DIXIT FAMILY: DEV, ISHWARI, NEHA (Elder Sister, divorcee)…Amitha (neha daughter)




Dev is very happy well settled business man. His father expired when he was small and able to takeover his father’s company with his mother Ishwari’s support.

Dev: maa, lets go to office.

Ishwari: We have to decide today, whatever it is Dev…..

Dev: About what maa…..

Ishwari: About your marriage……..

Dev ( he remembers his past where a girl is calling him “ DEV”): maa, you know that I don’t want to marry….. and you know the reason.

Ishwari: yes , I Know….., but I want you to move on………….she might have married and got settled down too.

Dev: Whatever…….please …..where is Neha…. did she left to office….and amitha …… maa, where is amitha tutor….. you said someone is coming.

Ishwari: oh yeah! Good that you reminded me… about that…..ok u go to office, as I have to meet teacher…and need to check out how that  female is…

Dev: yeah when Amitha matter comes then you wont remember me….(smile) ok see you.


Ishwari is waiting for new teacher…..finally she came.

Sonakshi: Hello mam!  I’m Sonakshi Sharma.

Ishwari: Hello Sonakshi……please have a seat.

Sonakshi: Thank you.

Ishwari: would you like to have water.

Sonakshi: no thanks.

Ishwari: then have tea or coffee….

Sonakshi: NO thanks. I Had and came.

Ishwari: ohh! Even my son doesnot take anything like this except fresh fruit juices….. u know my son is …

Sonakshi: Mam, can I talk to amitha, before starting I would like to know her and want to decide in what way I  can teach her.

Ishwari: Another 10 mins she will be here.

Sonakshi: OK.

Ishwari: If you don’t mind , I would like to tell some rules which we follow….

Sonakshi (looking into some big book):  yes Mam, please (looking into Ishwari’s eyes)

Ishwari: Actually , we enquire about our employees who ever works for us.

Sonakshi(taking a long breath): OK! Let me introduce myself    Mam…..

Ishwari: call me Aunty…. I don’t like Mam……

Sonakshi: I never called anyone Aunty….I don’t know why… will take time for me to call you  Aunty….. till that time I’ll call  u Mam….. hope you don’t  mind..

Ishwari: OK

Sonakshi: I’m from well settled family SHARMA group of COMPANIES –CONSTRUCTIONS, INTERIORS, OLDAGE HOME,RESORTS.

Ishwari(with a shocking look): then you are working as a tutor…..

Sonakshi: Yes Mam! My Father adviced me when I was studying degree… that I should not depend on him for anything… I have to work for myself and prove myself that I can do anything.. recently I have Started my party organising company its going on well….. and as I need extra income for my orphanage school which I started long before…

Ishwari: How are you managing both tutuion and orphan school and party organising.

Sonakshi: Party org. Company I have partner…. and orphanage school  is started by me alone….

Amitha comes home…….with tired face .

Ishwari: Amitha come here…..(amitha comes to Ishwari) she is your new tutor  from today onwards.

Amitha: what dadi ….. i’m tired already and you want to study again.

Sonakshi: HI, I’m sonakshi…….she introduced me that’s all, did she said that u have to study now…. so don’t worry.. I wont make you study…….today atleast.

Ishwari wondered why she is telling Amitha like that but dint ask her.

Amitha: Really!  Shall I go to play…..

Sonakshi : Sure.. can I  see your books.

Amitha(with sad face): r u making me read after my play time.

Sonakshi: No, NO way….. just give me your books and go play.

Amitha was happy as she is able to play today….

Ishwari gives some snacks to Sonakshi….

Ishwari: Have some snacks u came first time. And in my house no one can go without having anything.

Sonakshi: OK Mam.

Sonakshi checks Amitha notes and text books everything.

Sonakshi: Mam, can i ask you some questions.

Ishwari: Haan, please ask, what information u want.

Sonakshi: Mam Aap please tell me how  the school environment, do they give more homework.. and how her marks are…and how is she studying at home.

