Jhansi Ki Rani 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar welcomes Saku bai and Laccho bai in Jhansi

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The Episode starts with Gangadhar telling that guest might be coming to Palace. Announcement is made that Sakubai is coming to palace. Gangadhar gets up and greets her calling her badi vahini saheb. Saku bai comes to him. Gangadhar greets her. Saku bai blesses her and tells that she was yearning to see him, and tells that Rama bai’s death shaken her up, but couldn’t come here. Janki thinks she started her conspiracy. Gangadhar asks about her grand son Krishna Rao. Saku bai says he is small, so will come for marriage. She asks Janki how is she? Janki says she is fine. They both talk to each other in their hearts. Announcement is made that Rani Laccho Bai is arriving. Gangadhar greets Laccho Bai. Laccho bai stops him and says I can’t believe that my Dewar is infront of me, and tells that she was yearning to see him. She apologizes to him for her mistakes. Gangadhar says we shall forget the past and move on in life. Janki thinks after eating 100 rats, cat went to hajj. Laccho Bai tells that she wanted to apologize to him before going to Hajj. Janki and Saku Bai think that Laccho Bai is acting nicely. Gangadhar tells that he is very lucky to have three vahinis and asks about Ali Bahadur. Laccho Bai says he came and went to rest. She asks about the bride. Manu comes there. They look at her. Janki introduces Manu to Saku bai, wife of late Raja Krishna Rao Newalkar. And says she is Laccho bai, wife of Maharaj Raghunath Rao Newalkar. Laccho bai says I am her sautan.

Manu touches their feet and take their blessings. Manu says she is very lucky to get 3 aayi Saheb. Janki says Manu regards her as Aai Saheb and tells that she searched Kohinoor for Gangadhar. She presents her jewellery to Manu and tells that she was right, and tells that they shall not waste the money in jewellery and distribute the money among the poor so that they can pay the taxi. Saku bai thinks what is her new trick? Laccho bai thinks it seems Janki became good like me. Janki says she will give the jewellery to Manu. Gangadhar says it is your jewellery. Janki says I can’t wear it now and if Manikarnika wears it then it will be good. Manu says but…Janki asks her to accept it as her blessing. She says I have nothing else to give you. Gangadhar agrees. Janki says a daughter has every right on her mother’s stuff. Manu agrees. Gangadhar asks them to rest and says you all have to welcome the guests in the evening.

Manu goes out of Palace. She says it was difficult to come out of Palace. Tatya guru asks her to do the rasam today, and says we will do this tomorrow. Manu says this thing is more important than any rasam. She asks if the news is true. He tells that the explosives will be taken to Governor General.

Saku bai asks Janki why her face is fading away and asks if she is not happy. Janki reminds that she has selected Manikarnika for Gangadhar. Laccho Bai says don’t know who has killed Rama bai and her baby. Janki says Rama bai died while giving birth to baby, and both of them died. She says even God doesn’t want it. Saku bai tells that singhasan is such that everyone is greedy. Janki says I remember how you both back stabbed each other. They fire at one another. Saku bai calls Laccho Bai as dancer. Laccho Bai says she used to love her husband a lot. Janki taunts Laccho Bai. Saku bai reminds Janki how she left her husband when he was infected with leprosy and Laccho bai taken care of him.

Manu tells Tatya Guru that they have to steal the explosives anyhow. Tatya Guru says I thought they will rest for sometime here. Manu says we shall not wait and tells him that she has courage and Guru like him. Tatya Guru thinks he can’t risk Manu’s life. Manu tells that she found the way from under the ground. She says we will make the way through the ground and will steal the explosives. Tatya Guru says it is not that easy to steal as they are the brokers of death. Manu asks him not to worry about her and aims at the explosives cart.

Precap: Gangadhar talks to Rama Bai’s pic and tells that tomorrow is Sakarpura and he started giving her place in his heart. Manu shares his plan. Tatya guru says it will be risky for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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