Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kesar agrees to tell Virat truth

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kesar says to Devi you can never win Adhi. Devi says who left my jewelry on Virat’s bed. Masa used you a pawn. Forget what she told you. Tell virat everything. we will forgive you and you can live there. Kesar says Adhi will kick you out of his house when he gets to know that you fooled him again. This is a sin. Devi says don’t talk about sins after all that you have done. Anyway please eat this med because I still care for you.

Masa says time is passing so quickly. Urmi says no its so slow. Masa says only two days are left in holi after that we will do munh dikhai of Kesar. Devi is worried. She says I am coming.

Adhi is looking at file paper. Devi says why are you doing this? He says someone faked signatures on a file. DEvi says maybe the letter that provoked you against devi was fake writing as well. He says forget about devi. Even if that letter was fake, what about the thing I saw with my eyes? I saw Virat shirtless with her. Devi says how do I tell him all the was planted. Only one person can help me and that’s Kesar but she won’t help me.

Virat says to Kesar please eat. I know you are a nice person. You are not evil. Devi told me she considers you a sister. Kesar sas why are you so concered about her? Don’t you wanna marry her? He says no I am engaged. Here is my gf. Kesar says what.. I saw you both with such wrong eyes. I will tell Adhi everything that I planted all this. I can’t do all this. How did I go so wrong.

Scene 2
Adhi gets ready for holi. Devi is happy. She comes downstairs happily when Virat tells her that Kesar has realized her mistake and is ready to tell everyone truth. Devi says thank God.
Masa looks at her and says why is she so happy? Urmi says we have to kick this kesar out of this house.

At night, holi function starts. Adhi recalls his moments with Devi. He says why do I feel like I am with devi. I feel the peace I used to feel near her. Devi says in heart he doesn’t know that its his devi behind this ghughat.
Precap-Adhi says to devi kill this masa. Shoot her. She did all this to us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Lakshmi: I’m very much enjoying Bheegi Palkin, thanks for the updates…Our hero is rather handsome isn’t he? LOL, just a small spoiler if you don’t mind, how does Mehar and Hasan get together? im very curious.

  2. Yes Cathy. He is really handsome, Hasan ,along with his mother ,comes to Karachi to set up his business and stays for a few days in his aunt Samina’s house and Fari really gers impressed seeing our handsome hero and gets glitters that Mehar ,who has become a widow recently ,might attract him.So both mother and daughter give strict instructions to Mehar to stay away from him.So she avoids him and initially he looks at her as the widow of his cousinThen he starts noticing how she is being treated by hs aunt and Fari and how she tolerates everything with a smile .gradually he gets attracted not only to her beauty but to her innocence ,simplicity etc and by nature the more you are asked to stay away from something,the nearer you want to go,The same happens here also.but I must say all the three men in zmehar’r life are handsome ,yes,there s going to be a third one also.I think that’s enough ,otherwise there won’t be thrill in the story.Tomorrow I will come up with the update for episisode 5.

    1. Ooooooooo can’t wait, so she does loose her husband, i was wondering how they meet. Thanks again.

  3. lol Lakshmi i can read from yesterdays’s comment that you are seething with anger,i did not see Padmavat it is because of the same nonsense the way women are being portrayed that i did not go we had a lot of issues here too persons were vehemently giving their opinion i had to giggle when you said you wanted to go on the sets of this series hehe you go girl i am with anyone who is raising their voice on the atrocities being meted out to women.

  4. leisa s morris

    I dont believe kesar and d precap is misleadin…it always is… u read one ting and someting else happens

