Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 25

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Since this episode marks the beginning of a new season of the ff I can ask you all to be patient to listen to all that I have to say
Firstly, Thanks to everyone who has read this ff & has taken time out to comment or even think about it. TellyUpdates Dada!! The biggest thanks goes to you to let us voice our opinions & stories. Through this platform I’ve actually made friends. Another thanks to all those silent readers who commented on the previous part … If I had to name the last part it would be “Awaaz- awakening of silent readers” … Thanks Gulnaz,Sharon,Juhi & Khyati for commenting … I really love all my readers…

Now, I solemnly declare that you will get your DevAkshi soon … Welcome to the journey towards an insane reunion, enough of rona-dhona!!
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes look up to the sky & see
I’m just a poor boy
I need no sympathy

Because I’m easy come easy go
Little high little low
Anywhere the wind blows doesn’t really matter
A man of about 28 year was singing ‘The Bohemian Rhapsody’ by ‘The Queen’. His entire concentration was on the song. A guitar hung from his neck & was elegantly held in his hands, rejoiced when the white fingers played it. No one could take their eyes off this well sculpted guy with messy hair which made him look all the more desirable when the wind blew his hair & stationed his hair just above his eyes. Time had made him even more handsome, Dev Dixit the owner of Dixit enterprises was now the youngest business tycoon of India.
As he finished his song, girls came rushing towards him. He picked up one of them & gave a light peck on her cheeks & then gently kept her down. He noticed a guy of about his age. The short heighted man waved & called him towards him. The dark skinned man had a pleasant smile on his face. A stethoscope was lying casually on his shoulder. Dev went near him.
Dev: Hello! Dr. Ritvik? (or whatever the spelling is)
Ritvik: Hey … Dev, so these are the girls you wanted me to meet
Dev: Yup!! Aren’t they cute?

Ritvik: I thought that you are talking of proper girls …
Dev: Aaah … So that thought brought you here
Ritvik: No … I just came to see how my patient’s doing … & you seem to be perfect … just perfect today
Dev: What did you say?
Ritvik: Perfect … Just perfect … What’s the matter? You look tensed?
Dev: No … nothing some old memories flashed by
Ritvik: I would someday like to dive in this sea of old memories of yours … There is a lot buried in you
Dev: So … How is my NGO?
Ritvik: Amazing … whenever you spoke of these girls that you go to meet I thought that you are Casanova but now I can clearly see that the girls that you were talking of are these little angels of about 15 years ( I can bet that you were thinking the same, am I right or am I wrong reader) …
Dev: It gives me some strange relief to help these girls who were facing problems because of discrimination to them
Ritvik: You have an amazing depth of character …
Dev: Thanks Dr. Ritvik
He smiled when he turned around to look at the name of the NGO “My Shona’s”
Ritvik: Chalo now I need help

Ritvik: Today is Ashtami
Dev: So
Ritvik: Dude … I need to visit the Durga Puja Pandal at CR park … I need to buy something decent to wear …
Dev: Puja hi to hai!! Buy a simple outfit
Ritvik: HELLO Mr. Non Bengali this is no simple festival it’s the Bengali’s Christmas &
Dev: And?
Ritvik: And a special friend is coming back to Delhi
Dev: So?
Ritvik: Propose karna hai
Dev: Waah re mere bhole balam!! I’ll pakka help you now
Ritvik: Great!! Waise bhi almost everyone Bengali in Delhi comes to CR park during Durga Puja
Dev: Every Bengali?

Ritvik: Yes
Dev: Umm Ritvik I’ll come with you to this Puja
Ritvik: Mr. Atheist are you okay?
Dev: Yes
Ritvik: Soch lo … after helping me hope ki tumhe pachtana na pade
Dev: Let’s move enough of this dialogue-baazi
As Dev & Ritvik got into the car, Dev’s curiosity level was at its peak
Dev: What is the name of this girl?

