Kunj smirked as he drew Twinkle closer while Twinkle was looking down. Her eyes then flickered down to his lips and then back to his eyes. Kunj also watched her, studying her to try to figure out whether she was ready to kiss her husband for the first time. She seemed to be showing no resistance, so Kunj assumed that she will be fine if he kisses her. So Kunj decided to go ahead and kiss her.

Kunj and Twinkle’s lips almost touched for a second when Kunj’s phone rang. At first, he didn’t move and was about to seal twinkle’s lips with his when Twinkle took a step back, away from him and Kunj concluded that the moment has already been ruined. He then lifted his phone out of his pocket and started talking on the phone.

Twinkle was literally blushing and thinking about the almost kiss moment with Kunj. She left Kunj’s room giving him privacy to talk on phone. Twinkle entered Mahi’s room where she was bombarded with questions.

Mahi- Di, tell me now what did Jiju say? Did he like it? Why did you wrap the saree like this?

Twinkle- Mahi. Twinkle tried to calm her so that she can answer all her questions and continued- Kunj said the saree is very nice. He only asked me to put the drape like this way.

Mahi was listening to Twinkle but was lost in some other thoughts.

Mahi- Di……. do you think I can dance with a boy?

Twinkle looked at her with shock- What…… how and why are you thinking like that? No, you are not at all dancing with any boy.

Mahi- Di…. ok, tell me am I looking good. Will some boy will come to ask me for a dance?

Twinkle- Mahi, please don’t think anything. I am not letting you dance with any one, Papa will never appreciate this kind of act of yours.

Mahi- Oh please Di, just one dance.

Twinkle was about to say something when Kunj knocked the door – Come on girls let’s leave otherwise we will be late.

All three of them got into Kunj’s limo. Mahi made herself busy in looking around the things esp. in the mini fridge which contained the food items while Twinkle tried to make her sit still but she was too busy to listen her. Kunj who was watching them was smiling and was amused seeing Mahi’s childish behavior.

Finally, they arrived at the venue that was rented out for the private party. Building was all lighted up with bright lights. Young men and women were dresses up in their best dresses and were lined up to enter the venue to enjoy. Twinkle who saw this turned towards Kunj with a question look on her face.

Kunj- Twinkle actually the club rules are that they cannot book the entire venue for a private party hence all the back of the building is booked for the party.

Twinkle- So we will have to cross this too. She referred the line of people at the entry of the club.

Kunj- Yes, but don’t worry it will be quick for us.

Kunj along with Twinkle and Mahi reached the door and showed the guard the invitation card for the party and they were allowed to enter. Inside the club everything was not as crowded as what Twinkle had thought about. Twinkle and Mahi were overdressed as compared to others. She and Mahi both looked at the dance floor and were surprised to see how couples were dancing. Kunj who had stopped in the mid-way to greet few of his friends as they got distracted because of the ambience.

Kunj- UV. Kunj waved towards UV who was also on the dance floor.

UV- Hey Kunj. Both gave each other a friendly hug.

UV- Kunj this party is so boring seriously man.

Kunj- This is an anniversary party, what you expected ha?

UV- Let’s not go inside and stay here.

Kunj- No. You were not able to convince me on phone and you can’t convince me here too. Come, let’s go inside.

Kunj turned towards Twinkle and saw a disgusted look on her face as she watched the couple doing dirty dancing on the dance floors. He waved her and asked her to come with him where the party was actually held.

UV- Ok fine. You win I lost.

Kunj walked and UV with Twinkle and Mahi who followed them. UV and Kunj were busy in their own talks whereas Mahi who was so lost in the night club environment, told Twinkle that they should come here often to enjoy.

“Happy Anniversary Sid and Roshni”- Kunj and Twinkle greeted both of them. Twinkle hugged Roshni and said- Sorry I had no idea that it was your day.

Roshni hugged Twinkle too and turned towards Mahi- Mahi, what a pleasant surprise. Nice dress.

Mahi- Thank you, but I wish I could wear the type of dresses you wear but I know I will never be able to. She pouted.

Roshni laughed. Roshni wore a one strap dress that was just above her knee. While Roshni and Mahi were busy in their talks other side Twinkle was observing the ambience around her. All the guests were semi-formally dressed and the party was quite lighter as compared to her first one. Kunj Uv and Sid were busy talking to each other and were having fun whereas Mahi and Roshni were busy with their chats and in that Twinkle found herself a little out of place. She thought to get into the discussion in which Mahi and Roshni were busy but she found that also a little out of her scope as they were busy in discussing about the latest fashion trends, so, finally decided to take seat at one of the empty tables in the corner.

Hey Beautiful- A voice called Twinkle from behind. She turned to find Shaurya Shergill standing and smiling. She ignored him and moved to her place.

Shaurya- What is the matter? You don’t want to talk to me? He asked and took a place next to Twinkle.

Twinkle again didn’t answer =. She didn’t want to be rude to him but something about Shaurya made her feel suspicious as if his intentions were not good. The way Kunj had described Shaurya’s character made Twinkle feel uneasy when she was around him.

