Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 30th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 30th June 2013 Written Episode, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 30th June 2013 Written Update

Manish starts off the show with a funny introduction and reference to the props round that is being continued today. He rejoices over someone claiming that Kapil’s memory has been lost forever but before he could do much Kapil enters on a autorickshaw with 4 random fans of Sid who want to marry him.

Sid with anchors have a fun segment with the girls wanting to marry him.
Goes on to Sid’s performance.


Sid & Sonali

Preparation: Sid is shown as a police officer fighting goons that have kidnapped a girl (Rowdy Rathore style)

Prop: Scarf

Song: Dhadang Dhang – Rowdy Rathore

Dance Form: Bollywood

After his performance ends all the 4 girls get a chance to dance with him.

Madhuri: She liked and enjoyed the performance a lot. The image that they have seen till today (decent and sweet) wasn’t there, there was more rowdiness. It felt like he was enjoying it a lot and she found it amusing that he was lip-syncing both the girl and guy’s part. Very entertaining, dhamaal ekdum…sitti (whistle) type performance. 8

Remo: Rowdy Shukla was in full form today. The prop that was given was a cloth that is a bit small and cloth that flows anywhere…missed it a bit somewhere. He told Sonali to give him steps that suit Sid’s body and these were it. Finally it seems like they are on track. By far Sid’s best performance. 8

Karan: The hero-wali entry and hero-wala thumka matka…the heroism was present in the performance which Karan liked it alot. It was a paisa vasool performance. 8

Total Marks: 24/30


Shaan & Marisha

Manish talks about the next performer who is a lazy lad that goes around with a pillow trying to sleep everywhere. But since Marisha has come in his life, he is finding it difficult to sleep.

Preparation: Shaan with the pillow lying while Marisha yelling at him that he isn’t doing the proper steps. We see a frustrated Marisha.

Prop: Pillow

Song: Te Amo – Dum Maro Dum

Dance Form: Modern Contemporary

Karan: Simple and sweet. Very lyrical and song choice was good. Noticed that Shaan and Marisha are the only couple where the co-ordination is always bang on. The only critical point being that it was a bit too simple for his level. Overall, a bit simple, lyrical but effective performance. 9

Madhuri: Feels that Shaan has a zen-like good quality where he dances calmly where there is no tension and worry on his face or body. He does it with so much ease, which is commendable for a dancer. The act was beautiful, dreamy, good use of the prop and stage. Really really loved the performance, terrific and wonderful performance. Shaan was great. 9

Remo: A just like Shaan’s songs there was a ‘sukoon’ felt in the performance. The credit goes to Marisha for the choreography and making it look so easy when its not. Did a caterpillar step which was great and difficult as a non-dancer. Also a flip on the slope where they didn’t slip was well brought out. Marisha very smart choreography, simply loved the act. 9

Shaan suggests Kapil songs for his rickshaw and also Kapil sings while Shaan tries to act it out. Karan tells Kapil that it’s the time to ‘Khisko’

Total Mark: 27/30


Manish talks about fear and denies being afraid of anything when the stage turns scary. He flees from there

Lauren & Punit

Preparation: Show an avi where Punit is telling Lauren about a place where there is a haunted doll factory. The doll apparently comes to life at night, Lauren tells its all rubbish. Punit is saying no its true when he isn’t able to find Lauren anymore.
The scene shifts to the stage where we get to see the two perform.

Prop: Umbrella

Song: Mila toh Marenga from Rakht Charitra

Dance Form: Contorted Contemporary

Madhuri: Is scared and is trying to come out of the shock that Punit just gave.The act included everything from drama to horror. They know that they are Lauren and Punit yet she was still shocked which shows how good the dance was. A complete show which had the atmosphere, props etc. Literally Maar Daala for a minute but it was Perfect. 10

Remo: Out of the box concept was shown here. The umberalla was used in a complete different way and not the typical way. Hats off to Punit. The contorted comtemporary is what Punit is good at but it was the first he has seen Lauren do it. Needs a lot of body control in this form (a toe squat example was given). It goes for a “This is it!” 10

Karan: Tells that he had been spooked out from the horror atmosphere but knew that Punit and Lauren were going to come around from the way the cameras had moved. But thank god that Madz was the target or else he would have gotten scared. The great thing was that in 3 mins they had created an act where all of them had gotten scared. Suggests that kids should watch the performance but if they don’t get sleep then it’s the duo’s fault. A Batameez performance. 10

Total Marks: 30/30


Aarti & Cornell

Aarti comes on stage to tell that she hasn’t recovered completely but will try her best for the voters and the judges.

Prop: Suitcases

Song: Dhan Ta Nan from Kaminey

Dance Form: Hip-Hop

Madhuri: Says that it takes a lot of courage to perform when you have an injury. Kudos to the duo. Says that she has an inheritance grace and rhythm. Tells that it was a good performance despite it being a rib injury. 7

Karan: Saw Aarti cringe and in pain when doing bending motion but carried on which is commendable. But given the circumstances she did exceedingly well. Next time when she is all well we will get to see a great performance. 7

Remo: The prop given was suitcase which she had to pick up. It might have not been allowed but she still went on to performing so that proved that she is a fighter. Hence for the next week we will get to see her back on track. 7

Total Marks: 21/30


Manish asks the judges to come on the stage. All JDJ family follows Remo’s steps of Balam Pichkari and dance on it.

The celebrities are to take a seat on the couches downstairs while choreographers are asked to go back to the hawa mahal.

Judges tell the contestants that they are having 7 new wildcard entries.

New contestants are shown: Rohit Soy, Sana Saeed, Karan, Mantara, Mukti, Rochelle and I think Vatsal???

All new entries warn the others of the upcoming competition.

Update Credit to: 3raser

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