Jhansi Ki Rani 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Peshwa calls meeting for Krantikari bharat

Jhansi Ki Rani 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manu escaping after hoisting Jhansi flag. The british man and his soldiers follow her, but she hides. They leave. Manu comes home. He asks where did she go in night. Manu shows him british flag. Moropant sees Jhansi flag swinging and hugs her. He worries for her life and asks her to understand. Manu tells that she wants to have krantikari Bharat and asks if he will support her. Moropant thinks she is a kid. Nelson comes and tells about yesterday. He tells that he will get British flag searched in the house.Tatya asks what he wants to say. Moropant takes the flag. Nelson tells that Queen Victoria’s idol will be kept tomorrow.

Capt. Ross comes to Gangadhar says he is equally feel pain for his loss. Gangadhar says how can I forget. Capt Ross is about to give him some papers, but Gangadhar says I will see it here. Ross is upset and goes. He meets Janki and tells that Gangadhar will not sign on the paper. Janki says you will get 11 villagers in your papers and takes papers in his hand. Manu comes to her friend’s house Manjiri. Her mum asks her to sign new songs. Manu says nobody caught me. Manjiri’s mother asks her not to feel bad. Manu sits on haldi table. Manjiri teases her. They go out.

British men are beating the common people with hunter badly. Peshwa tells that Britishers have troubling them a lot. He says that’s why I called Krantikari Bharat. Nana Saheb introduces the team of Krantikari bharat’s men. Moropant comes there as Krantikari Bharat and kills the man. Nana Saheb asks what did you do? Moropant tells that the man was British’s informer etc. Peshwa asks who took the british flag down. Moropant says I don’t do anything without telling you. Manu plays with her friends. Manjiri tells about her dream to get married. She sees flag with Manu and asks if she is not afraid of it. Manu says she is not afraid and says now see what I do with this flag. Peshwa tells that they have to stop Britishers tortures. Moropant tells that he has an idea. They decide who will execute their plan and says bharat Mata ji Jai. Manjiri and other walk behind Manu. Just then british man comes there and asks her to show what is in her hand. She refuses to show him.

Precap: Manu tells Moropant that they shall tell Britishers that they forgot to get scared. Capt. Ross asks his soldiers to arrest manu seeing her performing dance lowering Britishers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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