal comeback soon, only you can show me way. Jalal in his tent, brings out Jodha’s letter and kisses it, he says i cant read it but i feel your fragrance in it, he recalls how Salim said that I love you is written in it, he says i won this war because of you Jodha, your steength made me win this war of belief. Otherside Jodha says i lost this war, i couldnt stand on your promise, i cant bear this anymore, i am going to do what you will never like it, Jalal is all smiling waiting to meet Jodha, otherside Jodah is sadly waiting for Jalal. Meri dhadkan dhadkan tum ho.. Tum Ho Zindagani plays..
Fazal and Rahim comes to Jalal. Jalal ask till when we will reach Agra, Fazal says it will take 25 days, Rahim says but there is one shortcut to go but there is problem in it, a man comes and says there is shortcut but its jungle, this jungle is called evil jungle, years back a king entered that jungle with this soldiers and never came out of that jungle so people are afraid of that jungle and dont go in that jungle, people say that there are balck magic and ghosts in that jungle, jalal says i dont believe all this, i am king and i cant get afraid, he says me and all soldiers are waiting to meet their families, i only believe in one God there are no such things called ghosts, i will go from that jungle only. Man says ok keep in mind 4 things, one never look back in jungle, 2nd if you help someone then dont cross his path, 3rd keep reciting God’s name ,, Jalal says i will think about it, Man leaves. Rahim ask Jalal what you think? Jalal says i will go from that jungle but with less soldiers, you all come from other way.

Scene 2
Jalal and comes soldiers enter the evil jungle, weird noises can be listened in that jungle. Jalal starts going in jungle. owls, snake, big spiders are there in jungle. One soldier says that darkness is increasing as it is a bushy jungle, sunlight doesnt enter here and its cold too here, Jalal is leading his soldiers. the weather starts changing, heavy winds start blowing, horses stops moving.
Jodha comes to Hamida’s room, dasi says Hamida has ordered to not allow you in her room, Jodha says you cant stop me, she comes to Hamdia and says i know yu are angry with me, dont talk to me, dont look at me but dont give pain to yourself, Hamida ask her to go, Jodha says i will go away, i will do as you say but eat something, Hamida says do what you want, i have no problem but let me live as i want, Jodha says ok you dont wanna eat from my hands then dont but eat from Salima’s hand, Hamida says i know you are stubborn but you dont know that i am stubborn too, i will not eat at any cost, Jodha says not for me, eat fro your sons, Jalal, Salim Murad, i promise you i will do as you say, i promise you that, Gul badan smiles. Salima makes her eat apple, Hamida finally eats, all smile.

Scene 3
jalal and soldiers are riding horses in jungle suddenly jalal listens some lady’s voice to save her, he ask soldiers did you listen the voice soldiers says no, he says that women is in problem, we have to help him, soldier ask him to not go but Jalal doesnt listen.
Hamida says to Jodha that till you dont follow your words, and till this war doesnt stop, dont enter my room, Jodha says to Hamida ok i promise you till i dont finish your work, i will not show you my face. she greets her and leaves.

PRECAP- Jalal is same lady’s voice, he tries to find her, the lady (looks like ghost) is standing behind Jalal only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Can some body yell me what is going to happen please reply somebody anybody

  2. अरूण

    Seems new track begins Kajal Jain is joining as another vishkanya..will try to create problems in JA life.

  3. Only akdha part was good.loved when jalal kisses jodha ‘s letter n other side jodha longing for jalal..precap mei jo lady dikhai h vo toh haunted forest set se b zyada horrible h:O:O

  4. Ab two weeks k lie y witches n vishkanya ko jhelna pdega aur jodha akbar ki clashes n conflicts dekhne ko milegi…

  5. I read this somewhere about this black magic track what’s up with these writers and black magic?! Like they are obsess or something can’t they write anything else plz spare the viewers…now this storyline is going to take atleast a month before Jalal reached home

  6. Ab yeh sab kya bhoot pret dikha rhe h. Jalal ab in bhoot preto se ladega kya? Aur yeh jodhaa kya sach me Islam qubool karegi? I hope aisa na ho warna jalal ka yeh jang bekar ho jaayega. Aur yehhamida hamida begum puri paagal ho chuki h. Isse bhooke rehna h toh rhe. Jalal aa ke iski class lega.

  7. What the f**k black magic what wrong with you writers r u ppls addicted to black magic or something first in qubool hai now this u got to be kidding me can’t u see what qubool hai turn from bad to worse with black magic n now u want to this to turn like that if that happen then it will losts it charm n viewers too cus qubool hai already losts plenty so

  8. writers what shit story you starting now with jalal please let them return home to their families and let them be safe and please let jalal reach in time to save jodha from converting hamida must not get her way she is to bold why jodha must disobey her husband jalal that is not fair at all so hurry back jalal jodha needs you

  9. Hamida is so stubborn but Jodha will make it up to her when Jalal gets back home.This is not black magic but something like what happens in fear files.There are legends which says that dead[ spirits]live in the forest and try to trap anyone who enters.These are just spirits of the air that roams around and is considered troublesome.Men who fight in wars usually encounters this type of thing.LOVE THIS STORY>

  10. Y they keep forcing Jodha making promise to do that she doesn’t want really to do… N Jodha y you not strong enough …. When you say no just stand with no…. Must be there is other way…. Hamida by doing what she doing now she commit to sin…. She can’t even remember what Islam priest said ” is great sin to force someone” pls take this out religious matter asap

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