Jamai Raja 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Payal asking Koel how can a random guy come closer to her and asks her to go to her room now itself. Koel gets angry on Mahi. Mahi tells Naina that Koel shouldn’t have done this, and says Payal sent her with so much trust. Naina tells that guy’s parents are coming to see her, and says they are Neil’s childhood friend. Mahi says she don’t want to marry, and says this is my responsibility and happy home. Mahi goes to talk to Payal. Gangu Tai talks to Satya. He asks her to take auto. Satya asks her not to get drenched in rain and says once your bahu comes, I will let you go in car only. Payal tells Mahi that they are searching for a good guy for her, else people will say that her step mom is not letting her to marry. She asks do you want people to talk like this. Mahi says no. Payal gets happy and asks Naina to call those people tomorrow. Naina thinks if Mahi comes to know that Payal is using her, then she will break down. She asks God to give loving and protecting husband. Gangu Tai thinks about Sid. a fb is shown, Sid asking Gangu tai not to feed Roshni much. She thinks if Sid would have been alive, then Karanveer wouldn’t have lived this life. She coughs. Satya cares for her. She asks him never to leave her. Satya says I will never leave you. where I will go.

Payal tells Mitul that groom’s parents are coming to see Mahi, and says she wants her to marry a guy of her choice and not of Naina’s choice. She gives her some medicine and asks her to do work. She says you should not tell anything to Mahi as she trust me a lot. Satya hears Sunil talking to someone and comes out. Lawyer promises to give them water and electricity for 24 hours. Satya gets thinking, but Sunil says we will not leave home. Mitul gives the medicine to Koel and asks her to take revenge on Mahi. Mahi talks to Ria and Neil’s pic, and wonders if her inlaws will be as good as her family. Koel brings juice for Mahi and asks her to eat. Mahi drinks it. Mitul signs Payal that the work is done. Payal is interested in that property and talks to lawyer asking him to agree the basti people. Lawyer thinks what to do when this Sunil is not agreeing.

Mahi comes to the hall. Payal praises her qualities infront of groom and his parents. Mahi sits on groom’s lap and calls him dulhe raja. She gets up and acts drunkard. Koel thinks Mitul said that she will sleep. Mahi asks groom’s parents to bless her. Payal tells them that Mahi is unwell. She is making tea and spills. She asks groom’s mum if she takes all sugar. She adds much sugar surprising them. Mitul says it seems she is drunk. Mahi says this tea will be liked by you…and then she faints.

Sunil tells Satya that these people are not thinking about our problems.. Satya says we shall think about everyone’s betterment. He says we stay in chawl and face many problem. Kajal says Satya is saying right.

Doctor checks Mahi and says she was given drugs. Groom’s mum says thank god, we came to know everything before alliance is fixed and calls her orphan girl. Payal asks what is her mistake if she lost her parents. She says Mahi is my daughter more than Ria and Neil. Naina says I am happy that Mahi is like Neil and not like this Payal.

Naina says Payal must be behind your state. Mahi says no, may be I had something and says she had juice and then…Koel says yes, I gave. Payal asks how dare you and is about to slap her. Koel says don’t you dare mom for this aunty.

Mahi, Satya and Koel are in the car. Mahi checks some papers. Satya says this car is stolen. Mahi and Koel looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. It would be nice if that witch reveal to Karanveer that his father is industrialist Sid and mother is owner of DD Jewelry. And he is rich not keeping him away from his grandparents, I am sure they will give her a fortune for brining their grandson to them.

  2. Nice new did I mean satya is really good and mahi is really beautiful .l like it

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