Ritvik: You’ll get to know … Have patience … Waise she’s different from the rest … Perfect just perfect she is

Dev shifted in his seat a bit an unknown fear was clutching him whenever Ritvik said Perfect just perfect but after so many days or years rather his heart was fluttering and he was full of optimism.
Dev: Dr. Saheb … After listening to your description I can recall a shayari cum song… Wanna hear it?
Ritvik: Irshad

Suna hai log use aankh bharke dekhte hai
So uske sheher mein kuch din theher ke dekhte hai
Suna hai bole to baaton se phool jhadte hain,
Ye baat hai to chalo baat karke dekhte hain
Suna hai rabt hai usko kharab haalo se
So apne aap ko barbad karke dekhte hain
Suna hai din ko usse titliyan satati hain
Suna hai raat ko jugnoo theher ke dekhte hain
Suna hai hashr hai uski ghazaal si aankhein
Suna hai usko hiran dasht bharke dekhte hain

Suna hai uske labon se gulaab jalte hain
So hum bahar par ilzam dhar ke dekhte hain
Ruke to gardishein uska tawaf karti hain
Chale to usko zamaane theher ke dekhte hain
Kahaniyaan hi sahi,
Sab mubaldein hi sahi
Agar wo khwab hai tabeer kar ke dekhte hain
Suna hai log usse aankh bhar ke dekhte hain
So uske sheher mein kuch din theher ke dekhte hain
(If there are any mistakes in writing any urdu word … Those who know urdu accept my apologies)

Unknowingly, Dev had lost himself into the depth of the poem, his heart was fluttering faster. He mumbled under his breath, “Sonakshi…”
As Dev was reciting the poem, a girl of about his age, SLIM & beautiful came out of the airport. There is no need to describe the beauty of that girl, she herself defines beauty. The shayari depicts her perfectly. She saw someone & ran towards her & hid her face in the lady’s embrace
Asha: Shona!! Kemon acho?
Sona: Eakdom bhalo acchi …
Asha: You had to arrive yesterday only why are you so late?
Sona: Maa, I had an emergency

Asha: Now, your emergency bahanas won’t work dear because
Sona: Ya ya … Now I’ve to work in Delhi …
Asha: Don’t make that stupid expression … Have you rehearsed? You have to sing today at CR Park
Sona: No I haven’t why did you even give my name
Asha: I am out of this !! Your Kaka is now the head of the organizing committee & you know he is when it comes to boasting your talent
Evening, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Dev & Ritvik’s car stopped at a distance from the Pandal
Dev: Woaah !! Is this a festival or we are at a wedding?
Ritvik: Bengali’s Christmas describes its all.

As soon as Dev & Ritvik got down from the car a lot of heads turned to look at the handsome duo but the hope that had unknowingly, crept into Dev was making his eyes look for his Sonakshi. They moved towards the pandal & Dev was mesmerized with its beauty. The theme of this year was something year … The pandal spoke of the great Bengali writers (with Riti being one of them … hopefully someday)

Dev’s gaze shifted to the idol of Goddess Durga, Clad in white the statue was majestic. To others the idol marked the ‘Mahishasurmardini’ avatar of the Goddess but the Bengalis prefer to adorn her by calling her Kali Mata who has come to visit them along with her children Ganesh,Kartikey,Laxmi & Saraswati. Dev who was lost in the splendor of Kali Mata didn’t care about the facts. He looked at Maa’s face as if smiling & assuring him that his quest was now going to end
Then began the characteristic Bengali style Aarti which can transport you to Bengal

They started with the Aarti … A different style of drum was being played by two men who danced in front of Durga ji in a different style … It was too long & the smoke made me feel choked … I came out & sat in my car with the A.c. on … It was an hour already & my restlessness was at its peak now … The arrangement was no less than a ‘mela’ … I have to get out this is suffocating me …
Thinking so Dev got out of the car & was about to bid goodbye to Ritvik when he heard a magical voice & he stayed rooted in his place. He couldn’t comprehend what the singer was singing but he felt a connection
Daariye aachho tumi aamar gaaner o pare

Daariye aachho tumi aamar gaaner o pare
Aamar soorgoli paay choron
Aami paai ne tomare
Daariye aachho tumi aamar gaaner opare
(There you exist beyond the realm of my prayer/song
My melodies may touch your feet, but I am the betrayer
Translation courtesy:

As the singer went on Dev stood there as if in a trance. As the voice subsided he went near the pandal. There were too many people standing in between he had to see the singer desperately. After shoving aside the crowd what he saw made him squeal in joy
Dev: Am I dreaming? Or is it really Sona?


I know you may be thinking that is Ritvik going to propose Sona? Has Dev recovered from cancer? Will they reunite in the next episode? When will Sona get to know that Dev loves her & he had cancer?
Wait wait everything will be answered
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