Shaurya- You are looking beautiful this evening and where is your little sister. She is very jovial I must say. I am sure she must be very excited to be here. I might make her night more interesting by asking her to dance with me.

Twinkle- please don’t think about my sister.

Shaurya- You know Twinkle, you are right why I should waste a time on a kid when a beautiful woman is sitting next to me. Shaurya looked at Twinkle desirably.

Twinkle looked away as Shaurya was disgusting her. She was angry as how he could say all this to Twinkle as she is already married to Kunj and how dare he called Mahi a kid. She wished at time that Shaurya would leave Twinkle alone there or someone should come to her rescue but Shaurya showed no movement and he continued to disgust Twinkle.

Shaurya- Twinkle, you know, I am happy that Mahi and my marriage didn’t worked out. If i would have given a chance to choose a Taneja girl then I would have definitely chosen you. It’s a shame that Kunj got you first.

Twinkle was shocked listening to what he was saying and she was not able to hide her shock also. He knew about the marriage then why he lied to Kunj was thing running in Twinkle’s mind and also was shocked to listen that he is openly trying to misbehave with her which was not going very well with Twinkle. She was thinking on how to escape from Shaurya when to her luck Kunj, UV, Sid, Roshni and Mahi joined them on table. Kunj sat next to Twinkle and Mahi sat in between Kunj and Roshni where as others just surrounded them.

Kunj- So what’s going on here? Kunj was irritated as he has already seen Shaurya talking to Twinkle.

Shaurya- Nothing, just getting more familiar with your wife.

Shaurya answered while Kunj looked at twinkle who he thought will give him an indication that Shaurya was bothering her but Twinkle had still not recovered from the shock and was thinking that Shaurya was aware about his and Mahi’s marriage.

After sometime of normal talking and laughing Sid and Roshni just excused themselves as they have to greet other guests also. UV who turned his attention on the group of girls chatting and asked Kunj- So Kunj, what do you think?

Kunj- No UV, not here.

UV replied with serious face- C’mon Kunj I have to.

Twinkle and Mahi were confused when Kunj cleared his confusion- He is going to flirt with the group of girls standing there. Kunj said pointing to the group.

Mahi asked UV- Which one?

UV- All of them. UV declared smugly. Let’s see which one wants me. He gave a victorious smile.

Mahi laughed whereas Kunj just rolled his eyes. – UV, you are never going to change.

Couples began to move on the dance floor. Mahi watched the couples dancing and she wished if anyone will ask her to dance. Shaurya was staring Twinkle continuously who was ignoring him. Kunj had his eyes on UV as to make out which girl will slap him first.

Mahi- Di, go and dance.

Twinkle didn’t say anything just she shook her head in no as she saw that Kunj’s attention was not on her. She saw Sid and Roshni who were dancing and were looking in love so much. Twinkle’s eyes then shifted to Mahi as she was observing the dancing couples on the dance floors. She then shifted her eyes on kunj who was already looking at Twinkle. He was about to say something but was interrupted by UV, who came rushing to him for help.

UV- Kun I need your help. UV grabbed Kunj’s arm and pulled him to come with him.

UV- Kunj please come with me and tell those girls how awesome I am.

Kunj- No UV, I can’t. Kunj eyes were on Twinkle.

UV looked and asked- Twinkle Bhabhi, please please let Kunj come with me. Don’t worry, I will keep an eye on Kunj so that he cannot flirt with any girl there. He will be there only to help me out.

Ok- Twinkle replied as she was not able to understand what else to say. Uv dragged Kunj with him and Kunj could not do anything but looked at Twinkle giving her an apologetic look. Mahi who saw this laughed and Shaurya also laughed but again he fixed his gaze on Twinkle. It looked like he wanted to say something but was not able to.

A young man may be of Twinkle’s age or may be a year younger, cautiously walked up to their table. He was Indian and from his looks anyone can say that he was a very shy person but at that time he has some kind of hesitation on his face. He reached up to Mahi’s side but was looking down continuously.

The boy said to Mahi- Excuse me, my name is Karan and you are looking very pretty. If you don’t mind can I ask you for a dance? Karan said while looking down and with out of hesitation.

Mahi was shocked and happy that someone has asked her to dance. Karan gained up some courage till then to look at Mahi, expecting that she will say no to him. Mahi was excited and she turned to Twinkle for approval.

Mahi- Di, please.

Twinkle who was observing Karan found him a decent guy gave her permission.

Mahi- I would love to dance with you.

Karan was shocked that she agreed but later smiled and Mahi and Karan proceeded towards the dance floor. Twinkle was watching Mahi and Karan from far. Karan was very shy and hesitant, putting his hand on Mahi’s waist, so Mahi did it herself and put her hand on Karan’s chin to lift his face and they both started dancing slowly. Twinkle couldn’t help but smiled as Mahi was always outward, forward looking and confident girl.