  5. Episode 5
    Another match comes for Fari,this time ,the prospective groom ,whose name is Bilal also accompanies his mother.(Bilal is going to play an imp and mean role in future).His mother Inquires about Mehar ,Samina replies that she has gone to her friend and changes the topic..Without further queries,Bilal’s mother asks Samina to bring the girl.As Umar and Bilal exchange pleasantries,Fari comes in,,Bilal’s mother looks at her son inquiringly and he smiles expressing his consent .As Fari also seems to like the Bilal ,,his mother suggests a very early date for engagement ,Umar pleads tha he needs more time for arrangements as Fari is his only sister.But Bilal’s mother says two days are enough to do any no of arrangements,seeing her adamant attitude,Umar and Samina concede as Bilal has a good job in Dubai.As both parties congratulate each other,Bilal and Fariya smile at each other but looking at him , Fari thinks that though Bilal is exactly not the prince of her dreams ,the family seems to have class,so much,much better than her cousin Hasan.
    Mehar is in her room ,getting ready to go out with her husband for shopping ,as she combs her hair in front of the mirror ,Umar ,who is watching her ,tells her to hurry up and keep some balance (dressing up ) for Fari’s engagement.He gets closer and says she is beautiful ,inspite of Mehar’s protests,he takes the comb from her and starts brushing her hair.As both of them whisper to each other in an intimate mood,Fari comes into their room without knocking and gets jealous of Mehar to have a husband like her brother.She announces loudly that her mother is calling them,Mehar feels embarrassed and Umar gets annoyed,he tells her to knock the door before coming inside and Fari ,looking hurt ,says sorry and leaves.
    After shopping. Mehar and Umar come back,when Mehar is alone in the room,Fari comes and knocks on the door.Mehar asks who is it ,and gets surprised to see Fari standing outside.She tells Mehar that she is waiting for her permission to come into her room as per her brother’s instructions.Mehar tells her not to be silly and takes her inside.Fari says that she wants her help in an imp.matter,…she doesn’t want to marry Bilal as she doesn’t like him but feeling awkward to convey it to her mother and brother who seem to be so happy to have found a suitable match for her…so being her Bhabhi (sister I law) she should understand her predicament and convince Samina and Umar to cancel the engagement.When Mehar tries to convince her that the family is educated,Fari pleads that she doesn’t like him at all and adds had she (mehar) seen him ,she would have given her the same advice.As Fari’s request seems to be earnest ,Mehar agrees to talk to her mother in law.Fari begs her to go and talk to them now itself as the next day is her engagement .
    Samina and Umar are in the living room discussing arrangements ,Mehar comes in and conveys that Fari is not in favour of this match ,so they should inform Bilal and his mother and cancel the ceremony.Umar looks at her in utter disbelief and asks what is she saying ,the very next day is Fari’s engagement and all the arrangements are already over.Samina recovers and says firmly that the engagement will go on as planned and it is too late to do anything now.
    Mehar tries to explain when Fari is not happy with this match ,what is the use of going ahead with it,Samina tells her son that when she asked Fari about her decision ,she said ‘yes’ ,now how can she ask them to cancel ,that too she is sending a message through her Bhabhi .Umar tells her mother it is better to ask Fari herself directly ,Samina calls her and asks what is this that your sister in law is conveying …that you don’t like to marry Bilal? To ths,Fari pretends to be absolutely shocked and asks Mehar in utter disbelief when did she come to her and convey anything against Bilal.Addressing Samina and Umar ,she says very innocently how can she ever think of saying ‘no’ to them because they always decide with her best interest in mind.Fari asks a shocked Mehar how can she tell such a lie whereas the truth is that she absolutely loves Bilal .When Mehar tries to remind her what she told her in her room half an hour back,Fari accuses her of lying and complains to her mother that Mehar is bent upon spoiling her marriage as she is jealous of her getting married into an educated family.Whem Mehar reminds her that she doesn’t like Bilal’s face,Fari counters that she is not an angel to pass mean comments at Bilal’s face.Samina ,a silent onlooker so far,loses her cool and asks Mehar what her problem is ,why is she so jealous of Fari that she is ready to spoil even her marriage.She says that she has always treated Mehar as her daughter and wonders what could have happened had she believed her words and cancelled the engagement without calling Fari and asking for truth.She then warns Umar to keep his wife under control and makes it clear that Fari is no orphan that his wife can do whatever she feels like because she, her mother , is still alive.Fari meanly adds that Mehar got jealous of her because Bilal liked her and she couldn’t exhibit her beauty this time as she was sent outside.With this mean remark,she leaves the room.When Mehar tries to explain her position to Umar ,he shouts at her saying that even if she has a problem with his sister,he won’t allow her to play with Fari’s life.Oncehe leaves the room,Samina gets up and warns her not to play this dirty game again as she knows her daughter very well.As Mehar tries to say something,Samina stops her in her tracks to make it clear that she will never allow anyone to meddle with her daughter’s pleasures.
    As Mehar feels miserable and cries in her room ,Umer lying on the bed gets annoyed and tells her to stop shedding crocodile tears as he is not to going to forgive her because what she has done is inexcusable.When Mehar asks if he really believes that she is that conniving,he replies that he is forced by her only to believe that she is guilty .He asks Mehar how can she tell so many lies ,even if she had any issues with Fari ,she could have confided either in him or his mother,By trying to take revenge against his sister ,she actually took revenge against her own husband ,now how can he go out of the room and face his mother and sister? When Mehar says that she is telling the truth ,he shouts at her and informs that if she wants him to disbelieve whatever has happened in front of his own eyes,then he doesn’t want to believe anything in this world .With this he rushes out leaving Mehar helpless and miserable.
