Jhansi Ki Rani 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Krantikari Bharat outsmarts britishers

Jhansi Ki Rani 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Britisher asks Manu what she is hiding and asks her to show. Manu walks towards him. Just then Soldier comes to the britisher and tells that Menson came to inaugurate Rani Victoria’s statue. Britisher and his soldiers go. Manu walks holding the british flag in his hand. She keeps the cloth on the ground. Manjiri asks ifs he is going to give her gift with it. Manu tells that she will give such a gift which will never unforgettable. They tease Manjiri. Manu makes a kite out of the flag. Moropant tells Shripadh to think again and tells that your marriage with Manjiri is tomorrow. Shripadh says I am married to freedom first. Peshwa asks Bharat and others to remember that no Indian shall be hurt. He asks them to slap on britisher’s face. Manu tells that she will fly the kite. Manjiri gets worried. Melson and others come for the statue inauguration. Moropant/Bharat and Shripadh come to the place where the statue is inaugurated. Manu asks Vimla to leave the kite high. Manu flies the kite high. Melson says East India company has chosen Bhitoor for the company. They inaugurate the statue. British man catches moropant and others and asks them to remove the blanket. Just then a soldier tells that someone is flying kite made of their flag. All the britishers get angry. They ask soldiers to go and get the culprit. Manu is flying the kite happily. Moropant thinks it is manu’s work, we have to take advantage of the situation and do the work. They blast the statue and fall down on the ground. Sripadh’s back gets burnt. Manu leaves the kite in the sky hearing the bomb sound and tells that it is Krantikari work. The britisher asks soldiers to catch those three men. Britisher’s flag fall to the burning place and gets burning. A soldier is about to set off fire with his leg. Britisher scolds him and asks to set off the fire. They see the flag burnt. Manu says we made their flag burnt. Manjiri says if britishers see their burnt flag then. She says we shall go home. Manu says ok..

Gangadhar thinks of his wife’s death. Janki asks him not to break down. She asks him to sign on the papers and sheds fake tears. She tells that if he gives 11 villagers to britishers then it will be for their own good. He puts stamp on the papers and gives to Janki. Jani thinks to destroy him fully. Tatya Dikshit comes there and sees the stamp on the papers while she is leaving and thinks what is her new conspiracy. She asks sevika to add more cocaine tablets in the juice. Tatya Dikshit sees him drunk. Gangadhar tells that you and Vahini Saheb are here to take care of Jhansi. Tatya Dikshit asks about the papers. Gangadhar tells that he put the stamped as his vahini agreed. Manu and others see Melson shouting at soldiers. Melson sees Manu and recalls her words. He asks her to stop and come there. Manu goes to him. She asks why did you stop me? He asks from where you are coming? Manu says Bittu is ours. Melson asks if they are coming from mountains area. Manu says yes. He asks if she saw any suspected people. Manu says outsider is just you. Soldier gives the flag to Melson. Melson shouts.Manu, Manjiri, and others leave. British men burns the village. Villagers come to Capt Ross and asks what we will do if we are alive. Capt. Ross asks a man to read the message. He reads that the land is of them now and cocaine will be cultivated here. They show Gangadhar court seal to the villagers. Villagers decide to go to Gangadhar. Manu asks Moropant what britishers want to prove that our bharat is theirs. Moropant thinks to hide his truth from her.

Britishers kills Shripadh on his marriage day. Manjiri cries. Manu takes a stand for Manjiri. Gangadhar decides to remarry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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