Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun gets kidnapped

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhani plays with varun. She hides and Varun looks for her. He sees her feet and hugs her. He says I found you. Devika sees them together. she says that monster wont annoy my rani pari right? Devika comes in and says he isn’t a monster. He is a doctor and he will treat you. he says I am fine. I dont’ wanna go to hospital. Dhani says you will grow up when you are treated. You are a brave boy. You will be fine soon. He says I am fine already.
Devika brings Varun to hospital. Daksh says all his tests are done. Varun says can I go home now? Lets go from here/ I don’t like this place. They go out to the car. Varun plays with kids. She says you have to get well soon varun even if you go away from me. A guy asks Devika his address. She checks it and looks back. Varun isn’t there. She looks for him. Kids tell her he left with an uncle. Devika comes in and asks Daksh where is Varun? He says he was out with with you. He never came in.
Devika says who took varun.

Varun is in bag. Some kid come near him and open him. He coughs.
Devika comes to inspector and asks him to write the report. Daksh says he is 23 but he is like a child. Inspector says do you have his photo? devika gives him their wedding photo. Inspector says he is your husband I thought you are her husband. Daksh says please look for him. He says we need his photo alone. Devika says this is all I have. He tears the photo and gives her the other half. Daksh says don’t worry he will be fine.

Varun says I want to go to rani pari. A guy comes in and hits him. He is the same guy who asked devika for the address. He says let me go. The thug says when someone comes on Mansoor bhai’s place they go with broken legs only. He says take me to rani pari. Mansoor says he is your someone? Someone close to you asked me to bring you here.
Ashka says thank God he is gone now. Dakssh’s mom says its so peaceful. Devika comes in adn says where is my varun? she says I am happy that he is not here but we don’t know where he is. devika says celebrate.. Do you guys have a heart or not.. Ashka says shut up and is about to slap her.. Daksh stops her hand and says what is all this. Daksh’s mom says she isn’t happy to see us happy. Daksh says celebrating is someone’s trouble. How is that responsible? and devi please keep your calm. I will do anything I can to find him. Dhani says where is varun I have to find him. Kesar says shut up. they will find him.

Varun says I am hungry I wanna go to rani paari. A thug says where does she live in cloud? He says no she lives with me. She makes me eat and she makes me sleep. Mansoor says she isn’t here but I am.
devi is worried. Daksh says you didn’t come downstairs to eat. I thought I should bring it here. She says did you find him? He says police is looking for him everywhere. Please eat. Devika says I can’t eat. he leaves the dish there.
Mansoor says come eat. Varun goes to him but he doesn’t give him bread. They pass the bread to each other. Mansoor says come take it from mee.. He throws it in the air and varun falls down. They all laughs. He picks the bread and eats it.

PRECAP-Inspector says someone kidnapped varun. that call was just to divert your attention. He dials on the number. Daksh’s phone rings. he says inspector you are calling me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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