    The next day , as the ring ceremony is on ,Mehar comes in ,looking beautiful as usual and gets introduced to a staring Bilal.Fari doesn’t miss noticing this.Bilal and his mother exchange glances but to everyone’s relief,they don’t say anything and proceed with exchanging the rings.After it s over,Umer and Samina feel relieved.
    After dinner ,Mehar stands in the garden ,thinking about Fari’s allegations and how Umer was not even ready to listen to her.When Umer comes out,she inquires if he wants anything,Umar asks why she is standing all alone outside,…she replies if he wants her to go inside ,she will do that.Umer holds her hand and stops her to say that he is in an unenviable position,so she should try to understand and co operate.
    Bilal sits in the living room of their house sulking,when his mother inquires,what is the matter ,he vents out his frustration on her saying that a beauty like Meharbano was hidden inside , only to force an average looking Fari on him ,what was the need for him to get engaged in such a haste?His mother reminds him that Mehar is married and he has already met with her husband ,so where is the need for any doubts ?Still finding him thoughtful,she asks if he is thinking of marrying Mehar.He replies if possible he would n’t hesitate to bring her forcibly.He then draws comparison between the beautiful Mehar andan ordinary looking Fari.He confesses to his mother that he is really attracted to Mehar,after seeing her,Fari is not at all appealing to him.When his mother pleads with him to not create any problems this time as she is tired of living all alone in such a big house ,he replies that he is not against marriage but he is helpless because he is so smitten by Mehar that he is not able to think about Fari.His mother looks worried at her son’s obsession with a married girl.
    At the breakfast table ,Fari again throws a tantrum that she is tired of having tha same food everyday and she wants some variety.When Mehar asks what should she prepare for her ,she says an omelette with lots of tomatoes.When Mehar gets up to go Into the kitchen,Samina stops her and tells her to have her breakfast,Mehar tells it will take only two minutes but Samina firmly tells Fari that she is no more a child to order things about,,better she prepare herself whatever she wants because her mother in law will n’t entertain her tantrums after marriage.Fari gets up rudely and leaves the room.
    When Umer is about to go to office,Mehar gives him his coat and requests him to talk to his sister once,otherwise the whole day she will sulk without eating anything.Umer says it is time Fari understands her responsibilities ,else it will be too late and she will spoil her own life.Mehar tries to defend Fari that no one can be changed overnight, the process should be gradual ,Umar replies the countdown has already begun but agrees to talk to his sister on Mehar’s insistence .Seeing Fari watching tv in the living room ,ha asks her if she is still off mood,When Fari doesn’t reply ,he asks her to be ready in the evening for shopping.In the doorway,Mehar expresses her gratitude to Umer for obliging her request .
    The family comes back after having dinner outside and Umer,who otherwise doesn’t like outside food,is all praise for this particular restraunt food.Mehar jokes that they should go out as often as possible in Fari’s company ,because in a few days after her marriage,she won’t even remember any one of them .As Fari makes a face,Umer suggests that she should prepare coffee today,When Fari protests saying she is tired ,Samina gets annoyed and asks her to prepare coffee as her brother hasn’t asked much but for only a cup of coffee that too after so many days.Fari cheekily replies ,thank god ,that her brother hasn’t forgotten the taste of her coffee even after his marriage..Then she goes inside to do her mother’s bidding.
    Bilal ,in his bedroom Keeps remembering the first and the only time he saw Mehar.He rings up Fari to inquire howshe is .When she replies She is very happy,he responds by saying he is not happy because he was expecting a call from his betrothed but she didn’t .Then he asks about her family,not suspecting anything ,she goes on narrating how they had been to dinner outside and how her brother ,after coming back wanted to have coffee prepared by her ,Bilal casually inquires about Mehar ,Fari explains that her sister in law is not from among her relatives who in fact are very rich whereas Mehar is from a poor family.She further says that her brother got attracted to her and married her after just two meetings.As he probes further ,she explains that her mother didn’t like the match but had to accept for her brother.When Fari shows impatience as to why they are talking about her sister in law when they have other interesting things to talk about,Bilal disconnects saying that he will call her later as he remembered some important errand.
    Mehar ,brushing her hair asks Umer, who looks preoccupied ,if he likes her hair this style or should she change.Umat absently asks his wife if she has asked him something,Mehar cheekily replies that she hasn’t said anything to him but to the four walls because other than him ,only walls are present there.As he smiles ,Mehar inquires where is he lost,he replies if she is present in front of him,he can not simply take his eyes off her.Mehar remarks that of late he is saying too many filmy dialogues.Umer pretends to look hurt and says that she is not taking his love seriously…..Then he becomes emotional and says that he feels he has always loved her and will love her till his very last breath.A little hesitating ly ,Mehar confesses that sometimes she gets scared of his obsessive love because there is a saying that this type of love won’t last long and he will get tired of her,Umer smiles and comforts her saying all those worldly sayings are for others ,not for him ,and Mehar speechless,stares at this adoring husband of hers.
    To be continued

