Jhansi Ki Rani 31st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar takes Manu to Rangshala to cheer her mood

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The Episode starts with Manu feeling lonely after the people reject her. She thinks there is nobody to listen to me, not even my husband, my three Aai Saheb and my Naari Saari. She cries. Gangadhar thinks I can understand your pain, your world was like freed bird, but now your freedom is gone. He thinks to do something to lower her pain. Manjiri is going on the horse with Moropant. She tells she don’t want to go leaving Jhansi and Manu as she gave him much love after her family. Shiva tells him that tells that Britisher seized their gun powder. A fb is shown, Bheema tells Shiva that some spy is following him. They run away from there. Fb ends. Shiva tells Moropant that nothing shall happen to bharat. Manjiri hears them and tells that she lost her krantikari husband in the hands of Ross and tells that she will help them. Manu asks Kashi to give the jewellery to Manjiri as a gift. She says I will tell you later, why I want to give ornaments to a widow. Kashi runs to go to Manjiri, while the latter is on the way. She sees britishers checking the people and hides. She then sees Shiva with Moropant and Manjiri and runs back to palace to inform Manu. Manu gets tensed. Servant comes and asks Manu to get ready as they are going somewhere. Moropant comes indisguise of a bride’s father. Manjiri as bride and Shiva as her husband. Robb enquires with them and looks at veiled Manjiri. He checks Moropant’s bag.

Shiva comes infront of Manjiri. Ross comes and asks if there is any problem. Gangadhar and Manu are on the way. Manu asks where are we going? Gangadhar says we will soon reach that place and says whenever I feel low, I get my lost courage and peace back. Manu looks at Moropant and thinks why did he change his attire, may be to help Shiva Bhao. Ross asks what is in your beard, show me. Moropant asks what? He takes out the sword as Ross checks him. Manu thinks she shall do something. She tells Gangadhar that whenever Peshwa goes somewhere, he goes with the band so that people can know. Ross checks the beard and says it is different. Manu asks band guys to play louder. Band guys play loud. Ross turns his face with finger in his ears. Moropant, Manjiri and Shiva escape. Ross searches for them. Gangadhar asks Manu why did she choose this way, knowing britishers checking here. Manu thinks why baba is with Shiva bhao. Gangadhar brings Manu to a Rangshala. She looks at the Natraj idol in Rangshala. She says it is so beautiful. He lifts the curtain and shows the stage. Manu acts as Chanakya.

Gangadhar says even he likes acting and says whenever he used to act, his voice used to reach all parts of Rangshala. He tells that he used to act, direct and organize all the things used in the play. Manu says you are so lucky so is me. He holds her hand and takes her to stage. He tells that he has done many plays here. He shows the Dhanush ban and asks if she knows whose Dhanush is this. He acts. Manu says Arjun. He shows inder vad, kuber keys and bheem gada. Manu smiles. Gangadhar holds her hand and bends down on his knees. He makes her wear ring and says Shakuntala…this is our love sign. Manu says he is acting Kalidas Shakuntala play. He asks her to show the ring to his darbar so that he can let her in. Manu also acts and says I am your wife. Gangadhar says I didn’t see you before. Manu shows the ring, but it is missing. Gangadhar says I didn’t identify you. Manu says this soil and I, both are same and asks him to understand her will. She says I am yours Rani Lakshmi Bai, and then says Shakuntala. Gangadhar laughs loudly. Manu also laughs and thinks Maharaj is so good to bring her here.

Moropant, Shiva and Manjiri come to a certain place. He says nobody will find us here and asks Shiva to bring Agni for the swear. Shiva brings the aarti. Moropant asks Manjiri to keep her left hand on the diya and swear to become krantikari. She keeps her hand. He asks her to tell that she will walk on this krantikari way and will be honest and will hide her identity from her family also. Robb asks Ross not to worry and says we have seized the explosives atleast. Ross says they might be making plan to attack. He says we have to preponed the rail road inaugurations and asks him to doubled the workers and says we will inaugurate after three days. His men tell that it is difficult to complete the work in 2 days. Ross asks him to make diversion and thinks to see how Rani Lakshmi Bai stops him. He asks them to give the blue prints of the rail road system.

Precap: Manu tells Tatya that they will make Ghouse Khan escape from jail. Gangadhar sees Manu going out secretly. He asks Janki, Saku and Laccho Bai to ask Lakshmi Bai to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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