Jamai Raja 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Shiv telling Roshni how he struggled to collect money and get back to his family, but by the time he reached, DD had already left with family and he did have courage to stay with her thinking people will taunt him that he is enjoying wife’s money. Roshni starts crying. Sid tells they have to keep their parents happy and should work on it.

Simran dumb tells her ugly daughter Kritika that she will not let Sid ruin his life and says they will execute their plan as they wish.

Naani is still irked over Shiv and tells Roshni that she is angry on them for telling lie. Roshni says she wants mom to be happy and asks if she did not see her happy since dad came.

Naani goes to DD’s room and sees her singing happily. She says she wants to talk to her. DD says even she wants to talk and says she was thinking Shiv does not have any place in her life and was thinking she will not forgive him if he comes back, but when he came back after losing his memory, she felt she can be happy again by forgiving Shiv and start afresh. She says she knows she does not like Shiv, but will she forgive him for her sake. Naani says he happiness matters to her and hugs her. Sid and Roshni get happy seeing that and think their mission is completing.

Simran dumb takes ladies’ interview with ugly Kritika for Sid’s remarriage. She does not like any lady..

Shiv tells naani that he will go forever as he promised. She says she does not like him, but Durga loves him a lot and if he troubles Durga again, she will not spare him. He holds her hand happily and says he prayed whole life for this day and says he will keep the family reunited. Naani says she still hates him, but she cannot see DD unhappy, so if he wants to start afresh, he should not break DD’s heart. He promises that he will not and will not let DD and Roshni complain.

Precap: Roshni goes out with Mona and Naani, leaving Shiv and DD at home. Sid signs a song that he was waiting for this moment to reunite DD and Shiv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. writers what nonsense is this how could simran and ugly kritika plan to remarry sid without his consent sid is a grown man how could they do that why simran do not go and get a proper man for her uygly daughter kritika because it seems that all kritika knows to do is to take another persons man like how she took rajveer from samaria you know what simran for a grown person and mother has become toooooooooooo sickening now and she is always listening to her daughter to do wrong so you know what raj thrown the both of them out of your house and serve simran with her divorce papers now because as far as I see she is hell bent on destroying sid and roshini just like how she destroyed her daughter ugly kritika and now there is no tuning back for kritika except for her to join her husband rajveer wherever he may be happy riddance to both of them

    1. This way sid will say no and marry roshni

  2. What the hell come on now writer getting sick n tired of this two clown they two of them don’t get work to do only pushing they nose in every1 business now they r going to get sid to remarried just wish if sid get to know about the plan n carry roshni home with him after all this problems solve with dd n shiv and tell this so called mom n sister that roshni is this wife and will always be so u can go to hell with ur remarried cuz i am not going to listen to u anymore it will be better if simarn find man for kritika instead so that she can stop mind ppls business
    If i was in these show i wouldn’t give a dawn if the big or lil i could definitely dig some good slaps in some of them n throw them out of the house let them live on the street to suffer like how the let the innocent ones to suffer

  3. Itz turning to be 2nd quobul hain !!! Bore krse..

  4. Loved yesterdays episode wit Shiv an DD on the bicycle, lovely music (old but priceless). About Sid remarryin , how does Simran think she can even succeed in this and UGLY Kritika ?????is she tat DUMB to think tat they ar goin b able to getaway wit their plan , Awwwww so laugable LOL shis is totally BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If u ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KRITIKA UR AR UGLY IN AN OUT!!!!!! Find urself a man a B.:)

  5. Hi noidenty…presciley i agree wit u …..lol.quobol heh since 2012? I tink also b***s*****

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