Jhansi Ki Rani 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ross feels insulted by Manu’s revolution play

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The Episode starts with an old woman coming to Manu and Vimla and ask them to give some money. Vimla asks if she don’t have shame to ask charity. Old woman asks her not to make fun of her and tells that british people have snatched their farms and asked for lagaan and says if we don’t give then they will take our farms. Manu takes out her earrings and gives it to her. Vimla asks why did you give your earrings for charity. Tatya Dikshit sees her and thinks she must be from a respected family to hold such a thing. He comes to Moropant’s house. Moropant welcomes her. He asks how is Jhansi? Tatya tells that circumstances are bad after Rama bai’s death, as there is no heir. Moropant tells that british made their new rule that they will snatch the palace and the place if king has no son. Tatya says he is searching for a girl for Maharaj, who can handle him. Moropant feels pity on the girl who will marry desh drohi like Gangadhar. Tatya asks him about the shastra.

Moropant says it is of Manu, and tells that she is doing a play on Peshwa’s birthday. He invites him to come there. Peshwa’s wife gives him birthday wishes. Captain Ross comes there to wish Peshwa. He looks at Moropant. Peshwa greets them and asks them to come. Ross looks at Moropant. Peshwa asks what you are seeing? Ross says I have seen these eyes before, but I don’t remember. Peshwa says may be you are mistaken and says this is our Dharm Mantri, Moropant. Ross says I feel he is General rather than Minister. Peshwa says they all are Yoddha, and says may be sometimes we will need them. Ross says you will not need them as Company Ministry is with you. He shows the gun and aims at Moropant, says he brought it from America, and asks him to accept it. Peshwa takes it. Moropant smiles.

Just then Manu starts her play and tells that she will present a play which will show love for the country and the wish for freedom. She says har har mahadev. She brings the flag and hoists the flag. She presents the warriors like Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Ahilya Bai etc…Pandit sitting in the crowd recalls getting manjiri follow widow customs and making her bald. Manu comes as herself with some of the girls playing as britishers. She sings that she will make britishers leave from the country. She sings aye firangi…tujhe main bhagawungi…Captain Ross gets angry. Everyone claps…Britishers like Ross, Melson and others get angry. She says har har mahadev, followed by others.

Captain asks british soldiers to arrest her. Peshwa asks Ross to stop it. Ross says why did you call us and kept this function. He says I would have shoot her with my hand. Peshwa says you want to arrest my Chabili, my grand daughter. Manu says Captain got scared because of a little girl play. Peshwa tells Ross that this is his Bhitoor and he will give the verdict. Ross says we have the responsibility of law and order. Manu says today you want to shoot me, and says tomorrow everyone will stand against you and asks if he will kill everyone.

Tatya thinks she is spitting fire infront of Ross. Manu asks him to shoot her and says what you will tell to East India Company that you killed a girl because of the play. Ross says he knows that how to end this revolt and says he has new rules set for them. Madan Pal reads that one britisher will go if some royal family member is going somewhere and tells that everyone have to give the reason if they are going out somewhere. Nana Saheb refuses to follow the rules. Ross says everyone has to follow these rules. He thinks these eyes are familiar looking at Moropant. Tatya thinks if Gangadhar gets such a girl then Jhansi’s future will change. Ross, Melson and others leave from there.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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