Jee Le Zara 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Part 1

DV asks Sanchi what she is doing? She says packing! DV asks why? Sanchi says one week is over, its time to leave! DV is taken aback! He stops her and says wont let u go! Sanchi says have to go..coz of me there is an increase in negativity in the house..! Dont want that coz of me.. something happens that i cant forgive myself for ..! Its better i leave! DV says u wanna leave.. then i will come with u..! Sanchi says u cant do it.. try and understand .. u cant do this to Nina! Sanchi says.. i couldnt give Nina.. grandkids..cant snatch her son! She says this house gave me so much love.. so in that name.. lemme go in peace..! She gives him her oath! DV asks what are u saying? Sanchi says for Ninas sake.. i cant step back . u have to support me.. for this house.. ! Promise me! DV resists.. and finally relents!

BG- Tujhe jeena hai . mere bina! DV is sad and stands in a corner! Sanchi is packing and the wedding pic of SaRuv falls .. DV picks it and gives to her..! She caresses the pic and puts it in her luggage! Sanchi removes all her jewelery ..! DV tries to stop her.. and the heart necklace they bought. .gets stuck but Sanchi removes it and walks away ..! Both SaRuv cry ..! She runs to DV and they hug..!

Next day morning.. DV is sitting quiet at the breakfast table..! Nina asks Sanchi din come? DV is quiet! Sanchi is leaving with her luggage! Suparna smiles..! Sanchi tells Nina that she could not prove she is best for DV and she can give him all happiness so .. she has no rights on the house and DV! Nina looks away but keeps silent! DV-Anvaye are shocked!

Part 2

Anvaye asks Sanchi what she is saying? He says there is no better girl for DV in this world than you ..and ur the best bride of this house..! U made DV responsible .. saved Ninas life.. and brought profit in business.. what is left to prove? DV why are u quiet? Tell Nina .. this is ur happiness. .do something! DV says i cant do anything .. i promised Sanchi and i cant break that promise! Anvaye says .. ur making big mistake DV .. do something mom! DV tells Sanchi to come with him .! He leaves .. Sanchi leaves behind him! Anvaye tells Nina to do something! She remembers bringing Sanchi in the house with DV ..! SaRuv are walking out and Nina calls them out..! She says STOP! She tells Sanchi to return whatever she gave Sanchi till date! Suparna says Nina is asking for jewelery! Anvaye fumes on her! Sanchi is shocked.. but removes the bangles and offers to Nina ..! Nina says.. my love. .my trust.. my care.. everything ..! Nina says.. if u cant return them all .. then u cant leave from here! SaRuv are taken aback..! Suparna sulks! Nina puts the bangle back on Sanchi ..! DV smiles at Sanchi ..!

Part 3

Nina says dunno how to seek forgiveness from u ..! Dunno what happened to me.. i kept thinking that i cant see DVs kid..! I kept thinking what u cant give but u have given so much to this house.. i forgot it all ..! Nina says u have given me and DV a new life.. u have made DV responsible ..given me a new lease of life.. else i wuld have suffocarted there… ! There were some other people there.. but they did nothing! Anvaye says.. thank god u realise difference between those who care and who fake ..! Nina says dun go.. for me.. for my son .. for this house… forgive me! Sanchi says .. dun say sorry . i understand .. why u did what u did.. and a mother cannot be wrong ever! They hug!

Later in the night.. DV says ..thank God all is well and nothing to worry about .. we finally won! Sanchi says Nina’s goodness won! She says Nina has accepted me.. but our victory is half.. am true.. is established but Suparna is a liar.. isnt proven! DV says no big deal! Sanchi says ..whatever happened to Nina.. is coz of Suparna.. she is becoming more and more dangerous .. she tried to trap me .but Nina got trapped..! DV says lets tell all..! Sanchi says we dun have proof… have warned her! DV says .. what if she tries to hurt u again? Sanchi says its too late.. lets work on it tomorrow! Sanchi says not feeling well..! DV says .. lets go to doc together! Sanchi says Bangalore Fertility Clinic folks called..! DV is about to hug Sanchi! Anvaye comes and apologizes for interrupting them..! He says if Sanchi had left.. he culdnt have forgiven himself..! Sanchi says.. i need to thank u ..for all the help ..! Anvaye says we havent caught Suparna yet.. but one thing is clear.. Suparna knows she cant kick u out of this house. and hopefully she doesnt try ..! Suparna swears to not let Sanchi have all the happiness. .!

She spills powder on the footsteps of the staircase..! Suparna says.. u wake up first .. so now that will cost u ..! Be careful Sanchi ..! Next day morning .. Sanchi gets up .. enjoys the sunlight..! She calls DV to wake up ..! She turns and sees DV is not there..! Sanchi wonders where is DV? He surprises her by backhugging her and says.. cant stay away from me for two minutes.. and talking of leaving me..? Sanchi says cant stay away from u even if i wanted..! SaRuv are playing with pillows and Sanchi feels pukish..! DV takes appointment ..! A person calls up talking about servicing of AC and Nina chides him saying what kind of person u sent? I culd have suffocated..! The guy says.. that person quit the job .. n was scared about being caught..! Nina is shocked and says.. the incident that happened was planned?

Precap — Suparna watches Sanchi walk down the staircase and trip on the powder .. and she smirks.. say good bye to ur baby! She is delighted ..just as Sanchi hits the floor ..

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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