Jhansi Ki Rani 5th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Janki’s wicked truth comes infront of Manu

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The Episode starts with Gangadhar apologizing to Manu and tells that he was flown in emotions and forgot his responsibility. Manu says I understand you fully and very happy to see you fulfilling your responsibility. She leaves from his room and hears Janki telling Bhavani that Manu’s face was pale and says I had decided that I won’t let Rani and Raja unite. She says she is a commoner and we will never accept her. She says since she came here, she is troubling me. She says she is not suitable to become Maharani, but became because of Raj guru. She says she wants to kick her out, but is helpless. Bhavani says you can’t do anything. Janki says she became Maharani, but I won’t let her become a mother. Manu gets shocked and teary eyes. She says you used to hate me so much and I thought your hatred as love. I regarded you as my Aai and you never thought me as your own. Janki says whenever she calls me Aai Saheb, my heart burns. She says my name is not Janki Bai if I don’t burn her dreams.

Manu asks what will you get by burning my dreams and says just ashes. She says you can’t be happy giving me pain. She says it is good that I came to know about your true colors. She says I thought I want to see you happy, but I was wrong.

Janki says don’t forget that I am Maharaj’s Vahini Saheb. Manu says I gave you Aai’s place, but you can’t have even humanity, leave the motherly feelings. She says if you wanted to give the news of Rama bai’s birthday then you would have given in day time, but you gave him news when I went to his room. She says Maharaj will be pain to see enemy like her and says because of you people, the cruel britishers ruling on us. Gangadhar comes there and says enough. He says if you don’t want to attend the havan then its ok, but I can’t bear anything against my Aai Saheb. Manu says you are misunderstanding me.

Janki thinks it is good that he didn’t hear me. Gangadhar apologizes to Janki. Janki emotionally blackmails him. Bhavani says you are good at betrayal. Janki says she is Janki Bai and knows how to smash ants like Lakshmi Bai. She thinks I will give you Guru dakshini and that will be your death. She asks Bhavani to get the letter in which Gangadhar asked Manu to leave the Palace. Bhavani recalls Kashi having that letter. Manu tells that she will give a fitting reply to Janki Bai. Gangadhar and Manu sit for the havan. Janki asks Kashi to stand there and sends Bhavani to get the letter from Manu’s room. Kashi tries to go. Janki stops her and scolds her. Bhavani searches for the letter and finds the letter. She comes and nods Janki. Janki thinks their love will get burnt. Gangadhar and Manu stand infront of Rama bai’s portrait. He is about to leave. Manu holds his hand. She stops him. He goes.

Manu comes to room and finds Gangadhar’s letter which he wrote long time back, asking her to leave from his room if she has any respect for him. Manu says ok Maharaj.

Precap: Kashi informs Gangadhar that Maharani is leaving Palace. Gangadhar stops her. Manu shows the letter to Gangadhar. Gangadhar stops her. Manu tells Kashi that Janki don’t want her to have a heir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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