Jamai Raja 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mahi crying and telling the goons that she wants to talk to Kareena and asks if Satya is fine. Goon asks her to stop crying. Meanwhile Satya, Mitul and Anupama reach the place where Payal is tied with the bomb. He tries to open the rope. Kareena comes to Raj and says you might be feeling pain seeing your grand son beaten up my goons and then struggling with his life later on in hospital. Raj says you are cheapster like your mum and will lose like her. He says my Karan will make everything fine. Kareena says I am not like my mum and will kill everyone surely. She says you can’t be saved for long as this big stone can fall on you at anytime then I will celebrate for my mum’s revenge. Raj looks on. Goons outside the hospital ward think they will get big money from Kareena. Just then Pakiya’s call rings, and the goons get alerted. Pakiya elopes from window. Goons checks and calls Kareena. They inform her that Satya is eloped and that he acted to be unwell. She calls the goons and asks them to kill Raj, and says she will teach a lesson to Satya. Goon comes and hits Satya with a stick.

Other goons catch Mitul and Anupama. Satya fights with the goons and beats them. Then he comes back to Payal. Anupama asks him to cut red wire. Mitul asks him to cut yellow wire. Anupama asks her to keep quiet and says red wire means danger. Satya asks them to keep quiet and cuts the white wire. They close their eyes. Bomb’s timer stops. Satya tries to make Payal come to her senses. Payal opens her eyes and says Satya. Satya hugs her. Anupama and Mitul smiles. He checks his phone and tells that Kareena is going somewhere. Goon tells Raj that Satya is escaped and is saving everyone, but can’t save you. Raj asks him to kill him. Goon takes out knife and cuts the rope of the stone. Satya comes and holds the rope at the right time saving Raj. Goons hit Satya while he is still holding the rope. They beat Satya, but then Satya beats them. Mitul sprays pepper spray on goons eyes. Payal and Anupama untie Raj. Raj asks Satya to go and save Mahi. They take Raj from there.

Kareena asks her goons to tie Mahi. Mahi asks them to leave her and cries. Kareena says I told your husband not to be over smart with me, but he didn’t listen. Mahi says my Satya will come and save me, and you will not do anything. Kareena asks her to stop her nonsense. Mahi sees the machine on and the iron thorns coming towards her. Satya comes there and twists a goon neck. Mahi sees him. Many goons come to him. Satya fights with them. Mahi shouts Satya.

Mahi sees the thorns coming towards her and shouts Satya. Satya runs towards her to save her and stops shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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