Jamai Raja 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni reaching Krish’s hospital room and asks him to accept his mistake and free Sid from police station. He says no and pushes her. She falls on bouquet, sees DD’s name on it and realizes it is DD’s plan.

Resham and Kesar reach DD’s jewelry showroom and Kesar forcefully takes jewelry from Resham to return it back. She says he busy him fake jewelry. He says it is 4 lakhs necklace and she should be happy with borrowed jewelry. DD watches their drama and thinks she will punish them both.

Roshni thinks she will get Sid out of jail at any cost. Bablu calls her and informs that DD got all her accounts freezed and took away her shares and jewelry also. She is shocked to hear that.

Simran says she cannot see Sid inside jail and will bail him out with money. Sid asks her to think again. Raj asks Sid why should they tolerate DD’s nonsense when they can buy many DDs. Sid asks them to think about Roshni. Simran says he cannot understand parent’s pain. Sid says she accepted Roshni as her daughter. Simran says she will tell truth to Roshni and she will accept him now as he is already married to her. Raj asks Prashanth to get money from manager before 6 p.m. Sid says Roshni will emotionally break down hearing our lies as already she is sad about DD’s betrayal. Simran says she does not want to hear anything and asks Prashant to get money soon.

Resham gets DD’s 50000 rs cheque which DD purposefully drops it on floor. DD asks Kesar howmuch money she gives him. He says 10000 rs. She asks him to get his namuna/baffoon wife from there. He gets her to their room. Roshni comes and asks DD how can she get her husband arrested. DD asks her to behave with her mom and asks why will she get him arrested. Roshni says she knows about her involvement with Krish in getting Sid arrested and even freezed her accounts. DD says she sent boquet to Krish as a business partner from Bablu’s hand and freezed her account long back when she left home and asks her to come back home. Roshni says she will be with her husband forever and will not come back to her house, will get Sid out at any cost. DD thinks Roshni will have to come back home and Sid and his parent will have to pay for their crime.

Roshni asks his uncle to help, but he says he cannot, suggests to take DD’s help. He then calls DD and says if she would not have stopped, he wold have helped her. DD says she will take care of her.

Mona and Bablu reach police station. Mona says she is feeling bad about not able to help her jamai and gives her savings to Raj. Raj says he is helpless against Sid’s adamancy. Roshni brings money and says she could not arrange 10 lakhs, but some money. Simran asks where did she get this money from. Sid says he knows where she got money from and says she sold her jewelry. Simran asks why did she sell her jewelry. Roshni says she can buy back jewelry, but if something happens to Sid, what will she do. Inspector comes and asks if they got money or if he should send Sid to jail. Everyone plead not to take Sid and they will get money. Sid sigals his dad to keep quiet. Inspector pushes Simran. Sid gets angry and kicks inspector. Inspector starts beating him red and blue. Simran says enough is enough, she will not let her son arrested. Inspector asks if she has money to get bail. She says he does not know who she is and is about to tell truth when DD comes with money and asks inspector to release Sid. She says until he clears her debt of 10 lakhs, he will have to work for her. Roshni says he will not work for her. Simran says Sid there is no need to listen to her. Sid says he will listen to DD. Simran asks him to end this drama and tell truth. Sid says he can end the drama and DD will be happy seeing my money, but Roshni will not get her mom’s love and he does not want that. Simran says she cannot continue this drama. DD asks them to stop their drama as she does not have time. Sid asks Simran to keep quiet.

Precap: DD asks Sid to be her ghar jamai as her second condition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sid is an ass

    1. thats ur description

  2. Not really an ass he is trying to teach an ego manic a lesson. Sid is trying to get the woman he loves the happiness she craved for all he life. Yes he may seem like an ass but he is doing it for Roshni. As said in earlier episodes his parents raised him to be a well cultured person and that he is yes DD is mean cruel and idiotic but Sid knows deep down she means well and he wants them to unite

  3. thanks for such a nice updates
    its awesome

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