1st Epi- Jhansi Ki Rani 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu rebels against the British rule

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Shrimant Peshwa Bajirao (Divitya) looks at the british men through the binoculars along with Nana Saheb (Peshwa’s son), Moropant Tambe (Manu’s father), and Tatya Tope (Manu’s Guru). He tells that british is egoistic about their powers. He says Marathas used to rub their egos with their powers, but now is forced to live an ordinary life. Moropant says one day revolution will happen here. Shrimant Peshwa baji rao tells Nana Saheb that the british had many weapons to fight the war. He tells their soldiers can kill them. Tatya says you have taught us how to fight. Peshwa Bajirao tells that they have to destroy the Chawni and get the cannon. He says whoever gets the cannon will be announced as the winner. He asks where is my Chabeli…Manu fires arrow near on the ground and walks there. Khoob Ladi Mardani….song plays…She sits on the horse. Horse jumps. She kicks on the horse and is coming there. Everyone smiles looking at her riding on the horse.

She moves the cloth from her face and reveals it smiling. She is Manu… Manikarnika Tambe. She calls Peshwa as Azooba. Her father Moropant scolds her for talking like that. Peshwa says she has equal rights on me like Nana Saheb. Manu says Nana Saheb didn’t call me, so I came myself. Peshwa says lets start the competition. Manu says it is not competition, but aim to save the nation. He asks if she will save the nation with the arrow. She says everyone knows about krantikari bharat, but nobody knows about their weapon. Peshwa asks what did she know about it? Manu says she knows that they are fighting against the british. Peshwa announces to begin the competition. Everyone runs on their horse, Manu is still on her horse and looks at the cannon and the soldiers. She then rides her horse fast. Peshwa says according to the game rules, they have to go past stony areas. British man sees Nana Saheb, Tatya, and Manu coming towards the fort and asks the soldiers to fire arrows. One of the arrow hit on Nana Saheb’s shoulder. Tatya says Nana Saheb can’t use his left hand according to the rules. The british men attacks them with the bombs, but they survive the bomb and reach the fort. Manu is climbing the fort first. Nana Saheb falls down when the british men throws heavy stone on him. Manu swings to the rope and climbs up. Tatya also climbs up. Manu fights with the soldiers with her swords and kills them. Tatya also fights with them. She runs to the cannon and puts the tire. It blasts the british tent. Peshwa honours her and gives her pendant. He congratulates Moropant. Moropant says she has achieved this under your shelter. Tatya and Nana Saheb smile. They smile british flag hoisting and says they have returned.

At Bitoor Palace, a british men comes there and says Amendment came from portwilliam. He asks smith to read it. Mr. smith reads that Peshwa has no right to make his own army. British man tells that the cannon which you have bought will be in our possession. Mr. Smith says it will be in the protection of East India Company. British man says Bitoor law and order will be in our control. He says we will give protection and will take Lagaan from the farmers and will give 1 share to you. He asks isn’t great. Manu says why Azooba is hearing quietly and says this is injustice, who are they to warn him. Tatya says she is a child and don’t know about the rules of the Palace, he asks her to go. Manu while going tells this bharat is ours…British man asks her to stop and asks her to repeat what she said just now. Manu says I said that not only India, but this Bitoor is ours, and we will take decision about it, who are you to order my Azooba. He asks what is your name? She says I am Manikarnika. British man asks who told you that the bharat is yours. She says yes it is ours. She goes and brings the sand and puts on the ground. She then applies the sand to her forehead and says even our complexion matches with its color, but yours don’t. She says we have born and brought up here, this sand is our Mother. British man gets angry. Peshwa tells that she is Mantri’s daughter and don’t know how to behave with him. British man asks if this poor girl doesn’t know we are britishers and asks her to see the flag swinging out. He says no flag can be set high than the british empire. Peshwa says we all shall understand this. British man says our law and order is accepted by everyone and tells that all officers are like him and says if Cap Ross would have been here then he would have killed her. Manu looks at the British flag.

Cap Ross Marvel is seen kicking the man polishing his shoes, and says you are illiterate and even your king is. He asks himself to relax. Servant comes and says Maharani Janki Bai came. Janki Bai comes to Ross and says I have come. He says welcome. She says you shall not call me like this, and tells that she is would be Maharani of Jhansi. Captain Ross tells that he wants to see her sitting on the throne, but she broke his trust. Janki Bai says she will not let his trust break. He asks how. He tells that he heard that Jhansi’s heir is going to be born. She says yes, but not yet born.

Gangadhar Rao Nevalkar is seen and he asks how is his Maharani? The man tells that there is a matter to worry. He walks inside and sees a lady delivering the baby crying holding the dead baby in her hand. He gets shocked and walks to his wife Rama Bai. She cries. Janki looks at them weeping. She tells that she can’t give him heir of Jhansi. He says I just want you and not the heir. He says Gangadhar is incomplete without you. The lady crying signs Janki. A fb is shown, Janki gives jewellery and gold coins to lady (Daai) and tells her that Jhansi shall not get the heir. Daai assures her. fb ends. Rama tells Gangadhar that everyone eyes are on Jhansi and asks him to remarry. Gangadhar asks what are you saying? Rama Bai shows the bangles and says the Maharani who will come after me, have the right on it and asks him to give heir to Jhansi. She asks him to say if he will fulfill her promise. Gangadhar cries and takes bangle from her hand. Rama dies and falls down. Gangadhar cries. Janki smirks and goes. Gangadhar cries badly. Janki comes to Captain Ross and says your work is done, we will have Jhansi. Man hearing them thinks if there is nobody to save Jhansi.

Manu cooks something and tastes it. Moropant thinks of what that British man had said. Manu makes her father taste food made by her. He says it is like the food made by her mom. She says she is like her mom. He says but you have no patience like her. Manu says this is our bharat and our flag will swing here and not theirs. Moropant says you are saying right and asks her to remember that any aim can be achieved with Patience and not anger. She thinks those britishman have to answer to their doings. She comes to the fort where the britishman is dancing with his partner. He says he got the gramophone for her from England and dances with her. Manu looks at the gramophone and plays on it Aaya firangi ……british man calls soldier and asks them to go and find the culprit fast. Manu climbs up and reaches to the british flag. British man asks the soldiers to go there. Manu takes out the british flag and makes Jhansi flag swing and hoists it. British man gets angry and breaks glass in his hand angrily.

Manu’s friends find the british flag with Manu. Manu cuts the flag and makes kite with it and flies it. Capt. Ross tells that he will kill her. Janki tells that they have to see simpleton girl for Maharaj. Manu protests against british and enacts the play. Britishman asks soldiers to arrest her. She tells that everyone will be against them soon. Gangadhar’s men thinks Maharaj shall get such queen for Jhansi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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