Jee Le Zaraa…Live A Little…RoshAn SS Part 4

Jee le zaraa…Live a little…Part 4

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Roshni got a voice message from Aman:Come to the terrace.There is a surprise for you.
Roshni smiled:What would be Aman’s surprise?
Roshni opened her cupboard and picked up a beautiful dress.
She wore it and went to the terrace.It was dark.Aman came near her:Roshni!
Roshni smiled at him.
Roshni:Why did you call me here Aman?
Aman:Look there.
They both looked at the terrace again.
Aman pressed the button and all the lights were on.

She was surprised to see the glittering lights there.
Roshni:It is so beautiful.
Aman smiled:Thank liked it.
Roshni:Why should I not like it?But tell me..why did you make these arrangements?
Aman:Oh no….so you are saying that you did’nt understand anything.Guess because of my influence you have become naughty like me.You Naughty girl..
He pulled her cheeks cutely.

They were giggling.

Roshni:Tell me Aman.I want to know whether what I think about you is right.
Aman:First tell me what you think…
Roshni:I feel that you have called me to open your heart to me.
Aman said in an intense tone:What if I have already opened my heart to you?What do you see?
Roshni:I see something in your heart for you.That is…
Aman completed her sentence:My love for you…
Roshni’s happiness had no bounds when she heard his confession.
Roshni:I love you too Aman.
They smiled at each other from the bottom of their heart.
Aman:I will talk to my parents about it.Mom will be the happiest person to know it.She will be surprised.
Roshni:It won’t be a surprise for her as she herself wants it.She herself told me that.
Aman could not believe it.
Aman:What?What did my mother tell you?
Roshni:She told me that she wants me to marry her dearest son.
Aman was really excited:Oh my God!I am so excited.
Aman picked her up in his arms and twirled around.
Then they danced romantically to celebrate the moment.

Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Ab Jaun Kahaan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Ab Jaun Kahaan
Dekhti Hai
Jis Tarah Se…
Teri Nazrein Mujhe
Main Khud Ko Chupaun Kahaan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Ab Jaun Kahaan
Dekhti Hai
Jis Tarah Se…
Teri Nazrein Mujhe
Main Khud Ko Chupaun Kahaan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Ab Jaun Kahaan
Yeh Pal Hai Apna
Toh Iss Pal Ko Jeelein
Sholon Ki Tarha
Zara Chal Ke Jeelein

Pal Jhapakte
Kho Na Jaana
Chuke Karlun… Yakin
Na Jaane Pal Ye Paaye Kahaan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Ab Jaun Kahaan
Baahon… Mein Teri
Yun Kho… Gaye Hain
Armaan… Dabe Se
Jagne… Lage Hain
Jo Mile Ho
Aaj Hum Ko
Door Jaana… Nahin
Mitado Saari Ye Duriyaan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Ab Jaun Kahaan
Dekhti Hai
Jis Tarah Se…
Teri Nazrein Mujhe
Main Khud Ko Chupaun Kahaan(Jism).

The next day….

Vanita,Vivek and Aman picked up Kabir from the airport.They all hugged each other in excitement.
Kabir’s eyes thirsted to see Roshni.
Kabir:She did’nt come?
Vanita:You are desperate to see her?
Kabir blushed.
Aman:Whom is my brother longing to see?

Vanita:Roshni.He has not seen her.Right?
Kabir thought:Roshni..lovely name.
Aman did not even doubt why Kabir is longing to see Roshni.
Vivek:Where is Sitara?She came along with you.Right?
Kabir:Sitara went home early with her family.You guys are late.
Aman:Oh sorry bro.
Kabir:It’s fine.Let’s go home.

They reached home.Roshni opened the door.Kabir’s eyes fell on her and got mesmerized by her innocent beauty.Roshni saw him,but she could not understand who he was.
Vanita:Roshni…this is our son Kabir.He was in London for sometime for a project.Now he is back.

Roshni was surprised:You have one more son?
Vanita:Yes.Kabir is our eldest son.
Roshni:Hi Kabir.
Kabir:Hi Roshni…

Kabir extended his hand towards her.She held his hand and they had a cute handshake.

Everyone sat for dinner.
Roshni served them mushroom soup.
Kabir was excited:Mushroom soup!
Vanita:What a surprise Roshni!Without knowing about Kabir,you made his favourite soup.