Ishwari: yes in school they give more homework….and her marks are very low … as her mother is busy with her business. And me I can’t handle her studies as I don’t have much knowledge about syllabus. She does homework thats all… till now whomever we appointed as a tutor no one was able to handle , if her marks comes low then her Mama my son Dev he won’t tolerate, immediately he gives salary and send them off.

Sonakshi felt little bit shock after hearing Dev’s name. Then immediately she came back to normal.

Sonakshi: Ok Mam! From tomorrow I’ll teach her and my timings are 5-7pm is that ok for you.

Ishwari : OK I don’t have any problem. How about the fees….then.

Sonakshi:  I’ll ask  after her test marks.

Ishwari (with smile and happy with sonakshi’s sincereity): OK

Sonakshi: OK then i’ll come tomorrow…..Amitha I’ll come tomorrow.

Amitha: oh! At what time you are coming.

Sonakshi: 5pm

Amitha: that is my play timings.

Sonakshi: Good! Lets play that finish ur studies before that.

Amitha: what are you going to play with me.

Sonakshi: you just choose your game. I’ll play with you.

Ishwari was feeling happy with sonakshi’s behaviour towards Amitha.

After sometime Dev and Neha comes home;

Dev: Maa…. give me some water.

Ishwari: Haan layi….. where is Neha.

Dev: she just went to her room, she has call meeting with her clients today at 9. So, she went to prepare  some documents.

Ishwari: oh! This girl. She does not even talk to Amitha.

Dev: Acha, how is that new tutor …. did you liked you,  what is her name.

Ishwari: I think this time she is perfect for everything. she follows rules, and I liked her too. Her name is Sonakshi. And you know she is from well settled family  she said some list of her business…. as she wants  to  run her own orphanage school so she need extra income for that purpose .

Dev: But maa… do you think she will teach good.

Ishwari: Lets c…. Amitha is 2nd standard only. If we don’t like then will say no need.

Dev: OK…. what is her name.

Ishwari: I Told you na…….Sonakshi.

Dev past again came into his mind as he calling “ SONAKSHI”

Later Dev curious to know about Sonakshi from his mom….. hoping she is the girl whom he knew .

Dev: then what tutor said about herself….

Ishwari: She is daughter of one of the directors of SHARMA group of companies.

Dev: oh! (he felt she is not the one he know) but maa…. in Sharma group one director was cheated by his partners and they lost everything. And now again his son has taken over the company and doing good . did she said anything like that.

Iswari: Is it ? but I don’t think anything like  about her… her dressing sense is very good.

Dev: Ohh! Ok… I’m Hungry…. I’ll freshup and come  will have dinner.

Ishwari: ok

Dev in his mind “ I thought she is the one, whom I miss a lot now because of one silly mistake I lost”


Dev was curious about “is she same sonakshi “

Dev: Maa…. when that tutor coming….

Ishwari: why are you calling her tutor….. her name is Sonakshi….She is coming at 5pm. Why?

Dev: simply (in mind “ i’ll come today at 4.30 and check her out”)

Neha: tutor to whom for Amitha….maaa

Ishwari: she need tutor, u r always busy dev too, and I don’t know her syllabus…so,I decided.

Neha: do wat ever u want.

Both Neha and Dev leave for office.

Evening  Sonakshi comes to Dev House at 4.55pm , Amitha  is playing  Ishwari came to welcome her and was shocked seeing her carrying 2 big bags of something

Ishwari: Whats all these.

Sonakshi: Study Material.

Ishwari: What…. r u going to make Amitha to study all these. No  not required u just teach her what is there in her books.

Sonakshi( with big laugh).: Mam…. these are toys which I make her study with these .

Ishwari: (with smile): If u need I would have brought these things…. I just need a list.

Sona: When I have these, waste of money, waste of space and extra garbage.

Ishwari: good….. u look good when u smile.

Sonakshi: thanks Mam!

Amitha comes running to Sonakshi seeing her carry bags of toys.

Ishwari asks servant to help them to carry things to study room.

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