Jhansi Ki Rani 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu opposes widow’s customs

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The Episode starts with Moropant to think what Manjiri might be thinking who became widow after marriage and says she needs you at the moment. Manu says yes, you said right. She apologizes you for getting angry on him. Moropant says you are my life. The people of Jhansi plead infront of palace for justice, but Gangadhar is in the cocaine effect and think I didn’t do any injustice with them. He is about to go out, when Janki comes and asks him to rest, says she will go and talk to them. Gangadhar goes. Janki Bai comes out and asks why are they shouting? Villagers tell that britishers burnt their farms to cultivate cocaine. She says if the factory of cocaine is built then they will get jobs. They tell that their stomach gets filled by food and not by cocaine. Manu comes to Manjiri’s house and sees her crying. She runs to her. Manjiri says all my dreams were shattered at once, and says that britisher ruined my happiness. She says I couldn’t hold Shripadh’s hand, he shoot him. She says why he didn’t shoot me, there is a darkness, now nobody is for me. Manu says I am there for you and promises not to separate her from her. She asks her to calm down and says lets have something. Manjiri cries and refuses. Manu says you have to eat and sees the food. She asks what is this food? Manjiri says this is a widow’s food and says this is my destiny now. Manu says what is your fault in this and says she will bring food from her house. Manjiri says no. Manu goes to her house. Some women come there and ask her to come with them. Manjiri shouts manu. The woman tells that you have to suffer because of your destiny.

Tatya Dikshit checks Gangadhar’s Kundali and says his death is near. She says Jhansi is in deep problem. Janki comes there and says I will save Jhansi. Tatya says I would have come if you had called me. Janki asks them to accept the gift and gives the dupatta with blood on it. Tatya and his wife get worried for their daughter and go to room, see her sleeping. Janki threatens them and asks them to do as she says. Tatya asks her to order. She asks him to search simple girl from an ordinary family and she shall not have any inhibitions. She says that girl shall be in my control and asks him to go Jhansi. She says you would have understood her threat. She goes. Tatya’s wife tells that they can’t betray Maharaj. Tatya says I have to go Bhitoor, Maharaj’s future must be there. Manjiri is seated to get her head shaved. Manu tries to oppose the widow rituals. Purohit tells that these rituals have been since many decades. Manu says we, the humans have started this rituals. A soldier asks what is happening. The villager tells that a girl is opposing the widow rituals. Purohit tells about the vaids in which woman shall not have hairs and shall have food only once etc. Manu says you are telling the vaid according to your advantage. She tells a vaid and says the girl shall remarry the person who is ready to marry her. Britisher comes there. Purohit says this girl wants to change the parampara.

Britisher says I am seeing you since many days. Manu says you are taking firangi’s support to do your selfish motives. Britisher asks if Peshwa Saheb taught you this. She says if I show what he taught me then your company will end. Manu tells that she will oppose the rituals. Manjiri recalls Shripadh’s death and says let them do what they want, and says I am ready. Manjiri’s parents cry. Manjiri sits to get her head shaved. Manu feels helpless. Manjiri cries as her hairs gets shaved off. Britisher and Purohit smile. Melson tells Ross that they behave badly with the widow woman and says let them be in superstitious. Ross says who took out flag from here and used as kite and then burnt it. He says our queen statue was burnt too. Melson says I think it is a big group against this. Ross says I think krantikari bharat is the leader behind this. He says that bharat is very dangerous and says 14 years ago, I almost caught him but he…a fb is shown, Moropant/Bharat fights with Ross and gives mark on Ross’s face. He says if I catch him then will kill him and his family. Melson says this time he will be on your feet. Ross says I want him to be caught and says tomorrow is Peshwa’s birthday, I have a plan.

Manu comes to the temple and recalls the happenings. She rings the temple bell. She asks if everyone is dead while they are alive. She says she is not dead but. She swears to live her life to fight against the religious rituals and end it, and also to make the britishers go, She says I will start my aim on Azooba’s birthday.

Manu dances as Krantikari during Peshwa’s birthday. Ross says arrest her. Tatya sees manu and proposes Gangadhar and her marriage before Peshwa. Melson is about to shoot Manu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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