Roshni was surprised:Really?
Aman:Bhai will die for mushroom soup.
Roshni smiled.
Kabir sipped the soup and looked at Roshni:Thank you Roshni for making this delicious soup.
Roshni:You liked it?
Kabir:I loved it.
Roshni:Thank God you loved it.I am relieved now.

He smiled.
Seeing Roshni’s happiness and beautiful smile both Aman and Kabir were lost in her.

Vanita whispered to Kabir:You will get yummy food after marriage as your wife will be a good cook.
He blushed.
He dreamt of his wedding with Roshni.

Aman:Where are you lost bhai?

Kabir got back to senses and smiled.
Kabir:Nothing like that.

Kabir rang up Sitara. are you?
Sitara:I am fine Kabir.Did you see the girl chosen by your mom?
Kabir blushed:Yes.Her name is Roshni.She is a very sweet girl.Though she did not know anything about me surprisingly she prepared my favourite mushroom soup.It’s the unknown heart connection.Right?

Sitara felt pain in her heart hearing him praise Roshni and the so called heart connection.

She controlled her tears and said:Ya…

Roshni was going crazy as she was not able to prepare properly for her presentation. did not eat anything.Have something.
Roshni:No aunty.I don’t want anything.
Aman:Why Roshni?
Roshni:I am really disturbed.I am not satisfied with what I have prepare for my presentation.I am becoming mad.
Kabir:Such a small thing?I will help you.I will solve your problem in a moment.

Roshni was confused:Are you sure?
Vanita:Kabir can solve anything.Instead of joining the family business he started his own business and became successful.

Kabir:Mom is exaggerating.I am not alone,my partner Sitara also contributes a lot.Sitara deserves equal credit.
Aman:But in our family, your level is different bhai.You are the most intelligent person here.
Kabir:Enough enough.Let me help Roshni.
Roshni smiled.

Roshni:Will I be able to manage?

Kabir:Again you are worried?Just listen yo me.
Kabir started explaining everything to Roshni and helped her to prepare the presentation.
Roshni:Thank you Kabir.I feel really relieved now.You made everything easy.
Kabir smiled:I can do anything to make you smile Roshni.
She smiled without doubting that Kabir was saying this out of his love for her.
Roshni:What Vanita aunty and Aman said was right.You are really intelligent.
Kabir smiled.
Vanita and Aman watched this from the corridor and smiled.
Aman:Finally Roshni’s tensions are over.
Vanita:It’s all because of Kabir.I hope that for life long he will remove her tensions like a good life partner.
Aman who was stunned stared at her.
Aman:What do you mean mom?

Vanita:I really want Kabir and Roshni to get married.They are made for each other.I knew that even before seeing them together.
Aman was shocked.
Vanita:They look amazing together.Right Aman?
Aman gave her a pale smile.
Aman:But will Kabir bhai and Roshni be fine with this alliance?
Vanita:Of course yes.Kabir is already flattered by Roshni ever since I told her about Roshni.

Aman was shocked.
Vanita:I already told Roshni that I have chosen her for my son.She did’nt reply.But she always blushes when I say so.So I guess that she also likes him.See how happy she is with him.
Aman became very upset.
He thought:Mom was talking to Roshni about getting her married to Kabir bhai,but Roshni thought that she was talking about me.What is happening?How will we solve this problem?

  1. Shesha485

    Though I feel pity for Aman and Sitara, somehow I like the bond of Kabir and Roshni. Sitara crys hearing Kabir’s appreciations for Roshni is touchy. Aman and Roshni dance is mesmerizing and cute. I think so, Kabir and Roshni shared good chemistry in the Original version (maybe ??). Great that atleast Aman came to know that Vanita is going to marry Roshni for Kabir at this time. Excited for the next episode.

  2. Jasminerahul

    thanks a lot.I have not seen I don’t know. but I know that kabir was negative

  3. Adhu

    Nice episode… Aman and Roshni’s confession was so sweet . Kabir’s entry was a surprise.. Poor Sitara who felt bad when she heard Kabir praising Roshni. Vanita really brought a major twist .., I hope Aman will clear the misunderstanding…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.aapke hain kaun n mirage are also updated

  4. U story is amazing please daily updates

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