Jodha Akbar 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Laboni is doing black magic, she lits fire but suddenly it doses off, she ask Dammo what hat happened? Damo says our black magic didt work out, it failed, Laboni says this is not possible, Dammo says we do black magic but there are spirits that can fail black magic, other than God’s power there is one thing that can fail black magic, Laboni ask what is that? Damo says love, great love, that interconnect two souls, its difficult to overcome that love, Laboni says we cant overcome that love but can overcome that person whom Jalal loves, i want Jalal for me and i can kill that person whom he love, Dammo says forget Jalal, Laboni says this is not possible, i want to get him, now i will not move back, i will get him, Damo says you are stubborn, you will not understand, try but you cant get him from here, you have to go to Agra, Laboni says i also wanna go to see whose love is that failed our black magic.
Jodha and Jalal are in bed, Jodha is in his arms, hands in hand, Jodha says you cant divorce me, Jalal says thank God we have no incarnation concept else i would have to bear you for 7 births, i pity men of your religion, Jodha says what i irritate you? Jalal says you made me hen, servant from king, Jodha gets up and says if you have problem with me then i am going, Jalal says no, i was saying that i am slave of your love, you have right on me, one more person is coming to show right on me, Jodha says who? Jalal says i am feeling someone is jealous, he says i am talking about your sister Leela, she is coming, Jodha says oh i forgot, i have listened that she is very mischievous, she was very small when i came here, so now when she will come here, i will talk to her alot.

Scene 2
Leela with caravan is going to Agra, Leela is embroidering dress for Jodha, she says i have listened Jodha shines like gold so when sunlight will come this dress, it will shine like her.
Hamida comes jodha, Jodha says why did you come? you could have called me, Hamida smiles and says i can call anyone in my room but can i call Kahna ji? i have to come to him always, Jodha smiles, they come in Mandir, Hamida lits diya, Hamida says i cant call him to lit diya so i have to come, Jodha gets in tears and hugs her, she says i worry for you alot, Hamida says mother worry for daughters, Jodha says you have many daughters but i have only one mother, if anything happens to you then what will i do? Hamida says i wish that bad phase could have not come in our lives, Jodha says that have made us come more closer and things happen between daughters and mothers, she says to Hamida lets go, its time to take rest.
Jodha is learning English from ambassadors of England, she learns it fast, Jalal comes there, they leave, Jodha ask Jalal how are you? (in english) Jalal ask what? Jodha says this means how its your health, Jalal says you are learning fast, Jodha says when we are doing business with them we shoudl learn their language, he says for me only 3 words are enough, that is I LOVE YOU, Jodha smiles, they hug, suddenly all diyas of palace blows off, its dark in whole palace. Ruks calls hoshiyar and ask him to lit diyas again. Jodha is litting diyas too.

Scene 3
Laboni enters Agra palace, in flashback it is shown that Leela’s caravan stay at some hotel, Laboni ask soldier where you are going? he says to Agra, Leela is Jodha’s sister. Laboni comes to Leela and tells her some fake story, Leela says to her that you come with me to palace, Jalal will help you out. Laboni takes her in jungle to show her flowers, in jungle, she ties Leela on tree, Laboni smikrs. Laboni wears Leela’s dress, she comes and is about to sit in palanquin of Leela, soldiers ask who are you? where is princess Leela, Laboni does black magic on all soldiers and dasies, she makes them her servant, fb ends.
Jalal is practicing sword fighting with Maan, Jalal sys you are so good that one day you will beat me, Maan says i dont need win in which you lose, jalal says very nice, Jalal says for teacher it is great thing that his student surpass him, Dasi comes and says Bhanwar singh’s daughter Leela has come, Jalal ask to call her in, He ask Maan did you meet her? Maan says i was very small and then i came here so dont remember her, Laboni is coming in palace, Dammo is with her as her dasi, one dog starts barking seeing them, Damo does black magic on him. Laboni comes in palace and greets Jalal as Leela, jalal looks at her and says why do i feel like i have seen you earlier, Laboni recalls how he helped her in jungle but her face was covered with mud then, Laboni says yes we have met, we have talked too, Jalal says really? where? Laboni says right now, here, Jalal smiles, Laboni says i have come here for first time, maybe i am sister of Jodha so i look like her, she goes to meet Jodha.

