Jodha Akbar 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with …. Jalal leaving for battle in furious mood
Jodha is heart broken to see him in that state
She was lamenting jalal was revenging the death of his son by killing rajwanshis
Jodha bharmal discuss how the battle was inevitable .. At battle it did not matter who was dying rajwanshi or Moghul the sword fell equally On both
She bapu sa Asks if this battle could be prevented .. He explainsto her that fighting battleswas the duty of rajas and shehenshas

Jodha is heart broken
In Harem ruku is in Hameeda’s hojra she is telling hameeda that jodha was wrong when she refused to do tilak for jalal
It was a bad omen
Hameeda tries to explain jodha’s situation Both rajwanshis and moghuls were her family
Ruku declares that she would support jalal

At agra palace jodha is sad that which ever king won it would be defeat for her
Whether rajwanshis were defeated or moghuls were defeated
Both sides were hers .. it would mean her defeat …she laments
She asks bharmal whether at the battle he would be able to kill rajwanshis while fighting in Jalal’s army ….along with moghuls
leaves with out replying

In the chittor court maharaj udai singh decided not to fight against moghuls along with chittor

Rajwanshi soldiers are given tilak and aarti by their wives
Jodha watches them handing over the swords to their husbands .. As they are about to leave for battle field

Jodha sends moti to call bapusa to her

She tells her bapusa that he had to accept all the jewellery she was giving him
This would be needed by the families of the rajwanshi and moghul soldires who dies at the battle
Bharmal informs jodha that he was not leaving for battle field as jalal had asked him to stay back at agra palace in his absence to hold thefort here

‘Click here for this week’s top spoilers’

Jodha wonders who could carry these wealth and jewellery to the battle field as all others had left … how could she help the moghul and rajwanshi soldiers !!

The moghul army is al ready in battle gear .. Ready to fight the war
Jalal addresses his army
He ruthlessly shouts that there was no place for mercy or kindness
Shehenshah and soldiers had no heart they understood the language of the sword
Only the mighty and the ruthless ones ruled the earth and the kindhearted were killed mercilessly
He orders .. Inspires his army to fight ruthlessly
All raise their swords and shout FATEH ..FATEH … FATEH …
He accuses that he might have been laughing when his innocent babies were being killed today jala would kill all his innocent men and laugh and it was time for the lord to watch him laughing she it was time for the lord to weep just as jalal had wept over his dead babies

Precap for monday ..
Jodha is looking at the scarlet skies of the evening sky at sunset from the ramparts of the palace she tells moti that the sky was coloured with the blood of the rajwanshis who were wounded and bleeding because of shehenshah’s sword
Jo is in tears so is moti bai

Update Credit to: Sumana

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  2. Hi ppl did u see d campaign pics of rajat n pari ?? Both r luking awesome

  3. I noe rite…… Pari n rajat were luking awsum @cm

  4. is the cv’s rushing the track because of rajat’s marriage.
    well isn’t he to young to marry, jus 24yrs old. i thought indians get their sisters married first. before bros getting married. if his sis is married, then he has obligations towards his family.
    dad scarfice, job to montior his career for pritviraj’s role.
    why the rush, can yr girl wait till this serial finishes, or is she scared that you might love any of yr co stars, that she need to be there often. or is this way we never get to see yr photos with any female co stars.
    is it your quiet nature or yr worried one incase yr gal becomes possessive and control yr space.
    at this time of age early marriage in acting world whether tv or cinema is always dangerous. i am a woman, but we will not understand the time of shooting the long hours, then demand will be put to choose woman or acting.
    marraige those days with actors, whereby they could act well, when the home front was strong, inspite of all rumours true or not with other woman. cos the housewifes stays strong supportive and nuture the man wants he is back. taking rishi and neetu, ekata kapoor’s mom n dad, rakesh roshan n wife, shashi kapoor n wife, even amitabh n jaya,
    temptation was every where, but the thought of a wife at home waiting loving, and children will bring any good husband n dad back. but there are all also bad apples in the industry, who go thru woman n man like piece of cake.
    if your woman really loves you rajat, she can wait till the series is over. then you get married, why the rush,,,,,,,
    you need to concentrate on yr acting, sure once you are married she might give ground rules that you should be back from shooting early.
    which might give the production house uneasy time. true the hours are long, but she knows it, since you are bringing the paycheck home. she knows that you love yr job. hope your maariage works well for you, not many can separate home life and professional life,
    we fans are worried that you are young to settle so fast, and yr acting will suffer because of this.
    you are a good actor for tv, will god’s grace if you get a chance tom act in cinema, never forget tv, cos cinema can break or honour you, but tv will always respect and workship yr acting.
    hope i did not offend anybody and rajat it is only my opi, god bless you and yr family, just concern why marry fast, unless yr gal does not trust you…..


  5. U r very rite sbnaidu but i rajat ki hone waali wife kuch zada hi impatient hain !!!

  6. Why is rajats tokas financee hurrying 2 get married soon?? She was goin 2 marry sum1else b4 ……… N den dey broke up ………. Aftr dat she started dating rajat…….. rajat is just 24 n she is 27 or 28 ……. Nwayz it is his lyf n also he luvs her so it is ok……

  7. Hey guys
    I was not able 2 comment
    As I was having viral fever and I was not allowed to touch my tab comp. Phone nor see tv.
    Guys there is a very big change in u all its Monday and 47 comments

  8. Hey any 1 here ??????

  9. i cant cm here bcoz as u all know tgat my granny has died so her SHRAD, GHAAT KAAJ, HAWAN, KIRTAN & BHAJAN was thr

  10. ok bye!!!!

  11. Hi guys todays epi is terrible the is only fight and fight and fight !!!

  12. Sorry its there not the !

  13. Today is seriously very boring all my favourite serials are ruining one by one ! Every track is a bakwaas ! But today is only fight so quite good …

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