Jee Le Zara 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 19th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Aaji telling Nani what will happen if they don’t get the alliance for their girls. Dhruv comes and tells them about the matrimonial sites. Saanchi comes and asks for Prachi. She says she will prepare the tea and then will decide what they will do and what they will prepare on Monday. Nani asks did the court date got postponed. Saanchi says she has decided to give priority to Prachi’s happiness and asks the lawyer to shift the case date. She says she don’t know anything about Sunil’s parents, but she knows Prachi and Sunil loves each other a lot. She gets the call from the lawyer and is told that the case date got shifted. she asks who did it. Lawyer informs her that some Dhruv kumar did it, Saanchi says she don’t know anyone

by that name. Dhruv says he is Dhruv Kumar. Saanchi says you called the judge and postponed the case date. Dhruv says yes. Saanchi says Lawyer told me that Judge got a call from some big family and he make him agreed. Saanchi is surprised by Dhruv gesture. Dhruv says he has big family. He asks for a coffee. Saanchi gives her car keys to Dhruv and asks him to drive carefully. Dhruv says I will ride daddu carefully. Prachi tells Saanchi that Dhruv was right, you solve the problems. Saanchi says Dhruv did solve the problems. Dhruv asks Nani and Aaji to come on a drive.

Saanchi is tying her shoe laces and reads the ingredients list. She asks Nani whether she have to get anything apart from this. Aaji asks her to wear something good. Saanchi says Sunil’s parents are coming to see Prachi and not her. Nani says she has choose the sarees both for Prachi and Saanchi. She says it was the same saree which your mom had wear. She gets emotional. Saanchi says Prachi will look like their mom. Nani says but she is different character wise. Prachi tells Nani that she will wear a pink colour saree as Sunil likes pink colour. Saanchi comes and asks what is going on. Prachi asks what she shall wear as Nani wants her to wear mom saree. Saanchi asks her to wear a saree of her choice. She takes out the jewellery from the wardrobe and asks prachi to wear it as it is their mom. She says she will wear the yellow saree which you chose for Prachi, afterall she is also mom’s daughter.

Dhruv comes with the car sher singh and asks her to come for a drive. Saanchi says she is going near till the market. Dhruv says he will give her a lift. Ulka kaki says it will be good if Prachi’s alliance gets fixed, Aaji says it is good if the alliance gets fix or else they have other alliance too. Ulka says Prachi is very clever, she got a big home. Dilshaad says she looks for the guy’s heart and don’t care about the money. Ulka kaki laughs at her and says when you will get marry? Dilshaad asks Aaji, whether ulka kaki will go to the heaven or not. Aaji says she will. Dhruv drives the car sher singh. Saanchi asks her not to drive fast else car will stop. Suddenly car stops, Dhruv is surprised and says it will start. He asks the car to start and tells Saanchi that he don’t know what happen to the car.

Saanchi and Dhruv gets down from the car and she calls the mechanic and asks him to take it to the garage to repair it. Dhruv feels bad and apologize to Saanchi. Saanchi says its ok as the car is very old. She asks him to go home, Dhruv says he will accompany her to the market. At the market, Saanchi bargains with the vegetable vendors. Dhruv says he is feeling good thinking about the mouthwatering marwadi dishes. He takes her to some shop for having tea. Saanchi says they will get late. Dhruv asks her to relax as it will take only 5 mins. Dhruv gets the tea and says cheers to Saanchi. Dhruv says it is the world best tea after your tea. Saanchi asks him to drink fast as time is going fast. Dhruv asks her to enjoy the tea. Saanchi says you are young that’s why saying this. Dhruv says he will enjoy this tea, enjoy the weather, her company and also will listen to her lecture. He asks what you will do in this 5 mins? nothing. Saanchi says she don’t have time. Dhruv asks her to be silent and rather have tea. Saanchi looks at him smilingly, Dhruv smiles too, while the title song of Jee Le Zara plays in the background.

Saanchi is getting the electricity fuse fixed, Dhruv is holding the torch. Electricity comes back, Dhruv looks at her adorably as she looks beautiful in yellow saree. Saanchi signs what? Dhruv feels shy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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