PRECAP- Sindoor falls from Jodha’s hand, Jodha says this bad omen, Laboni wipes it from floor, Jodha says you dont do it, dasi will do, Laboni says no worries your everything is mine, she thinks that one day your sindoor will be mine too

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. First part was awesome,sweet akdha the entry of cheap chipku chudail was tooooo irritating…only maan bai can recognise her leela,hope she cums to agra n recognise this cheapo

    1. Original leela can only expose laboni and her intention.

  2. come on man bai come and get rid of that ugly crooked long face long teeth witch laboni before she hurts jalal and jodha I know you can try but many have tried and failed so I suggest you get going back to your jungle before jalal detects what you are doing and order you to be killed so do the right thing get lost because jalal will never love you

    1. ? like

  3. Why are they bringing this Laboni and her witchcraft into this awesome storyline.Who cares about this foolish magic.Why are they writing this witchcraft into these story lines now.This is just crazy.No one can learn anything beneficial from this black magic except whosoever viewing this wants to indulge in magic.Please get rid of this nonsense and give us good learning examples.

  4. another thing laboni take a look at all jalals wives how beautiful they are look how beautiful salima and ruks are you cannot hold a candle to them so do you think jalal will ever be with you you dam ugly witch go back to the jungle and join your witchipoo mother who is waiting for you to come home and you better not let anything happen to jalals sister leela whom you left in the jungle to die cause it is now jalal will go crazy on you you will dread the day you laid eyes on jalal and you will wish for your own death to be quick

    1. Gloria I agree with u n I thought the fail black magic would return to hit laboni

  5. Laboni witchcraft failed to work before this is why she has come to the palace.but the pundit or whoever he is called recognized that something was wrong and this is why he gave Jodha certain instructions to do in Jalal,Salim and her room for a certain amount of days.If you recall yesterday when Jodha put the ashes on Jalal’s forehead the magic the Laboni mom used failed.So let us watch and see what will prevail—-good or evil—.

    1. Shaguni bai knows more than evil magics, if she is a lived will surely help Jodha.

  6. This is getting interesting
    But i know jodha n jalal love is strong n pure n nobody’s can’t separate them ruks try to do that plenty times but fail so laboni what u think that ur so called black magic will work if so then u must be dreaming it look like to me u don’t get the whole story jalal have plenty wife’s but he never love them like how he love jodha he can do anything for her so take ur self n ur black magic n go to hell u na see ur black magic already fall flat cuz jodha love is full of power

    1. Rani ? your comment

    2. ? like

  7. Any body from Guyana who do u guys think is going to win election

    1. Thank u @mey p

  8. When black magic had failed is done no more this & that coz God on Jalal n Jodha side so where the story really going? I thought when people applied black magic n fail then the black magic will return to them and hurt them….

  9. Love the story part of cheap laboni

  10. Anybody from guyana who u think is going to win election

  11. PPP/c or apnu which 1

  12. Well i hoping for the best u went an vote

  13. There r recounting the votes

  14. Did u vote I am only 15

    1. Yes i am 19 so it was my rgt to vote
      I vote PPP/c i don’t whenever if they will win or not but whoever win hope the do good things for Guyana like what PPP/c have done they did plenty for we already so we can’t be ungrateful to them

  15. Bull shit with this witchcraft.

  16. Shaguni bai knows more then evil magics, if she is a lived will surely help jodha.

  17. Original leela can only expose laboni and her intentions.

  18. ? like

  19. ?like

  20. Arun, type something yaar. Only like like??

  21. Witchcraft huh!!

  22. Laboni is soo iritatingggg

  23. I dnt undrstnd dt hw sm1 tld dt akbar’s wives r beautiful nd jst mentioned d names of ruks nd salima. Wt abt jodha? hw cn u forget her? She is the most beautiful!!!

  24. All r right. Bt sm1 tld dt jalal’s wives r beutiful nd jst mentioned d name of ruks and salima nd nt jodha! its unfair.She Iis d most beautiful nd sweet.

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