Jhansi Ki Rani 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Captain Ross kills Shripadh on the mandap

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The Episode starts with Manu wearing her mother’s saree and tells Moropant that he kept all his mum’s stuff safely and asks if he loved her very much. Moropant praises his dead wife and asks Manu to get ready as a girls’ always. He says I will comb your hairs and thinks he once felt Bhagyavati is in his life. Gangadhar does puja for his dead wife and cries. Pandit says pind daan will be successful and Maharani will get Moksh. He asks Gangadhar to keep the put the food for the crow and if he have it then she will get Moksh. Gangadhar cries. Crow comes, but don’t eat the Prasad and flies away. Pandit ji tells that Rama Bai’s last wish was not fulfilled and that crow didn’t have the Prasad. Gangadhar recalls her last wish. He tells that he will get remarried and will give heir to Jhansi. Janki gets shocked. Rahj guru Tatya Dikshit asks him to remarry. Janki says I think Tatya Dikshit shall search the girl. Just then many crows come and have Prasad. Tatya Dikshit prays that he shall get such lifepartner who can take him out of the Palace conspiract. Manu comes to Manjiri’s house for her marriage. Tatya appreciates Shripadh for his work. Shripadh feels pain in his back and tells that Melson’s head must be taken out his anger on him. Captain Ross gets angry on Melson and says a ruler maintains his terror first. He picks a piece of bomb explosive and asks Melson to get the flag. Soldier brings the flag and tells that we saved it from burning. Ross asks is this what you can a flag and sees turmeric stain on it and tells Melson that the smell is familiar. Soldier tells that this is uptan’s mark. Ross asks them to find out where marriage is happening in Bhitoor. Shripant and Manjiri are taking rounds when Ross comes there and stops the marriage. Moropant gets shocked. Someone asks Moropant to leave as Ross is searching the man who has given mark on his face.

Ross tells that the person who had burnt the flag is here, and tells that they came to catch the culprit. Moropant sides with Manu and asks her to come. Manu asks what wrong did we do. He says we will talk later and asks her to come. Ross asks them to tell who is that krantikari who made kite of their flag and burnt his flag and blasted Queen Victoria’s statue. They search for the krantikari and the proofs, but can’t get any proofs. Ross thinks Culprit shall be here, but I don’t have the clue. Shripadh asks can we take rounds if your search is over. Ross says ok and says congratulation. Shripadh and Manjiri take round again. Ross stops the marriage again as he identifies Shripadh. He says what a planning and says he was never wrong. He fires bullet at his forehead killing him on the spot, shocking Manjiri and others. Manjiri shouts Shripadh’s name. Ross asks Smith to check his body. Smith shows the injury on his back and the symbol of krantikari bharat. He says whoever goes against us will be given worst death than this. He ask Smith to kill the krantikari at side. Manjiri cries seeing dead body of Shripadh. Moropant comes there and is shocked too. He recalls telling Shripadh to think again. Manu cries pacifying Manjiri.

Moropant thinks Shripadh didn’t see his bride properly and that devil took his life. He says why do I go from there. Peshwa says if you would have there then Ross would have killed you too. Tatya says until when we have to hide and attack them. Moropant says we all are not united else we would have kicked them out. He says even Jhansi is in their threat. He comes home. Manu asks if everyone was dead infront of britishers and tells that if Krantikari bharat would have been there, then he wouldn’t have let Shripadh die. She says they have danger to their lives with the britishers. He asks her to calm down. She says we have to tell them that we forgot to get scared from them.

Jhansi opposes for widow rituals, but Manjiri’s head is shaved off due to the custom. She cries. Ross asks his soldiers to arrest Manu. Tatya Dikshit sees Manu facing the britishers with courage and thinks such girl shall marry maharaj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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