Jamai Raja 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The serial starts with Siddharth introducing himself and his mother-in-law. He scene shifts in a aeroplane where Durga devi scolds flight attendant for spoiling her pashmina shawl. Siddharth who is sitting next to her purposefully yawns and drops her album. Durga says weird people come in plane. He says it does not need a special degree to sit in plane. Airhostess comes and asks what they want to have for dinner. Before Durga can give her order of fresh fruit bowl, Siddharth interrupts and gives his order of Indian nonveg food. Durga gets annoyed and says he must be traveling for the first time. He hears that and says she is right. Durga tries to throw away oranges. He asks her not to throw it and eats himself. Durga asks airhostess to change her seat and tries to move away when Siddharth stops her and says he liked her character and asks her visiting card so that he visit her house and have food with her.

Roshni is busy with school children. She serves them lassi. Kids get happy. She drops them till their schoolbus. Kids thank her and waves her bye. She asks them if they packed everything and did not forget anything. They packed everything and bus leaves. She turns back sadly. School bus comes and children throw bouquet on her and wish he happy birthday. She gets happy and thanks them.

Flight lands. Roshni hurriedly rushes towards airport and meets her grandma who is waiting for her daughter Durga. Grandma says she came on time, else Durga would have been angry. Grandma/naani then greets he happy birthday. She asks why is she not wearing a makeup and asks her to wear it for durga’s sake. Roshni asks who is durga and remembers her mom’s name is Durga and DD is her pet name. Roshni describes how DD will come out of airport and her two devars/brother-in-laws Bablu and Kesar will receive her and start explain about the business schedule. Media will throng her, but she waves them goodbye, comes towards naani/grandma and Roshni and hugs them as media is watching them. Durga Roshni and says why is she wearing cheap clothes and asks her to remember that people respect her in this city. She asks servant to give baby/Roshni her gifts and leaves in her car. Roshni sees her trolley full of gifts and gets sad. She says naani that DD brought many gifts but forgot to wish her birthday. She throws gifts and stafrts crying. Naani prays god to send someone who can make Roshni happy.

Sidharth gets into Roshni’s car and asks her to move. Roshi is surprised by his gesture and asks who is he and how did he get into her car. He gets out of car, gets in again and says like this. He says taxi is carrying his bag and to follow him. Roshi moves her car while Sidharth starts his drama. He then asks her to stop near the candy floss stall. She gets angry and asks why did she cheat her. He says it is her birthday and smile was missing from her face, so he make her smile and wish her. He gives her candyfloss, wishes her happy birthday and starts walking while Roshi annoyingly looks at him. He then says these are two women in my life because of whom my life is going to change.

Roshni gets ohme and sees servants all around. She sadly looks at Durga’s pic and says she misses him. She then hears Bablu talking to Dura over palmtab and scolds him for missing Roshi’s birthday party dress. Roshi’s student calls her and asks her to come fast. Roshni leaves. Durga thinks if Roshni does any mistake today, she will punish her hard.

Sidharth enters a house like a thief. A man with his gun catches him.

Precap: Roshi is busy partying and dancing with her students and does not pick up Durga’s call. She comes home inebriated and asks her mom why can’t she expect love from her. Durga slaps her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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