Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika Returns To Varun’s House As Maid

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun over phone asks director to fix meeting, he can come right now. Call gets disconnected. His mother asks what happened. Varun says he is trying to meet director since 1 month, but is not getting appointment at all. Mother yells. Varun says he feels his family did wrong to someone, so he is going through bad phase. Vedika with Devika stops car outside Varun’s house and reminds Devika what to do. Hira tells Varun that he is a good person, else he would not have got so much success in films and asks Dhani to get sweet curd for Varun. Vaun says no need. Hira says he should as he and Dhani are getting married soon. Varun says he does not want to marry. Vedika reminds Devika that she has to fight evils and win Varun back. Varun’s mother asks if he does not want to marry Dhani.

Varun says until he finds out about the past 1 year he lost and the person behind him who left him alone, he will not marry Dhani.

Vedika asks Devika to call her when needed, she will come to her help and asks her to go now. Dhani worriedly asks Hira if Varun will not marry her. Hira promises Varun will marry Dhani. Kesar asks what if Devika returns. Hira shouts she will not return as she is head. Dhani says even she is worried that Devika may return. Hira shouts not to take evil’s name, else evil will return. Devika gets out of car and walks into house.

Varun prays devi maa to help him finish his goal. He leaves while Devika steps inside. Hira and her puppets are shocked seeing her and ask who is she. Devika says it is her Devika. She walks to Hira. Hira shouts how did she escape, why did she come back. Devika says she came for work as she knows they need a housemaid. Varun realizes he forgot his mobile at home and heads back. Hira shouts she can go to other houses, why haveli. Devika says fate snatched everything from her and even her Varun, so she came here to work and fill her stomach. Hira shouts she does not have any place in this haveli, get out, and pushes her. Varun enters and holds Devika. Dhani pulls her and shouts why did not she go. Varun asks what is she doing here, what she needs. Devika reminisces Daadi trying to kill her and says she needs work and says they had asked agency to send a maid, they sent her here. Hira shouts what is her new drama, they need maid, but not a traitor, why did she come here. Devika says a person cannot live on air and needs food, for that, she needs money and since she studied till 5th standard only, she went to agency for work and they sent her here. Dhani shouts they will ask agency to send someone else. Devika says according to rule, they can’t remove her without seeing her work. Varun says she can work.

Precap: Hira asks Devika to press her legs and shouts. Devika says her dear ones betrayed her, else she would have been living like a queen. She picks Varun’s photo and says a few months’ distance took them far away, she is back to clear their differences. Dhani shouts she is eyeing on other’s place.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. How did you forgot devi’s character?She was not shown dead in the last time before leap.. she was supposed to play double role but now it’s cancelled..If Devi comes back, devi and devika will take revenge from evil people, then they will live happily together in haveli.. they will be seen getting emotional as devi’s husband is gone…If yesha plays double role then she will get much money

  2. After the death of Adhi ,I stopped watching the show due to the 11pm time slot…Good that the serial has been reverted to 6.30 pm,a more convenient time.All the time I had been under the impression that Yesha was playing the double role both as Devi and Devika.But surprised to come to know that Devi is not seen again after she loses her daughter…May be Yesha is not in favour of playing a middle aged mother …Ashish ,if you don’t mind can you tell me how Varun is related to Masa and why he is staying in the haveli….Thank you.

    1. hmmm..when varun was losing his memory,devika took care of him very well for somedays..after that varun got kidnapped by kesar.he was in darrk place for somedays.devika was tensed to find his lovely husband.she took help from his ex-second husband(old evil).they got him from dark place.then they got him admitted to hospital..finally he got his memory back.devika is the owner of the haveli because she was the daughter of adhi and varun is staying with devika..maasa is back again after a long tym..she had planned to kill devika but she thought that she is dead but not..she will come back to take revenge from maasa(grand ma).varun is the grand son in law of maasa..i think maasa asked him to stay in haveli as his like son,,may be heera and gang are planning to let dhani and varun get married..devi will come back to haveli as devika’s savior and will reunite varun and devika in only last episode..i think it will happen 🙂

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