  6. Mehar is busy in the kitchen preparing lunch when the calling bell rings.She goes to the front door thinking how come Mother and Fariya are back home so early.She opens the door and gets surprised to see Bilal there.He wishes her and respectfully addresses her as Bhabhi.Mehar reciprocates and invites him inside.Coming inside,he tells her that he thought she won’t call him inside.mehar replies ,nothing of that sort and explains that she was expecting her mother in law and Fari who are out on shopping,they have gone to the Taylor and are expected to be back at any time.She tells she will prepare tea for him and by that time,Fari will be back.To her shock,he says that he has n’t come to meet them ,but to meet her.As she doesn’t know how to understand his statement,he quickly explains that she is his Bhabhi now as he is engaged to Fari and in that capacity he thought that he can meet her.As Mehar stands feeling awkward ,he requests her to sit down and talk to him,and hope he hasn’t disturbed her.When she offers to bring tea for him,he says he doesn’t want tea but some thing that can be prepared fast ,may be a soft drink ,so that she can sit there and talk to him.As Mehar hurries into the kitchen,he smiles.When she offers him soft drink,he touches her hand.and makes his intentions clear.( from here I am writing only the summary as there is some audio problem) As Mehar looks scared,he comforts her by saying that he is not an indecent guy to scare her,he is here to convey that he loves her and he thinks that he can give her a much better life than Umar.Before Mehar responds,Samina and Fari come back from shopping and Fari gets elated to see Bilal there,He tells her that he has been waiting for her only,both of themgo out on a date.As they start having their drink,Fari ,to her utter disappointment and fury,finds him talking about her sister in law only
    In their bedroom ,Mehar confides in her husband that Bilal is not a good person,when he asks how can she say that,she tells him about his bad intentions and misbehaviour that evening when she was all alone at home.Umer doesn’t believe her and asks her ,is ths a new game to stop his sister’s marriage.He asks her to stop imagining weird things and go to sleep.
    In her room Fari is furious and tells her mother that her future husband had unfortunately nothing to talk to her except about her sister in law.She tells her mother if he is interested in only Mehar ,then she won’t marry him.
    End of the episode

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