Jhansi Ki Rani 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu defends the krantikaris in Gangadhar’s court

Jhansi Ki Rani 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Moropant looking at Tatya who has just come to Gangadhar’s court for the hearing of Bheema and Shiva. An announcement is made that Maharaj Gangadhar is coming. Gangadhar comes there. Everyone cheers for him and greets him. Gangadhar sits on his singhasan. Announcement is made to call the guilty men to court. British soldiers bring Bheema and Shiva there. Gangadhar asks Ross to start the case hearing. Ross says this is open and shut case and this krantikari mark on their hand is the proof. He says they tried to kill you twice, but were unsuccessful. He says they deserve the death punishment. Gangadhar says I want to hear their argument now and asks who is fighting their case. Ross says I know you are fair, but why anyone will fight their case as they know that they are guilty of the heinous crime. He asks if anyone wants to fight their case and signs at people, and then signs at moropant, laughs. He says I told that nobody will fight their case, and says Ross was never wrong. Manu says I will fight their case. Everyone looks at Manu who is standing in the women side, she says I will become voice of the weak and will give my strength. I will not let any injustice happen to anyone. Shiva shouts Jhansi ki maharani ki Jai….Everyone says jai. Manu walks in the court surprising Gangadhar, Janki and Ross and giving hope to Shiva and Bheema. She thanks Maharaj for giving permission to fight the case.

Ross says your would be king is defending the assassins who tried to kill you, and says even England girls don’t think like this. Gangadhar says would be maharani don’t want me to do sin to punish the innocent people. Ross says it will be proved now, when I submit the concrete proofs. He shows their rifle and says this is the weapon with which they had attacked you. He says this rifle bullet matches with the bullet which was found in dead bird’s body. He asks Shiva and Bheema if the rifle belongs to them. They say yes. Ross says they have admitted that the rifle is theirs and asks why he is taking time to give them punishment. Manu tells the Shlokas and says it was written in our Shastra that we shall forgive the person whoever does crime mistakenly. She says they shall be forgiven. Ross asks why? Manu says you will not understand as forgiveness is the ornament of us and not of a businessman like you. She says we are talking if they deserve punishment or not, and asks them did they come to kill Maharaj and asks them to tell truth. She says truth’s way is difficult, but right.

Ross thinks if she is saving them or trapping them. Manu says you had said that your aim is sharp and asks then how come it missed. Ross asks if she is sad that the bullet is missed. Manu tells Gangadhar that Ross is losing patience. She asks Gangadhar to give rifle to them so that they demonstrate their aim. Ross says she is forgetting that this is court. Ross says this is not Bhittor’s play. Manu asks if that small play, he still remembers and getting scared. Gangadhar asks to proceed with the hearing. Manu asks Gangadhar to give them rifle with fake bullets and says they will aim at my forehead and not on Ross. Moropant thinks but she can get hurt. Janki thinks real bullet shall hit her. Manu keeps pot on Manu’s forehead. Song plays….Jhansi wali Rani. Manu asks Shiva to shoot.

Shiva shoots at the pot. Everyone close their eyes. Manu takes the pot from above her head. Manu says you might want to praise them seeing their aim. Ross says you have shown your cleverness. Manu says they have done to roar like tigers. Gangadhar says it is not proved that they are not guilty. Manu says they have changed their idea to kill you and asks what happened that day. Shiva says when we saw maharaj…and tells that their krantikari brother stopped them. Ross claps and says it is a fake story. Manu says you create fake stories, but we are born to create history. Gangadhar asks Ross not to interrupt would be maharani. Manu thanks him and says they came to kill you as they saw Jhansi people’s bad condition, but when they see your truthfulness, they changed their mind. She asks can I ask you question? Ross says enough is enough and thinks he will end thee hearing right now.

Manu hopes Gangadhar takes the right decision. Ross asks Gangadhar to give his verdict. Gangadhar says they tried to kill me and that doesn’t change the truth. He is about to give verdict. Manu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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