Jee Le Zara 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 18th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Suparna tries to trip Sanchi but in the process trips herself..! All are shocked to see and the kids lauf ..! Everyone rushes to help her get up but she blames Sanchi in turn ..! Sanchi is shocked..! Suparna glares at her..! The kids laufing at her! A waitress comes in front of her and Suparna walks into her and the plate falls..! The kids lauf again! Sanchi asks them not to! Yash asks Anvaye to help Suparna..!

DV tells Sanchi u r busy serving everyone … ! Sanchi says..this is my hubbys success party.. so being Perfect Hostess! DV says.. u did that whole day.. now stay with me! Sanchi says..just trying to make it perfect! DV says.. if u want to make it perfect.. hold my hand.. lemme intro to an important client..!

Right then media comes and asks DV away..!

Sanchi welcomes them …and says.. welcome to the family ..! He asks family or party? Sanchi says.. we are doing business together… so we are family .. we look out for each other..! The client is impressed and says.. this is the pleasure of doing business in India.. so much family ambience… very caring..! He praises her and says.. after meeting DV felt that he is right to do business with and this family perfect to bond with! Anvaye fumes..! He tells her lets have dinner.. and diverts the client.. who blesses Sanchi and Yash-Anvaye are shocked..!

Isha greets her friend and she asks where is Advait? Isha says.. he is in New York! She asks ..heard u r meeting Mr. Sangvi..! Isha says.. property issues.. nothing serious and excuses herself! Sanchi overhears the whole convo…! She confronts Isha and asks all is well? Isha says yes.. n asks about kids..! Isha says.. lemme go check on them..!

Part 2

Later Sanchi tells DV the whole matter and he is a bit doubtful..! He says Sanghvi is criminal lawyer.. why would she go to him? He decides to call her but Sanchi says.. no not on phone…personally ..!

Suparna gets up and is greeted by the servant.. who offers to help massage her sore back..! Suparna shooes her off..! She opens the paper and prays her pic doesnt come in Page 3 ..! She opens the paper and is shocked and delighted to see DV-Ankys pic as Mr & Mrs. Goel..! She laufs out happily ..!

Suparna asks servant to take the newspaper to Saruv ..! She says.. this will be super fun … ‘Kahin chai ki chuskiya. … badi badi siskiya na ban jae…’ She decides to go eavesdrop on Saruv.. ! Sanchi takes tea tray and paper inside the room ..!

Part 3

Sanchi gives tray of tea and paper to DV and he says.. dun need all this.. want some love .. and Saruv hug..! Suparna fumes that the duo havent even raed the paper..! She turns her back and right then Sanchi comes .. n asks what she is doing here? Suparna says fell down so in pain .. have balm? Sanchi goes to get it.. n gives to her!

Nina-Sanchi are talking when Suparna comes n says. .dunno what newspapers print.. ruined my mood..! She gives paper to Sanchi to read.. whose phone rings.. its Addu ..! Nina opens paper to read but gets called by Yash..!

Anvaye is on phone and right then Pradeep comes and says. .we are relatives … can come anytime i come! Anvaye says.. wont make relatives like u ever..! Pradeep puts his hand on Anvayes shoulder and he removes it angrily and says.. stay away from me..! Pradeep says.. in ur house.. n want me to stay away..! He sits comfy on the sofa and asks servant to tell Sanchi e is there…and asks to get cold drinks! He opens the newspaper and sees Anky-DVs pic n is shocked..! Sanchi comes and Pradeep tells her that Deepali has closed the deal ..and Sanchi is delighted..!

Pradeep tells her that Deepali .. isnt telling u . .but guess needs some money for extra manpower and machinery ..! Sanchi says Deepali din tell me! Pradeep says.. she is shy ..! Sanchi asks estimate? Pradeep says.. 1 lac..! Sanchi says .. will do it myself..then! Pradeep insists to take himself but Sanchi doesnt relent..! He leaves.. but on the way gives her the paper to read it has DVs pic..! Sanchi opens the paper and is shocked to see DV-Ankys pic..! Suparna watches from afar n smirks..!

Dils call Sanchi n asks what is this? Is this troublemaker in ur life still? How dare she get a pic like this? Sanchi tells Dils that papers are like this. .they made an error.. let it be..! Dils asks is she out of ur life? No ..! Lemme handle her..! Sanchi asks her to relax..! She gets call from Nani too ..and Sanchi tries to calm them down…! She says i know. .colony folks are troubling u but try and relax..! Mugdha calls up too and inquires about same thing..! Sanchi again explains..!

Anky comes right then in front of Sanchi with a smirk. .!

Precap — Sanchi tells DV that all this mistake is not coz she was busy attending guests.. why is he being so immature? DV fumes n says.. am not immature. .but ur trying to be more mature than ur age..! Sanchi is hurt and says.. so all this mistake is coz of the age gap between us..?!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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