Twinkle- Shaurya said Twinkle’s attention from Mahi.

She then realized that only they two were left on the table and this observation made Twinkle feel very uneasy.

Shaurya- Twinkle I need to talk to you.

Twinkle again didn’t say anything but ignored.

Shaurya- Please Twinkle this is important.

Twinkle- Fine, tell.

Shaurya- Not here, come with me. Shaurya stood up from his place and waited for Twinkle to stand. Twinkle at first was hesitant but finally stood up and waved her hands to Mahi that she is going out but she wasn’t sure that whether Mahi saw her or not. Twinkle followed Shaurya down the hall that led to the nightclub area. Shaurya immediately entered the room. It was a dark room, kind of a store room where old chairs and table and other night club things were kept that most probably they were not using it. Twinkle hesitated but stepped inside the room. She thought may be Shaurya wanted to talk at a silent place.

Shaurya lighted the place and closed the door but didn’t locked it.

Shaurya- Twinkle, I knew about the marriage but didn’t tell Kunj about it.

Twinkle- Why?

Shaurya- Because I was not at all interested in marrying a kid. Actually, I don’t at all want to get married.

Twinkle- Don’t say anything about Mahi.

Shaurya- She is too young to get marrying and I even don’t have any intentions on marrying Mahi.

Twinkle- had not intentions? So now what are your intentions?

Shaurya- I am going to marry her.

Twinkle- marry her but why you said that you don’t want to.

Twinkle was definitely afraid but was not showing it and was talking very sternly to Shaurya, also she got more afraid when he started moving closer to her.

Shaurya continued to move further and told her- Twinkle, now I have to, the deal is very profitable for my company.

Twinkle taking steps back- Deal what deal?

Shaurya- It is quite complicated to make you understand. It’s based on a series of alliances between some India’s most prominent businessmen. Eventually, several companies specializing in different things will come together to make a large corporation that will monopolize the business industry in Indian and abroad. These marriages are kind of guarantees. This way everything stays in family.

Twinkle was in shock and she asked- My father is a part of it?

Shaurya- Yes, as well as Kunj’s father and Kunj himself.

Twinkle- Is Kunj aware of it?

Shaurya- I am not sure whether he is aware of it or not. Generally, all businessmen keep it to themselves only.

Twinkle- So how do you know?

Shaurya- As i am the only one handling the whole business of my father. My father had retired now so I got involved in this and came to know everything.

Twinkle- Why will you do that? You will just marry someone for a business deal and spoil her life.

Shaurya- Money Twinkle Money. Money is everything in today’s life. Generally, these children of business get involved too after they take over it and they too understand they understand the profit they will have and the luxury they will get. Even the same will be in my case too. After marriage I will have more money, more luxury, more power. Do you think Kunj really cares for you? No, he never. He just married to you because even he could deny the fact about the profit he will get in his venture.

Twinkle felt broker. She thought that what Shaurya just mentioned was not true. Kunj was sincere and caring towards her and treated her so well. After marriage he never looked at another woman also.

Shaurya interrupted her thoughts- Even I will be the same after marriage.

Twinkle- What way?

Shaurya- After I marry Mahi, I will please myself. Husband or no husband, I am a man and men are animals. He was saying seductively.

Twinkle- You……you can’t do that. Mahi will die.

Shaurya- That’s not my problem. We will be husband and wife by name not by relation. Even if she wants she can also spend nights with that young men, like the one with whom she was dancing.

Twinkle was really angry and she wanted to slap him but she controlled her anger. She said to Shaurya- No wonder Kunj was so against the marriage as he is very well aware that you are not all a good human being.

Sharuya just smiled and walked towards the door. Twinkle was relived she thought that he is going and their conversation was over. Instead of going out Shaurya locked the door and dimmed the lights of the storeroom.

Twinkle- What are you doing? Twinkle was now very afraid of Shaurya’s intentions.

Shaurya- Twinkle, I must admit. I would have loved to marry you. To have you every night would be heaven for me. He said and took slow steps towards Twinkle. His eyes bore into her as she stepped back.

Shaurya cont.- It’s my bad luck that Kunj is the lucky one. Hel, if you were my wife I would have remained faithful to you the whole life.

He stopped suddenly and looked at Twinkle but didn’t moved closer to her. he was thinking about something and Twinkle also didn’t dare to move.

Shaurya- Uff twinkle, if you were my wife, I could imagine, how our honeymoon would have been?

He was still at his place but Twinkle was very afraid.

Shaurya- Twinkle I can’t tell you right now what I am feeling? After a brief pause- I will show you what I am feeling? He quickly covered the distance between him and Twinkle, perching himself right in front of her at only an arm’s length away. Shaurya grabbed the end of her saree ad pulled hard. Twinkle resisted, holding onto it tightly. He refused to let it go and pulled it harder.

Twinkle- Noooo! Please Don’t! She yelled. She began to scream for help but her voice was not loud enough to beat noise of music in the night club that was coming from the hall way.


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