Jhansi Ki Rani 22nd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu departs from Jhansi

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The Episode starts with Abha Tai, a widow head tries to stop Manu from taking Manjiri with her, and raises her hand on Manu. Manu asks her to stop it and says not today. She says you shall feel ashamed for not understanding a woman’s pain being a woman. She says the customs shall be for our identity and not to wipe out our identity. She says she don’t agree to such customs. A heavy wind blows. Tatya Dikshit thinks Jhansi don’t want to see Manu leaving. Manu asks Manjiri to come and holds her hand. They start walking out. Jhansi wali Rani plays……The people of Jhansi are standing out and looking at her. Janki smiles seeing Manu coming out of Palace. Ross looks on. Manu asks Manjiri to sit in that palki/palanquin. Gangadhar is restless. Manu looks at Janki Bai standing in the balcony. Manu folds her hand before Tatya Dikshit. She tells Moropant that she don’t want to sit in Palanquin, but wants to go with Martand. She recalls her historic victory in Polo match. Gangadhar looks out of his room and sees Manu. Manu also looks at him. People of Jhansi call her Jhansi ki Maharani ki Jai.

Other villager tells that she is not Maharani anymore, as she made krantikari escaped. He says she is unlucky. Other villager says that she is not unlucky, but Jhansi is unlucky to let Manu go. They cheer for Manu. Ross’s soldiers make them quiet. Gangadhar feels the storm coming. Manu is leaving and recalls coming in the Palanquin. A lamp glass breaks before Manu, she is lost in the thoughts and steps on the glass pieces injuring herself. Manu looks at Gangadhar. Gangadhar turns his face. Manu starts walking with her heavily injured feet leaving the foot impressions on the ground. Sevika says it is auspicious sign. Janki smiles.

In the temple, Sadhu baba tells that the sky is crying and the storm is coming, wind changes its place, now the worst changes will happen and destiny will change. He prays before Maata Kaali. Manu and others start walking, but they find it hard to walk due to the heavy wind. Manu is stepped ahead of everyone and thinks where is everyone gone? She says Moropant, Tatya guru etc, and sees Kaali Temple where she had visited recently. She comes inside the temple and hears woman pleading to God and asking for forgiveness, saying she got leprosy after she killed Rama Bai and her just born son. She says Rama Bai’s soul doesn’t leave her.

Manu hears her and is shocked. She thinks I am leaving Jhansi and came to know this big truth. Before she could reach the woman/ Daayi, she is gone. Sadhu baba appears infront of her. Manu thanks Baba for showing her right path. Manu says where my destiny is taking me? Baba asks how you will protect the people now? Manu says she is helpless and tells that Gangadhar punished her not to enter Jhansi and changed his decision to marry her. Sadhu baba tells that he will tell her about Jhansi. Moropant and Tatya search Manu. Sadhu tells that a devi took this sword and fought with a britishers in the past, and says after that nobody could lift that sword and says whoever can lift it, her/his destiny will be connected with Jhansi forever.

Manu looks at the sword. Har Har Mahadev plays…..She climbs the stairs with her injured feet, and folds her hands. She picks the sword kept the Devi Maa. Sadhu Baba is surprised and folds his hands, and sit infront of her. Manu says Jai Mahadev. Sadhu folds his hands…Jhansi wali rani plays….

Precap: Manu tells that she will leave Jhansi when she dies. Janki asks Gangadhar not to change his decision even if Manikarnika rubs her nose infront of you. Sevika tells Janki that Manikarnika returned. Ross tells that he will defeat her so badly that she will die every day.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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