Jee Le Zara 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 3rd December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Addu tells DV that Sanchi agreed to a relation with a 50 yr old man..! DV says will go and stop her! Dils says Sanchi wont listen to u! DV says.. cant stand aside and watch her sacrifice herself like this..she cares for Aaji-Nani then i care for her! Deepali meets Aaji at the temple n says.. its good that Sanchi got DV a good boy for herself! Aaji says societal rules are good for all ..! Deepali says i had an arranged marriage but nothing worked! She says Sanchi knows DV and so her decision is right! Aaji asks how can i break societys rule? Deepali points to Radha-Krishan n says. .learn from them!

Sanchi recollects Ulkas words! Dils comes n says.. Sanchi has learned to hide her tears. .brave people cry openly! Sanchi says not hiding any tears..! Dun have any pain..!

My own folks are happy..! She says for them can do anything! Dils says.. jeeteje mar bhi sakti ho? Sanchi says.. if its madness to live for others.. then yes i am mad! DV says it is madness! DV says u live for others..u din learn to live for urself..! DV Says ur mad.. n i m mad about u! Sanchi says these are meaningless talk ..leave! DV says will leave .. ! He says.. u r mad then i am mad too ..he says.. whatever u do for others i wanna do for u! DV pulls Sanchis hand n takes her to Aaji-Nani..! Sanchi screams to stop ..! DV says.. come Aaji wanna talk to u..!

Part 2

DV says back from temple with prasad? DV says wanna know who that God is who blesses any person who snatch the smile from a living ..smiling girl. .who wanna marry her off to a 50 yr old …!! DV tells Aaji to look at Sanchi .. her face.. her sad eyes.. her sad heart..!! DV says the girl u seek happiness for.. when she has found her happiness.. u snatched it from her! DV says ever since i came here i heard.. ‘Sanchi aapno ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti hai’ ‘Sanchi aapno ke liye jaan bhi de sakti hain’ but dinno that ‘Uske aapne apni khushi ke liye use jeete ji maar bhi sakte hain’ ..! Sanchi screams at DV! DV tells Aaji that ur the eldest in the family . .be responsible.. please take right decision . u will ruin a lot of lives! Sanchi chides DV n says.. this is not court where u talk anything.. this is my home ..this is my Aaji..! She says.. ‘Umar ka to pata nahi. .par tameez ke mamle me bahut chote nikle tum’! Sanchi says. .u were right Aaji.. mine n DVs relation is not right.. our values..cultures are different..! Sanchi says.. the person who misbehaves with my Aaji in my house..cannot stay here … LEAVE.. NOW!! DV is shocked..and hurt! She opens the door and says again.. LEAVE! DV is hurt! He walks Sanchi glares at him ..with teary eyes!

Part 3

Dils tells Aaji-Nani to think about DV .. who only wanted to give not take..! Did he deserve this? Dils says Aaji ..DV fought for his love. .for Sanchis happiness. .thinking u are his own..! Think of it..! Dils tells Sanchi that dun think DV left coz u insulted him.. he left coz he loves u n respects u..!! Dils says..sorry correction ..tumse bahut pyaar karta tha.. aur bahut izzat karta tha..!! All are teary eyed! BG – Chan se jo toote koi sapna! Sanchi in her room! She breaksdown! She looks at her parents pic ..n cries ..! DV is hurt and pacing in his room! He comes to hte balcony n recollects Sanchis words.. n feels restless..! DV cries ..! He calls his mom and his mom understands he is crying..! DV says not feeling well ..missing u ..! She asks him to come home! She asks him not to cry..! DV says coming back home.. am done with Panchgani ..!! He cuts the call..!

Next day morning, Sanchi comes in the hall and finds Aaji reading newspaper.. Addu working on his laptop and she wishes all n asks for orders for menu for breakfast..! She asks Nani what she will eat? Nani says am done.. i cant hide my tears like u.. n as such am the guest .. ask the owner of this house! DV packs his stuff ..! Dils asks if he has packed? He says yes.. had very little with me..! What i brought is in the bag.. rest is in the heart..!! Dils says cry ..u will feel lighter! DV says no.. wont let it lighten this will stay as memory.. !! DV says wont cry.. will keep it with care..! Dils says u making me cry! DV says how? Ur crying already..! He wipes her tears …!! DV says the excess baggage i have in my heart are not all are happy ..especially the ones with u..!! DV says .. there are some which will make me smile. .the ones where ur flirting with me! Dils says.. the special cupcakes i made wont give u for ur journey! DV says.. cupcakes n jam are yummy combo! DV says.. whole Panchgani has tasted jams made by Sanchi only i m lucky to get to taste her scolding with the jam!

Sanchi is standing in the garden n watches DV leaving..! They both look at each other.. ! Sanchi is in tears..! She comes to DV .. n says dun go…dun go..! She hugs him ..! DV hugs her back..! He realises he is dreaming ..!! He feels more depressed..!!

Precap —- DV is injured and bleeding from his forehead and hand..! Sanchi is trying to go to him but Aaji is stopping her ..! Nani- Dils-Addu all request Aaji to let Sanchi go..! Sanchi requests too ..but Aaji doesnt let go..! DV walks away..!!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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