Jamai Raja 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anupama and Mitul freeing themselves and hit the goon who see them. They hide him and run away from there. They reach hospital indisguise of nurses where Satya is admitted. Kareena’s goon asks them to show ID card. Anupama slaps him and says she is going to give anema to patient. They get inside and feel bad for Satya seeing his condition. They worry for Mahi, Payal and Raj. Satya opens his eyes and tells that he is fine. He did acting to fool her. He says he had Raj’s low BP tablet so that Kareena feel he is unwell. He says now it is our turn to deal with her. Kareena asks Doctor about Satya’s condition. Doctor asks her to have patience and shows the report. He says his condition is sensitive as he got a heart attack. Doctor thinks don’t know what is Satya’s plan.

Kareena is coming towards Satya’s ward. Mitul asks Satya what they shall do. Satya tells them that Kareena came there. Anupama and Mitul hides. Satya acts to be unconscious. Kareena asks him to get up for his family and asks if he is not bothered about them. He says your family’s life is in my hand now. Just then her phone rings……..goon informs her that Payal’s bomb will explode at any time. Kareena says okay, let the bomb explode….she has betrayed me and acted to be my friend. Satya hears her and closes her eyes. Kareena goes and asks goons to keep an eye on Satya. Satya tells Anupama and Mitul that if Kareena comes to know that they are eloped then she will be alert. He takes Anupama’s phone and escapes from window.

Kareena sits in car. Satya secretly puts Anupama’s phone in Kareena’s car decky and comes back to his ward. He tells Mitul that he has kept the phone in Kareena’s car and tells that he has connected phones through GPS. He asks wardboy to lie down on his bed so that goons don’t doubt him. Kareena comes to the place where Anupama and Mitul are kept. She sees them tied up there and asking for water. She asks her goons to keep eye on them. The goons go out and sees Anupama and Mitul missing. Mitul, Anupama and Satya make them unconscious.

Satya, Anupama and Mitul follow Kareena. Anupama says we will make her chutney here. They see her going inside. Kareena sees Payal unconscious and says you tried to make me fool and says good bye dost, don’t come back to me. Anupama says I will hit her with stick and asks Mitul what she will do. Satya says Kareena is coming out. Kareena asks goon to keep eye on Payal and leave. Goon goes inside. Satya, Mitul and Anupama get inside and see Payal unconscious with bomb tied to her.

Satya is about to diffuse the bomb. Mitul asks him to cut yellow wire. Anupama asks him to cut red wire. Satya cuts a wire. They close their eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i only hope the bomb do not go off on payal although she deserve every bit of it but i think this time she has change for the better

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